August 14, 2011

A very long day

Yesterday started at 6:30 in the morning. Jerry set the alarm clock for us to get up and get out the door by 7:30 for his softball tournament. I'd never gone to his tournaments in the past years, so I was actually pretty excited to go yesterday. On Friday, I apparently picked out the wrong color of pink shorts for Jerry, so we ended up going to Dunham's to buy the right color--his team color was a pastel pink and I was picturing hot pink.

I took a quick shower and ended up wearing very little pink. I wore a pink bra with a gray see-through-ish top, jean shorts, and I put hot pink laces in my shoes. We headed out at 7:30, and on the way there, Jerry wanted to stop and buy doughnuts for everyone. I got a whole grain bagel, because contrary to what you may believe, I'm not a big doughnut fan.

Jerry's team was a co-ed team called Chix N Stix, and his first game was at 10:00. However, the "Misfits" team had a few people that didn't show up, so they asked Jerry to fill in, and he played with them at 9:00. That team cracked me up! They were super laid back and were solely out there to have fun (unlike most of the other teams). Most of them were still drunk from staying at a hotel the night before, and they continued drinking in the parking lot at the tournament. Anyway, it was super fun to watch them play. Jerry told me it'd be a quick game, and he was right. The Misfits were mercied pretty quickly.

Then it was time for Jerry's team to play. I took a couple of pictures beforehand:

Chix N Stix (Everyone got a kick out of Jerry's shorts)
Jerry's team won their game, and then we had like 3 hours before they had to play again. We went to the parking lot to hang out with the Misfits. We realized that we didn't have any cozies for the beer cans (to be discreet) so Jerry and I drove around forever looking for some. After going to about 7 different places, we finally found some at Aco.

We hung out in the parking lot, having a couple of beers and eating the lunch that was catered.  The teams played again, and the Misfits were out of the tournament (after two losses, you're out). They stayed to watch the other teams and just have fun. Jerry's team was doing really well.

By mid-afternoon, I decided to just hang out with the Misfits instead of going to Jerry's game. Some of them suggested to play a game on an empty field just for fun (bringing beverages and playing "opposites"--batting left if you normally bat right, etc). I was just going to watch, but by this point, I decided to try out hitting a few balls. WAY out of my comfort zone--I haven't played softball since 7th grade!

I bat right handed, and no way was I going to try it lefty. I actually did really well--I hit everything that was pitched to me and the guys were commenting "How come you're not playing instead of Jerry?!"  ;)  It kind of made me want to think about playing next year, but I don't know.

After that, I was in a really good happy mood. I went and watched Jerry's game again, and spent the rest of the afternoon like this:
And like this:
During the FINAL final game (Jerry's team had made it to the end) there was lightening, so the umpire called off the game for 30 minutes. Then it got really windy and the tornado siren went off. We all sat in our cars while the storm came through. It was pouring rain and super windy. The umpires ended up canceling the games, and since the other team was in the lead, they ended up being the "champions" which I thought was stupid.

After that, it was about 8:00, and everyone went to Buffalo Wild Wings after getting permission to use the company credit card for dinner and drinks there. Dinner was a lot of fun! There were 30 of us and we sat outside, despite the weather. It had stopped raining. I really enjoyed getting to know Jerry's co-workers and their wives/girlfriends.

It was a super fun, albeit LONG, day.  Back to the norm this week!

Are you a sports fan? I HATE sports--you'll never find me watching sports on TV or checking scores or anything like that. But watching Jerry's softball league is super fun for some reason!


  1. Wow it seems like Jerry works for a great company! I'm jealous!

  2. Looks like a fun day. Love Jerry's shorts and your outfit.

    I am a sports "misfit" and while I like fitness activities, I don't like team sports generally. They make me feel inadequate.

    After watching my daughter's private tennis lesson last week, I was actually thinking that next summer I might pay for myself to take some. The coach is really great. :)

  3. I prefer to watch sports live, particularly if the crowd has a lot of energy. I've always hated football, but didn't mind going to games in high school because the crowd was just so much fun to be a part of. Never paid attention to the game, though. :D

    The only sports I really enjoy watching are swimming and water polo, and that's probably because those were the ones I did competitively.

  4. Sounds like a fun day & a really fun group to hang out with!
    I love sports - watching Football(Go Pack!), watching baseball(Go Brewers), watching college football & basketball(Go Badgers!) & I do enjoy watching golf, too. I was never in competitive team sports so I'm sure there's some psychological reason I like to watch, but there's really nothing wrong with young, fit men running around in uniforms;)

  5. Oh! btw, I did move the Spark guide with me as I've transferred back to Blogger:

    Since you have the link in your sidebar. :)

  6. I don't really follow sports, but I love the atmosphere at sporting events. There was a minor league baseball team in the town I went to college in, and my friends and I would buy cheap bleacher tickets and just hang out there on a Saturday night. Tons of fun!

  7. LOVE BASEBALL!!!!'s my favourite sport to play....I have been playing since I was little.....GO TIGERS!!!!!!

  8. HUGE Yankees fan! That' why it was so amazing to run the 5k in Yankee Stadium and on the warning track. Then the icing (buttercream of course!) on the cake was going to a game 2 days later.

    I also enjoy tennis (played my sophomore year in hs) and anything having to do with the Olympics and rooting on the U-S-A!

  9. P.S. You've inspired me to start a blog! I'm Frickin' fabulous at 40.

  10. Sports fan all the way! I played softball in college and could watch the worst team play softball if it was the only thing on T.V.! haha! My husband is a HUGE Yankee's fan and while were living in the states we had the baseball package and watched every....yes EVERY Yankee game that was on T.V! I was able to tell you who the next pitcher was in the rotation and would ho-hum when a pitcher came out of the bullpen! hahaha!! Loved your blog about your day supporting Jerry at the field!! You looked super cute!!!

  11. Great Blog,, I like sports of all kinds,, I like more extreme stuf,, but like the regular old fshioned basic stuff too,, My husband and i both used to play softball,, many years sgo,,just to busy now .

    BTW,, I made your Lemon Lentils recipe yesterdya,, how yummy is that Thanks so much!


  12. I like SOME sports, but definitely not ALL, like my hubby does. He loves NASCAR, which I find OH SO BORING. Cars goings around and around---what fun is that? It's okay if you just watch the last couple laps, then it gets exciting. The funny thing is, when we go to the races just outside of town, it's fun.
    I'm not much of a baseball fan either, but this year have found myself getting into the Kansas City Royals more, although they suck. They're on TV here every night, and we've been down there 3 times this summer for games, so I know most of the players.
    I DO LOVE Nebraska Cornhusker football and women's volleyball. In fact, in less than a month, both seasons start, we have tickets, and I can't wait!! For the first time in a long while this year, I will be able to go to most of the games! So exciting!! GO BIG RED!!!
    Sounds loike you had a fun day at the tournament. LOVED the pink shorts and socks that Jerry wor4e, and you're looking pre4tty good in that tight see-through blouse (to show off you PINK bra). I wore a tight pink Hello Kitty t-shirt yesterday to my granddaughter's 2nd birthday party. The theme for her party was Hello Kitty.I will probably never wear the shirt again. I felt like I was really "out there" (as in no place to hide my fat) in a tight t-shirt, but I didn't think it looked too bad. I wore Spank to try and hold my stomach flab in a little bit.

  13. I LOVE sports :) Which is handy, as I'm married to a sports fanatic and am mother to 3 rambunctious boys who are ALREADY sports fanatics (at ages 8, 4, and 3!) One of the things on my "After I lose weight I WANT TO..." list is to join a co-ed softball team :)


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