December 28, 2011

The clothes that $9 can buy

When I went to my favorite consignment store yesterday, I was super excited to see that all of their marked-down clothes were $1. Normally, they mark them down to 50% off; and once every quarter or so, they do a $1 sale.

Since it's a consignment store, the clothes are more expensive than Goodwill, which is another place I buy my clothes. But I had brought some clothes in to consign recently, and I figured I'd just use that money to buy a pair of jeans or something (most jeans are around $10; most shirts about $6-7). I had $14 in my consignment account, so I happily shopped the $1 racks and found some goodies:

Purple sweater by Ann Taylor Loft, $1

Pink/red striped sweater by American Eagle, $1

(Super cozy!!) Pink sweater by Gap, $1

Plaid button-up shirt by American Eagle, $1

Blue t-shirt by Abercrombie, $1

Black terrycloth hoodie by Moda International

Brown hoodie sweater by Ruff Hewn, $1

Blue long-sleeved t-shirt by Aeropostale, $1

Jeans by Abercrombie, $1
I'm wearing the pink Gap sweater right now, and it's SO cozy. It's a medium, which is a little big (especially since Gap seems to vanity size their clothes), but I made an exception because I love how comfy it is. So I'd say that the $9 shopping spree was successful. I bought a few things for my boys with the other $5.

Some of you were asking for an update on where my Garmin is now... Jen has it in Texas right now, and she just wrote a blog about it. I was so surprised to see the notes that everyone has been passing along with it--I can't wait to read them! I think there are about 5 or 6 more people in queue for the Garmin right now, so it'll be a while. I'm glad that everyone seems to be enjoying trying it out, though!

Today was my Wednesday Weigh-In, and I'm happy with the results this week:
Weight is 134, down 1 pound from last week (and only 1 pound away from goal!)

Body fat is 19.8%, which is up 0.2% from last week
I'm not worried about the body fat percentage being up by 0.2%. So many factors have an effect on that reading (hydration levels, water retention, etc). If it was a large amount or if it keeps going up, then I'll worry about it. (For those of you asking about my body fat reader thing, I made a "Favorite Things" tab on the blog where you can find it--along with a few other things that I get asked about frequently).

I'm only one measly pound from goal weight right now!! I'm so happy to be maintaining the weight loss that I've had--and I know from experience that the longer I am at a particular weight, the easier it is to maintain it.  I've now lost 10% of my weight since the beginning of November. Maybe (hopefully?) I'll be at my goal weight next week for my weigh-in.

I still haven't binged even once since my surgery 44 days ago. There were a couple of days this week that I ate for emotional reasons (boredom, loneliness) rather than hunger, but I was aware of it at the time and I didn't turn it into a binge. I'm okay with that. I think even "naturally" thin people eat for emotional reasons once in a while.

I did a slow and easy 3-miler on the dreadmill again this morning. I'm afraid I'm never going to pick up my pace back to what it was prior to surgery. A 10:00/mi pace is hard right now. I'm not even going to worry about adding distance until I start training for the half-marathon. I'm just doing three 3-mile runs per week until February.

 Since my boys are at their Holiday Camp all day, Sarah and I are going to the movies. We're going to see The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo. I read the book, and thought it was pretty decent, although I didn't like it enough to read the sequels. Hopefully the movie is okay.

And hopefully I can avoid the pull of Mrs. Fields at the mall.... ;)


  1. I was thinking the pink sweater was too big, but I like things big sometimes too. I think you found some fabulous things!

  2. Awesome bargains you found! I think I'll have to start checking out shops like that. I need shorts for a trip to Cancun in 2.5 weeks. All my shorts from this summer are too big. I wonder if consignment shops may have some?

  3. Tammy/texzanDecember 28, 2011

    Cute stuff,, I think I may hit my Local second hand stores,, I need some new stuff,, and funds are tight,, thanks for the idea Katie. Have a good day,, I am so excited for you .. 1 pound away,,, woohoo !!!


  4. LOVE the new clothes. You sure can find the good stuff! I've gotta try shopping at some of those places sometime. I had a giftcard from the profs at work for $35, and spent $25 plus tax on a red cowl-neck sweater from Von Maur at the mall yesterday. They had sweaters in there that cost $168 FOR ONE SWEATER! Good Grief! I especially like how you can wear the form fitting shirts and that tummy doesn't stick out at all. LOOKING GOOD GIRL!!! I'm up to 147, so gotta turn that around and go back the other way now that Christmas is over. I'll be reading your blog to get me motivated!

  5. UGH! I wish I could find deals like that! I love everything! I am such a HUGE fan of sweaters and plaid! If I could find a plaid sweater, I'd be in heaven. Argyle has to suffice for now! I have been seeing ads for a second-hand store about 15 minutes from me that I am going to have to look into! That's after I spend my gift cards to Kohl's next month!

  6. ...and I thought that I was the Queen of Thrift Stores. I turn over my crown, Katie. You ROCK!

  7. Super cute finds with your clothes!

    How was the movie? I saw the original with subtitles back when I had my gallbladder surgery, and don't remember too much about it. I also read the first book, but didn't like it enough to read the sequels. The dear other half said that they were great.

    PS: Congrats on maintenance & 1 lb. away from your goal.

  8. Isn't shopping and wearing cute clothes the best part about losing weight? It's so FUN now!

  9. Love your new finds!! I *wish* our thrift stores could lower their prices! I sometimes find it's just cheaper to go to oldnavy(etc)when they have really good sales!!
    The other problem i have is nothing seems to fit right!! Too big for regular clothes, too small for plus size :(

  10. Love your new clothes, they are all so cute! Do you find shopping more enjoyable now? I know I do! I want to hit up Plato's Closet and see if they have any cute finds, I should go through my closet and pick out some brand name clothes that don't fit me and maybe get something cute! Fun!

  11. How can you beat jeans for a dollar?? Awesome! I hate to say I am the fool who pays retail for the sweater from the Loft, wears it a few times, decides it doesn't look good, and takes it to a thrift shop. :) Sometimes I have dropped of clothes with tags on them.

    I saw the new Chipmunks movie today - Chipwrecked with my son and his friend. It was cute!

  12. Nice steal!! I was planning on going to a resale shop today but they closed down for a funeral in their family. All of their jeans are $3 regularly prices and she is always doing sales in there, too! and she's got some nice dresses and shirts and things too I wanted to go in and spend some of my christmas money in there today! Oh well.. maybe next week. :)

    Thanks for sharing my blog post, too btw! and OMG you are soooo freakin close to goal. You must be giddy!!! I am. hahah

  13. I love consignment and thrift store shopping! I've been buying a few new items lately and the prices drive me a little crazy, I need a good spree at a thrift store here pretty soon!

  14. Thanks so much for your "favorite things" page! As a fellow mom, I can justify purchases for myself after thorough research (which you did FOR us!) Your blog is the first I have followed, I love how your journey is realistic for all to accomplish!

  15. Wow!!! What a shopping spree for $9!!!!!!! Good finds!!!!
    You are doing so awesome on your non-bingeing streak!!!! Good for you!!!!

  16. Don't worry about your running speed, you'll get there! I had back surgery about 1 week before your surgery & I'm discovering that it's taking a lot longer than I thought to get back to where I was before surgery. I'm not a runner, and have a lot of weight to lose (again), but even considering that, before surgery I could walk several miles averaging at least an 18 minute/mile pace. I've been walking a 1 mile loop the past few days and it's taking me 28 minutes. I just keep reminding myself if I keep doing it, it will get better!

  17. Nice clothes katie, I love the way you shop!!

  18. I think thrift stores and consignment are so much better when you're thin. The selection is usually larger and less worn. When people are heavy they tend to hold on to clothes longer b/c they hate shopping for new, at least in my experience.

    I've told so many people about your blog! I just love it and how honest and real you are. I look forward to your posts. Can't wait to read more.


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