June 19, 2011

Naked pictures

Not of ME, silly goose. Do you think I want to blind you?! lol

Funny story:  Yesterday, my husband and I took the boys out garage saleing. There was a neighborhood sale, so we spent the morning walking around to different sales. At one house, a woman was selling a cell phone.

My husband is kind of obsessed with checking out phones right now, because he wants a new one; so he was playing around with it, and then we started walking back to the car. He told me that there were a bunch of naked pictures on it--some girl who looked about 20 years old or so. VERY EXPLICIT naked pictures--not your average boob shot or something.

I was shocked, but I said, "Jerry, I HAVE to go tell that woman! I'm sure she has no idea!"  So I went back up to the sale and said to the woman, "My husband was checking out that cell phone you have for sale, and I just thought you should know that there are pictures of a naked girl on it."

The woman gasped and said it was her 19-year old son's phone. She grabbed the phone and started messing with it, and it turned out that the pictures were of the son's girlfriend. Ahahaha, I just found it so funny. Game over for him!

I ran 7 miles this morning while my kids were at church with my parents. It was a great run, nice and slow and relaxing. Until about mile 5.

Are any of you familiar with fish flies? Sometimes called May flies. They are these awful bugs that come around once a year in the late Spring/early Summer. They serve no purpose that I know of, and they're really gross.

Anyway, when you step on them, they make a loud crunch noise--and when you step on MANY of them at once, it sounds like you're walking on bubble wrap. I'm not joking. I live right next to Lake Erie, and these things arrive overnight one day unexpectedly. When you wake up in the morning, they are covering your house, your car, the street, sidewalks, etc. I mean COVERING. When they die, they smell like dead fish--hence the name "fish flies". They don't last long, thankfully. They'll be here for a week or two and then be gone until next year.

Oh, and the thing about these bugs is that they don't DO anything--they just sit on the side of your house or whatever until there is movement near them. Then they just fly and land on whatever is around (namely, YOU). Then they just chill out on your shirt or in your hair until you swat them off. And no, they don't bite or sting.

During the first part of my run today, I was running out away from the lake, and didn't run into many fish flies at all. But once I headed back and ran along the lake, they were AWFUL. In some spots, they were stacked 2-3 bugs high. Check this out:

This was under a street lamp--they LOVE lights. Don't ever leave your porch light on! lol

Stepping on or driving over these things sounds like bubble wrap

What's the most interesting second-hand item you've ever found? My aunt once bought a coat at a garage sale for $1, and when she got home, she discovered $50 in the pocket--lucky her!  I have to say the cell phone incident was the most interesting thing I've found.


  1. I work for a cell phone company in Canada and I see tons of naked pictures daily....sometimes I wonder what people are thinking.....

    I had a fish fly join me for dinner on date night with hubby last night...they are so gross, but I'm used to them this time of year.

    We totally live so close to each other. I live in Windsor, just across the bridge, I'm sure you've been if you live so close to Detroit....lol...hi neighbor!!!

  2. I HATE bugs. When they're outside, they're a little more tolerable, but that's way too many bugs for my comfort. I guess it's some of the joys of living near the lake, eh? There are no lakes in close proximity to my house. I only have to deal with herds of buffalo in the middle of the road when I travel to the middle of nowhere to have my picture taken.

  3. I hate fish flies. I'm glad I'm not too close to the lake.

  4. Ugh, those bugs look awful! We had weird bug seasons like that when my family lived in Wisconsin, particularly with box elder bugs and lady beetles, both of which would pick random houses to invade each year.

    I'm not sure my best second-hand find is terribly interesting, but in 2001 I found a quilt in a thrift store made of black and purple velvet, and I formed an instant attachment to it. I loved it even more than the quilt my own great grandmother made for me. It was too expensive for me at the time, but my in-laws went back later and got it for me for Christmas. I still use it all the time, and still feel that same attachment to it, even as it's starting to fall apart (sadly).

  5. The bugs--eww! Mind boggling how many there are.

    I am rolling laughing over the cell phone. lol I think that's the most interesting garage sale story I've ever heard!

  6. I live on Lake Erie in PA, and I know exactly what you're talking about with those fish flies. The are so gross, and they're everywhere. Millions of them, thank God they're only around for a very short period of time, ugh!

  7. HAAAAAAAAAA! Gross about the bugs AND the phone.

    We lived in a really small Oregon town for about 11 years. Once a year, the whole town had a citywide garage sale. It drew in thousands of outsiders. So everyone put out their stuff to make a few bucks. Instead of hosting a sale one year, we decided to shop instead. We happened upon a house with tables full of PORN. lmao Tables and tables of movies, gadgets, magazines, books, posters....you name it. The guy (home owner) was sitting in his lawn chair sipping a beer & smoking. Like it was an ordinary day. Just hoping someone would buy his old, used porn. Sigh.

  8. I live right by Lake Erie too... but on the other side (NY). I am not familiar with those bugs though (thankfully)!!


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