June 04, 2011

Bachelorette Party

As expected, I am feeling a little hung over today. But it was worth it! I had so much fun last night. Sarah came over at 4:30 to pick me up and then her other bridesmaids met us and we all rode together.

We went to a martini bar & grille for dinner first. I had shrimp fajitas, which were SO yummy. I had a margarita and then for the rest of the evening, I was ordering tequila and water. Sounds gross, right? Yeah, it was. BUT, I brought along these little packets that you stir into the tequila and water--they are flavored like margaritas and only have 5 calories (you know those Crystal Light packets? It's just like those). So each drink was roughly 105 calories--a shot of tequila and the flavor packet. I (think) I had about 9 drinks total.

Anyway, after dinner we went upstairs to see a comedy show. The headliner comedian was really good, but the other one was terrible. After the show, we went to the bar downstairs. It was kind of lame. I gave Sarah a book that listed things she had to do as a bachelorette, so she started working on those.

There were some soldiers there, and one of the guys was thrilled that we were even talking to him, haha. Per the book, Sarah asked him for a condom and then she had to blow it up like a balloon. One guy told us that the "happening" place to be was a bar down the road--that it was kind of wild and fun and it'd be a great place for a bachelorette party.

We went there (Maria, who is pregnant, drove us) and it was VERY fun. They handed us sticks when we walked in, that people used to clap together for fun. They told us we could dance on the chairs, but not the tables (lol) and then the DJ announced that it was Sarah's bachelorette party.

Krystal and I had a blast dancing on the chairs most of the evening. Sarah worked on her booklet tasks, and then the bartender had her sit while he straddled her and poured a shot into her mouth (the shot was called a 'blow job') and then squirted whipped cream in her mouth.

Krystal and I dancing on chairs

I'm not going to post the other pics I took, because I'm not sure Sarah would want them on the internet. We left at around 1:30 in the morning. Maria drove me home first, and I was wishing I hadn't drank so much, but I fell asleep quickly and didn't wake up again until 8:00.

I finally did the Ripped in 30 DVD again today. I was still sore, but not so bad that I couldn't do it. Then I walked on the dreadmill for 30 minutes (various inclines). Jerry and I went to some garage sales, and I found Jillian's 30 Day Shred for $1 and The Biggest Loser game for the Wii for $1. I'm loving the change from my usual running 3-4 times per week. Even the "dreadmill" isn't so dreadful when I keep changing up the incline and pace.


  1. OMG, flavoring packets, that is genius! Although tequila scares me, that is a great portable idea.

  2. On second thought, I think I need to know where to find these flavoring packets -- will you post about them?


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