July 01, 2011

Such a stressful day

Sorry for the lame pictorial post yesterday, I just didn't have time to write a "real" post. The day started out normally, and I took the kids to their Safety City class. My runner's knee was flared up and hurting badly, and my body was really wanting a rest day--even though it was the LAST DAY of June, and I had worked out every single day so far in June. I decided not to do any running or even hard walking.

While the kids were in their class, I walked to Panera--just 2/3 of a mile away. I ordered lunch (black bean soup, 1/2 a salad, and a piece of bread). I only had half the bread, so my calories for lunch were just about 350. Not bad!  I never ever eat out, but I've done Subway twice and Panera once since my kids have been in that class. I have to occupy 2 hours of my time, and it happens to be lunch time. Anyway, the salad wasn't great--it was a strawberry and poppyseed chicken salad or something like that. I liked the soup and bread though (whole grain baguette).

Panera salad and soup
My lunch at Panera

After the kids class, we had to go home and clean up the house quickly because my friend Renee was coming over for wine later that night, and we had a birthday party to go to in the afternoon. We weren't home for even 15 minutes when the first problem occurred. I went to the Jeep to get out the birthday present I had bought about a week ago for the little boy's party. I had to wrap it. Well, one of the kids had put their water bottle on top of the gift after t-ball, and the water bottle leaked. The gift was completely soaked through with water (it was a slip 'n slide and a beach towel). The towel was totally saturated and the cardboard box on the slip 'n slide was soggy and wet. I panicked because we had to leave soon and we had no gift.

I looked up directions to the party to discover it was 1 hr and 10 minutes away!! The house was still messy, but my husband was home (he had to work, so he wasn't going to the party). My husband told me he'd clean up the house. I didn't even have a chance to shower and get ready. I got the kids loaded into the car and we left. I was really upset about the gift. We decided to stop and buy a card and just put $20 in the card. I don't like to do that for little kids, because they'd much rather open a gift, but I didn't have time to go buy another present. We picked up my mom, because she was going with us, and then drove to the farm where the party was.

Once we got there, I started feeling (mentally) a little better. The farm was really cool! They let us hold, feed, or pet all the animals, including a huge turtle, a snake, a hedgehog, deer, a baby alligator, ducklings and chicks, pigs, baby skunks(!!) and all kind of fun stuff. My favorite were the baby skunks--they were so pudgy and adorable.

The baby skunks were SO adorable!

Noah holding the snake
The deer was pregnant and ready to deliver any moment

I was STARVING and after all the stress, I ended up throwing calories to the wind and eating too much last night. At the party, I had a small sub and small bag of Doritos. Then two servings of dirt cake. On the way home, Eli had to go to the bathroom, so we stopped at a gas station (gross). I ended up buying a small bag of chocolate covered cashews (my favorite candy ever!!) and a small bag of Twizzlers.

At home, I took a super quick shower and put on my PJ's just as Renee got here. We opened a bottle of Kendall Jackson Summation, a dry red blend, and it was really good. Reminded me of Fall, so I'm going to keep that in mind for later. We polished off the bottle.

Renee amazes me. She's about 125 pounds--very small and cute--and she doesn't have to count calories or diet or anything to stay her size. She definitely does her share of work for it; she's a runner, and she's the one who got me into running. She definitely eats healthy food, but she doesn't worry about portions or calories or anything like that. And her weight is CONSTANT. She said her weight is the same as it was before she had her 3 boys, the oldest of which is now 9. We were looking through the What I Eat book I bought, and she found it so interesting. She had no clue how many calories were in certain foods, when I could list the calories in my sleep! I really wish I could be like that--just not care about calories, enjoy food, and maintain a healthy weight.

Renee and me on Halloween in 2010

Today is going to be a crazy day too. Safety City class, then Safety City graduation this evening, then going out on my parents boat to watch fireworks tonight. I'm taking a 100% rest day as far as exercise, and I'm not counting calories today. I just need a break mentally and physically. Back on it tomorrow, though!


  1. I really miss the days when I didn't worry about calories. I'm not sure I'll ever go back to that. I really love intuitive eating, but at the same time, having the number confirmation that I'm doing okay makes my brain so much more satisfied, because I'm a very number-oriented sort of person even when I don't want to be.

    I tried to do the 10-min exercise streak through Spark starting back in early April. Before, I always took one day off exercise each week to recover. I made it until the first week of June before I ran my body into the ground, and took a whole week off exercise for only the second time this year (and the first was doctor's orders when I had bronchitis). I will definitely not being trying to do THAT again...

    My mom grew up on a small farm and had skunks as pets. I've never heard of anywhere else where they have skunks out.

  2. chrissy792July 01, 2011

    That farm looked awesome and your boys are adorable! I loved the deer! I'm glad that you got to have a relaxing end of your day with your friend! I have a lot of friends that are tiny and can eat whatever they want and also don't exercise! It is hard but I figure when OI lose this weight I will be healthier because if nothing else I exercise! I hope you have a less crazy day today!

  3. I just can't do the intuitive eating thing. To me, intuitively I'm pretty sure I would eat about 4,000 calories per day. That's how I got to 328 lbs. Your friend Renee is one of the lucky ones--for sure.

    Your little boys are so cute. Bet that was a fun party at the farm with all those exotic animals. When hubby & I were first married, his family found a bunch of baby skunks and had them de-odorized at the Vet's. We adopted one, but it still seemed to have a little skunky odor, so we eventually gave him back. You have a real love of animals, that's obvious in your blogs. Makes me like you even more.

  4. AnonymousJuly 01, 2011

    Oh how I wish I could eat whatever and not worry and maintain a healthy weight! I'm so envious of the people who can.

    Have fun watching the fireworks tonight!

  5. AnonymousJuly 02, 2011

    Katie, the last time I ate at Panera, I had the black bean soup and the Greek salad. I was amazed how few calories it was and it was so satisfying.

    I agree...wish I could eat whatever and have to be aware of the calories.

  6. Good to know about that salad, I've actually been wanting to try it. I always order the turkey sandwich and brocolli cheese soup at Panera. Fail! haha


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