August 29, 2011


My weekend was pretty uneventful, with the exception of Saturday morning. My dad called at 7 AM to ask if we wanted to go fishing on the boat. I totally didn't, but my kids really did, and I didn't want him taking the kids on the boat by himself (for safety reasons). So I told him I'd go, and we left around 8:15. We put the boat in at the State Park and cruised out a couple of miles into Lake Erie. We started at a spot where there were a TON of other boats fishing--maybe 25 or 30? Nobody was catching anything, and my dad wanted to try a different spot. My dad is a really great fisherman--he almost always catches his limit, and people love going fishing with him because he catches a lot of fish.

We found another spot, without anyone else there, and we started catching perch. A lot of perch! We were there for about 3 hours and we probably caught about 100 perch, but we left with about 50 or 60 (the others were too small, so we threw them back).
This rainbow was hanging out over Eli's head for a long time
Did I mention that I live by a cloud factory? Yep, they make clouds. Oh, and a byproduct would be nuclear energy ;)
After we were fishing for a little while, I noticed that a bunch of seagulls started hanging out by us. When one of us would catch a fish, the seagulls started making all kinds of noise, like they were cheering. Of course, they just wanted the fish!
Seagulls wishing we'd throw them some fish
My dad said that's a good way to see who is catching fish--just look for the seagulls, because they hang out around the boats that are catching fish. I never knew that! I figured they just hung out on the beach bugging the picnic-ers.
Eli wanted to act like we saw a shark (because apparently we have sharks in Lake Erie)

Noah and my dad--Noah loves that he can drive the boat now
My dad took the fish home and cleaned them, and then he made a huge fish dinner that night--my dad is well-known for his fish fry dinners. Cardiac specials, as he calls them, because they are like a heart attack on a plate. I balanced out the grease with pie for dessert. ;)

So anyway, yesterday was uneventful. I went for a 60-minute bike ride, which is the longest I've ridden so far. I made it to double-digit miles yesterday--11.37, which is about 4 miles farther than any previous distance I've done. It wasn't hard on my body, but mentally, I was bored out of my mind. It's easy for my mind to wander when I'm running, but when I'm biking, I can't really zone out. Thankfully, my cross training doesn't exceed 60 minutes at a time, and it's just once a week.

This morning, I went for my long run. I headed out the door at 6:30. It was still dark, so I got to wear my reflector vest that I bought at the Ragnar last year. I love that thing!  I should've taken a picture, but I wasn't really awake yet. My run felt so good this morning. I love it when it feels like that. My legs felt strong, I wasn't winded, I just took it easy, and actually enjoyed it. I never thought I'd enjoy running!
I ran the same amount of time that I biked yesterday... the biking burned 349 calories, while the running burned 665. Which means I get to eat more when I run. That's why it's my exercise of choice :)

Did you do anything fun this weekend?  Have you ever been fishing?


  1. The seagulls are beggers! They don't leave you alone at the beach- annoying! When we were dating we went night fishing. I got sea sick since there's really nothing to keep your mind occupied and we caught NOTHING! Then we went "whale watching/sport fishing" on our honeymoon in Hawaii. We didn't see nor catch a thing. BORING! My husband and my dad have taken Charlie crabbing and they have had good luck with that. Maybe because I wasn't there?

    This weekend we were holed up because of Irene. Thankfully my entire family on the island were spared any damage, but parts of my town and neighboring towns were not as fortunate. The storm surge caused a lot of flooding. We all have power still, as well, but I think 400,000 homes here don't. When Hurricane Gloria hit, LI was in shambles. We didn't have power for 6 days. Talk about boring!!

    I decided since it was so cool this morning to kill 2 birds with one stone and go for a run and survey my neighborhood after the storm. It took forever to locate the sattelite. I wonder if that was due to the storm? So, I just wound up taking a walk.

    Have a great week!

  2. We were out at Cayuga Lake thos weekend and the seagulls kept getting closer and closer to our belongings! I thought they might try and take off with a sandal or something!

  3. We live in Erie, Pa and Lake Erie is about 1.5 miles from us, so we fish all the time! I love perch, but really if you don't fry it, it doesn't taste nearly as good. I've tried a dozen different ways. So, yep, heart attack special it is : )

  4. Yes, been fishing since I was a kid. On Lake Michigan and so many of the great inland lakes here in Wisconsin. Love perch! Grew up eating a homemade fish fry every Friday night(Catholic in Wisconsin!) - perch and bluegills, homemade coleslaw, excellent bakery-made rye bread and plain boiled potatoes - only the fish was pan-fried. Knowing my habits I probably ate too much of everything;)

  5. We took the kiddo out on my grandpas boat (and at 2 1/2 she got to drive...assisted of course...while Chris and I sat in the bow and she got us SOAKED by hitting the waves), went fishing with just a net to catch minnows so the kid could see a fish close up, and threw them back quickly so they didn't die, and we went for a nice long walk TWICE yesterday...Was a lovely weekend

  6. haha a cloud factory, we have one somewhat close (by close it is probably 45 mins away) but when you are on the hill next to the high school that i went to you can see the towers-ours is called limmerick.
    ive never been fishing. well except for my pet fish, when iwas moving them from one tank to another (with a net of course).

  7. I used to fish tons before leaving home for college. I really liked it. I went ice fishing this winter, which wasn't so fun because of how windy it was. My family does a lot of fishing and one of these days I will get my license and start going again.

  8. LMAO at the sharks in Lake Erie! My husband likes to try to trick our 6 yr old son by saying there are "land sharks" in Lake Erie that come up on the beach and try to eat people. Of course, the kid is way to smart to fall for it!

    Before we got married, Hubby had an old boat and he made the mistake of letting me drive it once. I ended up hitting the breakers just off shore. Yeah...I'm not a boater. I do enjoy fishing, but only for a little while. I get bored too easily.

  9. Okay so this comment has nothing to do with this post. I just wanted you to know that tonight my husband made those sweet potato wheels you mentioned recently. I've been terrified of sweet potatoes since my first bite of them around the age of three (which tasted like toothpaste and potatoes mixed). As I've been trying so many new fruits and veggies this summer, I decided to put aside nearly 30 years of fear and try sweet potatoes again, and tonight I did! While I'm still a bit unsure about them - I'm not a big fan of the sweet aspect - I think eventually I will be used to them and they will become another veggie I can eat. Any new veggie I can eat is a blessing!!! We want to experiment with different seasonings. We're thinking we'll use rosemary on them next time.

  10. I love the boating pictures! That's a lot of fish to catch my goodness! I had never heard of Friday Fish Frys until I moved to Milwaukee. I think it's because I've never been around such a catholic neighborhood! I gotta say I love a good walleye or perch fish fry! <3

  11. Hi Katie. Love the photos. I've never been fishing, but would LOVE to try it sometime soon. Hope your week ahead is a good one.


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