August 25, 2011


Wow, what a workout! I had intervals on the schedule today--8x400m repeats (which means running 1/4 mile really hard, then jogging a quarter mile to recover, then repeat that for a total of 8 times). I've actually never done intervals outside before. I've only ever done them on the dreadmill, and not very structured. So this was new to me, and it was TOUGH. But the time goes by so fast because you're only thinking about the next 1/4 mile. Four miles flew by and I was done. My splits:
It was kind of neat to see the graph of my pace, too...
Obviously, I started my first interval waaay too fast at about a 6:00/mi pace! Hahaha, I felt like I was going to die after about a tenth of a mile. I'm excited that my 13th split was under an 8:00/mi pace (barely, but it was!)

I love using the interval function on the Garmin. I set it up to quarter mile intervals, so it beeps when you need to start running hard and then beeps again when you start recovering. You never even have to look down at the watch, so you don't get distracted--just listen for the beeps.

I'm amazed at the response to yesterday's post--you've come up with lots of good questions! I spent a couple of hours yesterday answering them, and I'm still not done. I'll probably publish that post on Saturday. I'm also working on two other posts--one about wine, and one about binge eating, because I've had a lot of interest on those two topics. Tomorrow is my plastic surgery consult, so I'm going to write about that as soon as I get home.

Yesterday, I spent nearly all day working on the t-shirt quilts for my kids. I cut up all their old baseball and soccer shirts, and sewed them to make quilts. I did them from start to finish yesterday in about 6 hours total. Each quilt is made up of 16 rectangles (front and back of 8 shirts). Then I backed them with fleece, and tied them rather than quilted them, to save time. I would post pictures, but the shirts all have the name of our city, schools, etc, and I'm not comfortable putting that online.  The quilts are not very pretty, anyways--just sentimental :)

I took a break mid-day to go for a 3.5 mile easy run. I chose the worst possible time of day--1:30 in the afternoon, when it's the hottest. I haven't run in heat like that since I ran in the Ragnar Relay last August! I chose a route that went along the lake, hoping it would be cooler, but I was still pouring sweat. My head was throbbing after that (hot runs always give me a headache).

Today I definitely need to get my house back in order. Spending so much time on the quilts yesterday meant my housework was put on the back burner, and now I have a lot to catch up on. It's amazing how one day of skipping chores really shows.

Do you ever do interval training? Not just running, but whatever sport you choose... do it really hard for a set time or distance, then recover, and repeat? It's such a tough workout, but I love how fast the time goes by! I think I like intervals better than tempo runs.


  1. I do my interval training on the elliptical in 20-min sets. 2 mins easy pace, 1 hard, repeat etc. It's really tough but I like the way I feel afterwards.

    Back in 2004, my husband cut up the infant clothes that our boys had grown out of, sewed them into background clothes squares, and alternated those squares with squares of receiving blankets which we also no longer used. He stuffed the quilt and tied it with his mom, and they gave it to me for Christmas. It's amazingly sentimental, and I don't even mind the baby stains on a lot of the clothes. :D Sadly, since we moved to Texas in 2005, it has only gotten cold enough to use that particular quilt maybe 5 nights in the last five years. I just keep it folded and safe for when we move up north again!

  2. I FINALLY got to use the Garmin today!! It took me a little while to get everything set up, but it wasn't really difficult. All I changed was my weight and birth date, but left everything else the way you had it set up. It was off about a tenth of a mile by the end, but it may be because I run the inside of the track? It was a little hot when I got out at 11am, but there was quite a wind blowing since Irene is headed right for us! I can't wait to try it out again!

    I've done intervals on the treadmill, either kicking it up a notch (about .5 mph) every other lap or I've even alternated 2 minutes at 6.5 with 1 minute at 7.5. THAT is tough.

    Good luck at your consultation tomorrow!!

  3. My head hurts looking at your intervals, but then again I am a serious exercise novice.

    Your quilts sound adorable! I completely understand about the privacy though.

  4. So excited to hear how your consultation goes! Good luck!!

  5. I get a pounding headache when I get too hot too. Hunh. Thought I was just weird ... lol.

    Good luck tomorrow!

  6. Wow-you were really consistent with those intervals. It looks exhausting! Love the graph--like I said--so consistent! Sometimes I try to walk fast for a minute or two and then a slower (but still brisk) pace. Supposedly that does more good than a steady pace. Today I just went all out for my mile and a half, and did it in 26.5 minutes, with is 17 min. miles. That is excellent for me. I'm trying to do a 15-min. mile. Somebody told me that in order to go faster, I needed to take shorter steps--that's what I did today. I'd been trying to take longer strides, guess that's not how to do it.
    Can't wait to hear about the surgical consultant--I am so jealous. If I could get rid of these upper arms, (well--not the arms themselves, just the excess skin on them!) I could wear short-sleeved and even sleeveless tops. Sure would open up shopping for me, right now I'm pretty limited, anything I buy has to have as last 3/4 inch sleeves, or come to just below my elbow, or my arm flab shows! UGLY. Well you saw the picture--you know!
    Good luck with the surgeon!

  7. Our long bike rides are like interval rides with all the hills. That gets the heart rate going up and down a lot.

  8. I love the idea of the quilts! I want to make a quilt but I'm not really that great at sewing! The bag I made from the skirt has kind of sparked my interest though! Marc has soo many nasty ass shirts that should have been thrown away, but he's too attached. Maybe I should try it! I'll be thinking of you tomorrow!

  9. i love interval training!!!!!!!!

    I know they are sold out right now...but you need these!! :D
    Oh and I do t-shirt quilts as well. My friends and family love them! :D


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