June 05, 2011

Wedding Shower

Today was Sarah's wedding shower. Remember how I always complain about that size 4 dress that's been sitting in my closet unworn because it was too big in December and then about a month ago was too small to zip? Well, that's the dress I wore today. It fit nicely, I think--not TOO small, but definitely not big. Sarah actually gave it to me as a gift, so I was excited to be able to wear it at her shower.

Sarah (the bride-to-be) and me
Sarah and I have been best friends for about 28 years. She was born 3 days before me in 1982 and we lived 2 houses apart from each other for 14 years before my family and I moved about 20 minutes away. Then we were roommates in college (Eastern Michigan University). She ended up moving to Arizona in 2005(?) and she's a teacher there now.

Anyway, the shower was nice. I did really well with the food--it was a buffet, and I took very tiny portions. I had a chicken thigh, a tiny scoop of mashed potatoes, some green beans, half a roll, and half a salad. I was excited to eat cake until I realized that it was the kind of frosting I don't like.

I LOVE LOVE LOVE buttercream frosting--the kind that makes your teeth feel like they are rotting as you eat, because it's loaded with sugar crystals. Anyway, this was that whipped stuff that tastes kind of like whipped cream, and not very sweet. So I actually passed up the cake! But I totally made up for that with a handful of chocolate chips when I got home, haha.

I worked out this morning before I got ready for the shower. I did 3 miles on the dreadmill. I found some treadmill programs online and printed them out, then posted them next to the treadmill.
The one I did today varied from 4.0 mph to 7.5 mph, incline 0% to 4%. It was pretty tough at the end, and I felt like I got a good workout.

Someone asked about the drink mix I was talking about yesterday... here is what it looks like:

I bought it at Target, and I believe it's their own brand. It was with the Crystal Light products. I also found this website where you can order something similar, but you pay a small fortune. These things at Target were $1.84 for 10 packets. Easy to tuck in your purse! Like I said, I ordered a Tequila & water on ice, and then I just dumped a packet in the drink.

I've been doing well with my Summer Challenge, with the exception of my weekly goal. I picked a terrible week to count calories every day. I had the bachelorette party Friday, the shower today, and Sarah and her fiancé are coming over tonight, and then we're going out to dinner with them early next week. But I've been working out a lot and definitely eating as well as I can!


  1. Walmart has those margarita to go packets as well, LOVE THEM!

  2. Yay so excited that you were able to wear the dress! Congrats.

    I love doing pre-made treadmill workouts. It makes the time go by so much faster!

  3. you look lovely in the dress Katie!

  4. @KristaMe too! I actually have been looking forward to my dreadmill workouts lately because they are so much more interesting than just walking or running at one speed/one incline.

  5. I like drinking liquor and soda!

    You can make a delicious drink (if you are out and don't have a packet) - tequila (or any liquor: flavored vodkas work great, and rum!), soda water (I always ask the bartender to let the soda run for a minute, since it gets less bubbly sitting in the tube - that way it is SUPER bubbly), and lots of lime juice... it ends up being similar calories, because Rose's lime juice is only like 5-10 calories for an entire ounce.

    They are delicious!

    One of my favorites: Cherry vodka, soda, and extra lime juice!

  6. I just started reading your blog and saw you went to EMU. My daughter goes to eastern and loves Ypsi. When I saw you lived in south eastern michigan I was going to ask if you had heard of Ypsi and well...obviously you do. :) thank you for creating this blog. so far i love it.


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