June 30, 2011

How to eat a marshmallow (a pictorial)

Load the mallow on the stick

Make sure it's on well, so it doesn't fall off in the fire

Get close to the fire, but not too close

Stick the mallow into the flames until it burns (while showing your bra to the internets)

Check the outside to make sure it's crispy

Carefully peel off the carcinogenic outer layer

It should come off in one piece, looking like a shell of the mallow

And gently place the shell onto your tongue

Close your mouth and let the mallow dissolve into sugary bliss

Prepare to repeat the sequence with the rest of the mallow

Stick it in the fire. Close, but not too close.

Peel off the outer layer

It gets trickier as the mallow gets smaller

Eat the second shell of the mallow

Repeat until the mallow is too small to layer, and pull the whole thing off

Savor. Every. Second.

Lick your fingers

Peel off any goo that might remain on the stick

And eat that too
And repeat the entire sequence again... and again...


  1. You make me miss living in Wisconsin! My family used to go over to my in-laws' house, which had a backyard that looks quite similar to yours, and roast marshmallows or make smores in the summer. I really miss those days.

  2. Hilarious......I love it!!!!!

    I like my marshmallow when it is burnt to a crisp!!!!

  3. Love it - but what about the graham crackers and chocolate???

    Shall we assume that your hubby is the awesome photographer?

  4. Aw man, I love the burned parts! Now I wish I lived anywhere near somewhere where I could have a campfire!

  5. Mmmmmm time to go camping!

  6. So FUN! I love camping and fires and SO love marshmallows!

  7. chrissy792July 01, 2011

    This cracked me up! I love burnt mellows however I never thought about eating the outside and putting it back in......very good idea! I like eating them plain without the chocolate and graham cracker too! Looks like you guys had a good night!

  8. AnonymousJuly 01, 2011

    I havent EVER thought about doing that. i am so drooling right now... lol vanillamama

  9. AnonymousJuly 01, 2011

    This cracks me! Loved it! I just came inside from making smores! :)

  10. haha I love this! At first when you said to peel off the outer layer I thought you were going to say throw it away! So glad you didn't since it's the best part (obviously)!

  11. That is exACTly how I eat mine ; ) In the absence of a fire a candle and table fork also work fine....


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