June 22, 2011

Great weigh-in today!

I was very happy to see the scale drop quite a bit this week. I weighed in a 144.5, which is down 3.5 pounds from last week. This is the lowest number I've seen since I got home from Indy at the beginning of May.

Calorie counts for the week:

6/17 was my day off from tracking--but I had about 4,000 calories. Yikes!
 Total:  11,832 calories

With the exception of Friday, my calories were pretty low. While I was losing weight before, I was eating probably about 1600 calories per day. This week, I just tried to stay in my calorie range given by Sparkpeople, which is 1200-1550. I figured since I had such a high calorie day on Friday, that eating at the low-end of the range the rest of the week was best. Daily average ended up being 1690.

Mileage this week:
Wed- 2.0
Thu- 3.5
Fri- 3.0
Sat- 2.0
Sun- 7.0
Mon- 3.0
Tue- 2.0

Calorie deficit from food: 68 (with 1700 as a baseline)
Calorie deficit from exercise: 2516 (not counting strength training)
Calorie debt payoff for the week:  2584

I feel like I'm getting my mojo back in full-swing. I'm really excited to get back to the 130's. I feel very uncomfortable in the 140's. And since I declared 133 my "official" goal weight, I'm psyched to see it on the scale again soon!


  1. I really need your motivation!!!! you're amazing!

  2. Great job Katie!! 3.5 lbs is wonderful!

    You just commented on my blog so I know you saw that my attempts to eat less this week (which were more like 1500 than 1200 calories) resulted in two days of over-eating and binging - I just can't do it! I'm sure my average ended up being closer to 1700-1750 if you factored in my two really bad days...

  3. AnonymousJune 22, 2011

    You can do it Katie. You are amazing =) vanillamama

  4. AnonymousJune 22, 2011

    You rock girl!

  5. congrats on a great loss! you kick so much ass!!!!

  6. Alyssa (loveunderlined on Spark)June 23, 2011

    You are awesome! I am just barely getting out of the 140s right now and so excited about it. 4,000 calories is also epic. :)

  7. AnonymousJune 23, 2011

    YAY Katie!

  8. Daaaaang, woman! Nice loss!!! Good work! Do you always run seven days per week?

  9. @Christina
    Thanks Christina! And actually, only two of those days were runs (3 miles and 7 miles). The rest was interval walking on the dreadmill. I made a goal to cover 270 miles this summer, which is roughly 3 miles per day, so that is the only reason I've been working out so much lately. In the fall, I definitely plan on going back to 3 days a week of running outside :)

  10. AnonymousJune 23, 2011

    Awesome job Katie!! :) I was so waiting for a success post like this from you. You're on your way to 133 girl!


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