June 27, 2011

Fat girl on a little bike

Well, I guess I'm not a "fat girl" anymore, but I certainly felt like it today when I wound up on Noah's bike! Jerry and I walked up to the liquor store with the kids, so they could get an ice cream. Eli wanted to walk, but Noah chose to ride his bike. I guess we didn't think too far ahead on that one, because Noah couldn't eat his popsicle and ride his bike home at the same time, so guess who wound up riding the bike home?  Moi, of course.

I'm pretty sure the whole neighborhood got a look at my butt crack
Can you even imagine me doing that at 253 pounds? The tires would have popped for sure.  I must admit, I had fun. It makes me want a bike of my own. Bigger than this one, of course...

Today, I was really wanting to run outside, so I decided to do just that while the kids were in their Safety City class. It was miserably hot. I hate running in the heat! I'll take snow and ice any day over hot temps. I had mapped out 5.5 miles, but I ended up turning around after 1.5--to make an even 3 mile run at a 9:44/mi pace. It was just too damn hot and I wasn't enjoying it.

I was starving when I got home, and I made a really quick wrap for lunch that ended up tasting really good. I made it before, but forgot about the combo until I decided to make it today. I spread a whole grain tortilla with 2 Tbsp. almond butter (Barney Butter, because I have 3 jars to use up!), sprinkled with 1/2 a chopped carrot and a couple of tablespoons of raisins. It's also good with peanut butter. It's a strange combination, but it tastes really good!

Almond butter + carrots + raisins rolled in a tortilla
I spent all morning trying to pick a race to sign up for in the fall. I really would like to run another half-marathon, but the only options I have are extremely hilly courses. One of them (The Brooksie Way) is downhill for 6 miles, and then UPHILL for 6 miles. That terrifies me. The other looks super fun. Run Woodstock! is a trail run that is loaded with hills--up, down, up, down for the whole race. Again, terrified of the hills, but I love the Woodstock theme.  I wish I could do the Detroit Free Press half, but I'll be in Arizona for Sarah's wedding that weekend. Maybe I'll just forgo the half-marathon altogether. I'm registered for The Big House Big Heart 10k. I'm running that with a lot of my family in honor of my cousin who died (waaay too young) from cancer.

Oh, and I LOVED reading all your comments about the embarrassing clothes.  I was cracking up while reading them. I have to say that the most embarrassing award goes to Kari-Anne, with the shorts that say "Can't Touch This" along with hand prints on the butt!

Would you choose a race with one reeeeeally drawn out hill (6 miles long) or a trail run with a whole bunch of short hills? Someone make this decision for me!


  1. You should sign up for the Wine & Dine Disney half on October 1st in Orlando - it's a nighttime run - completely flat through Disney, MGM & Epcot center!! You even get to try some wine and tapas at the finish line party!! :)

    I'm already signed up!! It'll be my 2nd Half.

  2. @Stacey F
    It sounds fantastic, and I wish I could! Wine & Dine sounds right up my alley. But I won't be able to travel anywhere this year. Money is super tight. Have fun!

  3. I can't wait to be able to ride a bike again one day!!

    I absolutely hate running in the heat too, but sadly, we have no other options here, that I can find anyway. I suppose if I paid a LOT of money I could probably find a gym with an indoor track. In any case, we wake up to 80+ temps and it only gets worse through the day. I still go out running a couple times a week, but there's a lot mroe walking involved. I'm just going because I need to keep up or I'll have to start over in November when it gets cool enough to run outside again. (I can't wait to move up north again!)

    As for your races, I personally think the trails with short hills is much better. The place I train on now is a trail with a bunch of hills (I figure that's good practice for when I move to flat roads), plus trails are shady and are interesting to run on. And I think a six-mile hill sounds awful, even if it's low incline!!

  4. I would go for the short hills because each time i got over one I would feel that much more confident over and over again. But with the long hill i'd want to give up like a mile into it and be telling myself the whole time OMG WHYYYYY did you sign up for this!?

  5. AnonymousJune 28, 2011

    You should seriously consider getting a bike for yourself! It is my absolute FAVORITE thing to do to burn calories. :)

    You have been posting more frequently lately and I just want to let you know that I'm loving it!!! I check your blog every morning while I am eating my breakfast!

  6. Ohhh man! I wish I lived closer to MI. I would totally do portions of the Run Woodstock races! That is totally me!

  7. Great idea to add carrots to the wraps! I must try that sometime. :)


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