June 14, 2011

Weekly Recap

While I haven't been doing AWESOME at my Summer Challenge, I've definitely been doing better than I would have if I wasn't doing the challenge...

-I logged 24 miles this week.
-I've yet to do a sugar-free Tuesday. Yesterday, I almost put myself in a sugar coma instead.
-I posted my weigh-in on Wednesday.
-I did strength training at least twice (maybe 3 times). I'm loving how this makes my feel!
-My weekly goal was to eat a DIFFERENT breakfast every day. I was successful at that!

I think my favorite breakfast was the blueberry pancakes. My least favorite was probably the oat frittata with cocoa + coconut butter (pictured in the center of the top row here). It was amazing in my head when I thought it up, but then when I put it together, it just wasn't very good.

I was STARVING shortly after I had the peanut butter toast. The bran flakes with blueberries made me feel full the longest. I learned that I definitely prefer unsweetened almond milk to unsweetened coconut milk (I tried the So Delicious coconut milk because it was on sale).

The breakfast thing was kind of a fun challenge. I REALLY need to try this with lunch. I'm notorious for eating the same thing for lunch every single day for months and months until I move on to something else. I don't think I'm ready to try this as a challenge yet however!

Tomorrow I'll weigh in and post my new weekly challenge.

What is your favorite breakfast?  Mine is definitely oatmeal when I allow myself enough calories to add stir-ins and toppings. Lately, I've been trying to keep breakfast calories down a bit though.


  1. For some reason breakfast is the only meal I don't mind eating the same thing over and over again. I used to rotate meals, but one day I discovered Quaker Oatmeal Squares cereal. I eat a cup of that with half a cup of fat-free milk every morning for breakfast, with half a cup of Simply Orange OJ. It's about 300 calories and fills me up all morning. I figured one day I'd get tired of it like I do most foods I eat repetitively, but I've been eating it nearly every morning for seven years now, so I'm guessing it's here to stay.

  2. Hi Katie! I made blueberry pancakes for our breakfast on Sunday. YUMMO! That's the only day of the week I make breakfast for son and hubby, and then I don't make lunch--we usually have breakfast around 11 or 12. Other than that, everybody is on their own for breakfast, hubby does eat any, son usually has cold cereal before work. (You can do that after you get the kids grown up!) I take my breakfast to work and eat it at my desk--usually instant oatmeal, no add-ins, but I do buy the cinnamon roll flavor of it, so it is quite tasty. I also like raisin bran crunch cereal sometimes. My breakfasts are pretty boring. But I did find some 110 calorie thin bagels, and after I toast both pieces of the bagel I put some light cream cheese on it, and then a little of this delicious homemade strawberry jam I made. It's about 200 calories total, and doesn't keep me full all that long either, but it is delicious! I try to keep the breakfast calories down so I can have more for lunch and dinner. I usually run out of calorie allotment before I run out of day though. SAD!

    Your breakfasts look delicious. I LOVE reading about all the delicious new recipes you try, I have tried a couple of them myself, and they always come out great. Thanks for sharing!

  3. AnonymousJune 15, 2011

    I'm almost ritualistic about breakfast - and apple (preferably a Pacific Rose as I love the sweetness), 2 tablespoons of peanut butter for dipping and an 8 oz. chai made with water and homemade chai mix. Lunch and dinner vary greatly but I get really frustrated when there are no apples in the house:)


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