Friday, June 17, 2011

UPS came today!

Everyday when I see the UPS truck drive by my house, I feel a little hopeful that they will stop in front of my house... even if I haven't ordered anything. Then I always feel disappointed as they drive by. Well, not today! I made an order on Amazon about a week ago, and it arrived today. I was so excited to get the package.

I had read about a book called What I Eat: Around the World in 80 Diets. It sounded really interesting, so I decided to order it. Normally I get books from the library, but this one looked like a book I'd look at over and over again. It's a book full of photos and descriptions of the diets of different people around the world--including the daily calorie counts, the person's height and weight, and a page or two of the person's story (their job, their way of life, etc.)  I get really interested in seeing what other people eat, so this was right up my alley! The book was MUCH bigger than I expected, too. It's hard cover, the size of a big coffee table book. Well worth the $24.18 I spent on it. When I ordered the book, I was only 82 cents away from getting free shipping, so I decided to order something else I've been wanting to try--Barney Butter. I LOVE almond butter, and have tried several different brands, but never the Barney Butter.

So, when I opened my package from Amazon, I saw both the book and the 3 small jars of Barney Butter:

I tried the Barney Butter right away, and I have some thoughts on it. But I was thinking I'd do a comparison between my current favorite brand (Kettle) and the Barney Butter, so I'll save that for tomorrow or something.

I also dove into the book right away, and read the bio's of about 5 people. The book is SO interesting! It's organized from lowest-calorie diet to highest-calorie diet, and I started with the low end. It made me feel like such a glutton! lol

I did a 5k run on the dreadmill today. You can do a "race" against fake people. There is a 1-mile, 2-mile, 5k, 10k, 15k, 10-mile, HM, 20-mile, and marathon program. Who the fuck runs a MARATHON on the dreadmill?! I told Jerry that if I ever decide to run a marathon, I'm sure as hell going to make sure I have witnesses and a chip time and all that. I'm not going to do it on a dreadmill in my house!

I was planning on running the 5k kind of easy, but I set it on "hard" and then I wanted to win. So I finished in 26:19. Not my best 5k time, but I wasn't going for a PR, so I did pretty well.

What's your favorite nut butter? Mine is definitely almond butter. I love peanut butter and cashew butter, but almond is certainly my favorite.


  1. That book sounds REALLY interesting.I like both peanut butter (has to be a chunky natural one) and almond butter.

  2. Whats the calorie count on the Almond butter vers PB2 and regular pb? I am looking forward to hearing about the book. I love love love PB... I dont know why but it is so amazing... vanillamama

  3. That book sounds REALLY interesting!

  4. You've definately peaked my interest with that book, I want to read it now.

    I know it's not your personal best, but congrats on that 5K time. Maybe one of these days I'll be as fast as you ;)

    PS. I just restocked my PB2 stash!! I'm totally obsessed with making those "no bakes" with cocoa powder, oatmeal, PB2, milk and stevia. They're soo good!!

  5. That looks like a really interesting book. Sadly, my library doesn't have it, so I've tried to order it over inter-library loan. We'll see if that works. I also have it on my Paperback Swap wishlist.

  6. Do you like Nutella? I didn't even know it was a hazelnut spread, to me it just tastes like chocolate. I'm curious to know your thoughts on it, being the nut spread connoisseur that you are. : )

    1. I LOVE Nutella! But I can't keep in it the house :( I always binge on it (eating the entire jar at once). Hopefully someday I can make peace with it!

      But it's actually not as healthy as it sounds--it's got TONS of sugar in it (which is probably why it tastes so good!)


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