August 12, 2011

Pink shorts

Tomorrow is Jerry's softball tournament, and he sent me on a mission today--to find pink shorts. For him. He's going to be on a co-ed team tomorrow, and their team colors are pink and black. Their team name is "Chicks & Sticks" which I think is funny, but their first choice was rejected: Racks & Sacks.  Hahaha, I love that one.  I went to some garage sales this morning and found the perfect shorts, but they were too big :(  They were Victoria's Secret pink shorts with "LOVE PINK" on the butt. Obviously they were women's shorts, but they were probably the largest size VS carries--maybe 2X or 3X? Nothing at the thrift store either, so I had to settle for Wal-Mart (and I've mentioned before that I hate to buy *new* new clothes). I bought a pair there, so hopefully they fit him ;)  It was kind of interesting to see the looks I got when I held up pink shorts (in the ladies section) and asked my kids, "Do you think these will fit Daddy?"

I've been trying to put together a pink and black outfit for me to wear as well, but I'm having problems coming up with something. I can't wear shorts unless they are knee length (because of my loose thigh skin). I was thinking maybe I'll just wear jean shorts and a pink top and pink knee high socks. I don't know, I'll come up with something I'm sure.

My whole schedule feels so "off" this week because of the kids going to Vacation Bible School again. This time they are going from 6-8 pm, and normally we eat dinner when Jerry gets home at 6:30 pm. So I haven't really been cooking this week. Instead, we have something simple like cereal or PB&J for dinner and I take them to the church. I can't wait to get back to normal next week.  I'll try to get back to writing regularly too, along with my food logs.

Facebook just reminded me that my anniversary with Jerry is on August 16th. Does anyone remember the big "Northeast Blackout of 2003"?  Well, that was my wedding weekend. I was making wedding favors on Thursday afternoon when the power went out. We waited for it to be restored, thinking it was just a little glitch, but we learned it wasn't just local. My rehearsal was on Thursday night, and we had planned on having a nice rehearsal dinner at a local restaurant. Instead, we were sweating to death in the church for the rehearsal (no air conditioning!) and then we went to my parents' house and cooked hamburgers and hot dogs on the charcoal grill. When the power was still out on Friday, I cried. A lot of weddings were canceled that weekend, and I was sure that my wedding was going to suck--no music, no food, no AIR CONDITIONING in August?! Thankfully, the power was restored on Friday night, and my wedding went off without a hitch on Saturday :)
August 16, 2003
It rained on my wedding day... but held off just long enough to take pics at my parents house!
So anyway, our 8th anniversary is on Tuesday. We have no big plans.

If you are married, how long have you been married? Do you celebrate anniversaries? Jerry and I never really have done anything to celebrate, but I think we may do something big on our 10-year.


  1. I would have freaked! So glad your wedding was not ruined!

    I will be married 9 years in September. We occasionally get a sitter, but like you it normally just passes quietly. I totally want an anniversary band for our 10 year!

  2. I totally remember that blackout! We didn't have power for at least 16 hours. We were miserable!

    Our anniversary is 9/17/95. For our 10th we went to the Poconos and saw comedians from 'Last Comic Standing' but our 15th came and went with no big celebration. I was disappointed with my husband because he has been known to plan great surprise dates for me. On my 21st birthday he got a limo to take us into Manhattan, ate at a beautiful restaurant overlooking the East River and then proposed on a horse and buggy ride through Central Park. Since we just went in to the city and did the 5k at Yankee Stadium, stayed a couple of nights in Manhattan and then saw a game, we basically don't have 2 nickels to rub together to really celebrate our 40th & 45th birthdays (I'm 9/13, he's 9/20- 1 week shy of being 5 years older than me, let alone our 16th anniversary!

    P.S. I like both options for team names!

  3. Our 6th wedding anniversary is coming up in November and we have literally done NOTHING for any of our previous 5! Sadly, we had a 5 month old on our first, twin 1 week olds on our second, broke for our third, 3 week old on our fourth, and I have no excuse for last year. Hmmm. Maybe we just got so used to not doing anything? So, we were married in Vegas and I totally had full intentions of us going back to Vegas this year since our kids are old enough to stay with grandma and grandpa for at least a weekend now, but there is no money. I'm not completely ruling it out, but I just don't know how we could possibly swing it. Truthfully, I keep hoping the big years will be more meaningful...right now it's just like, Oh, hey - I can't believe we've made it this long. :)

    Racks & Sacks would've been an awesome name, but I do agree Chicks & Sticks is pretty funny, too.

  4. I love Racks and Sacks!! :D

    Jason and I will celebrate our 12th wedding anniversary this December. Because we got married so quickly, only seven months after we met and when we were 19 and 20 years old, we had very little money. We didn't have a big wedding, we didn't have a honeymoon at all, we didn't exchange rings, etc. So periodically, we have a big wedding anniversary celebration, like for instance, at our 5 year we finally got wedding rings. If I hit my weight goal this year, we'll be going on a cruise together next February and are calling that our honeymoon. Mostly, though, we usually just get a babysitter and spend the day or evening out together, doing various things (painting pottery, or mini-golfing, or whatever - we like to have fun).

  5. I love that picture with the thumb's up! :D

    We will be married for 15 years next month. We normally don't do anything but go out for dinner. The last time we exchanged gifts was for our 10th. We talked about maybe exchanging for 15. We do want to do something a little nicer for this one, possibly a dinner cruise.

  6. Aw! I really liked seeing your wedding pictures!

    Anniversaries are kind of a big deal to me!

  7. If you take any pictures of the Chicks & Sticks (even though I totally love the other name better haha) you should definitely post them for us to have a good laugh! Sounds SO fun!!

  8. We have been married 6 years this Halloween, since it is Halloween our celebration is taking the kids out trick or treating. However next year we are renewing our vows bc 7 is our family's number.

  9. We just celebrated our 10 year anniversary in July. Well, we didn't really celebrate. We had high hopes of doing something special but we are poorer than poor so it's not happening. Our house is under contract so we might celebrate after closing. My husbands birthday is a week after our anniversary so we have that to celebrate too. :) Normally we go out for dinner and rent a movie. :) I'm a cheap date.

  10. My hubby and I got together that week as well Aug 13th 2003. Our kids are also around the same age.

  11. I named my co-ed slow pitch team...Hard Wood. :-)

    Happy Anniversary!!!

  12. I remember that huge black out, I was still living with my parents on their farm and we were working in the barn at the time, took a break and when we came back the machinery wasn't working and my dad started cursing and swearing, thinking it was broken. It wasn't out for very long, maybe 5ish hours, but long enough that they had to get out the generator to milk the cows.
    It was crazy going out to the stores and seeing them selling cold stuff like ice cream and meat for insanely cheap just to get rid of it.

  13. Well congratulations!! My 4th anniversary is August 17 so we're pretty close together on that aspect! Last year we went to Vegas (woo hoo!!) and spent 4 days up there children free and went to an awesome show! He surprised me with front row seats!!! It was so much fun!! Happy Early Anniversary!! J2marine

  14. We'll be married 11 years on October 21. We're a no frills kind of couple. We usually go to a nicer (not McD's) restaurant and a movie while my parents keep the kids. Happy Anniversary!

  15. Love the wedding Pics,, and the story,, glad all went well,, I have been maried to the same Man almost 31 years,,, Longer than half of both our lives,, its been a long haul,, but glad we are still hanging in there . we normally celebrate with a nice Dinner date,, nothing to spectacular,,We like taking time for ourselves togeter and jUst hanging out .

  16. Jason and I just celebrated 7 years on Aug 28th. Last year we went to Palm Springs and it was the worst trip ever! It was a record breaking weekend for hottest temps in September, like 118-120 degrees! =( We tried to find a cool club to listen to music and get drinks, so he looked it up on his phone...yeah, the ratings said "ok music for dancing, but watch out for the saber tooth's grinding on the dance floor!" apparently saber tooth's are older than cougars! LMAO. Our first year we went to Tahoe and that was AMAZING! (his dad gave us a week every year for 3 years...not sure what happened after that, but he didn't offer anymore!!) Second and third years we went to Big Bear, and that was pretty fun too. This year we didn't do anything...i don't think we even did dinner! Oh, I take it back, we went on a group date with our friends and called it an anniversary/birthday dinner!

  17. I have been married just over 6 months-newlyweds :) I was living in MI during that blackout and I definitely remember it!

  18. I'm not sure how I would have reacted but I'm sure it wouldn't have been pretty!

    Our anniversary is August 16th too but we rarely do something on that specific day.

    1st anniversary....SIL came over to babysit week-old baby so we could go out to dinner

    10th anniversary? Husband was at scout camp...the only adult that could stay the whole week and at times the only adult as the second adults crossed paths.

    20th anniversary? At my nieces wedding :D

    26th anniversary? 7+ cruise in November, Los Angeles to Cabo ....fabulous

    Working on year 27

    We'll take a week or weekend by ourselves but not usually right on the 16th. For four of our anniversaries we've been on vacation with his extended family.


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