December 09, 2011

Picture frames

I seriously just wasted spent my entire day hanging picture frames. I'm terrible at hanging them--I can't figure out where to put each frame and then I get them crooked and off center, or I measure wrong, and they just look bad. So today, I was determined to do it RIGHT.

Jerry called the cable company this morning because our internet has been SO S.L.O.W. for the past three days or so (if you've been waiting for an e-mail or response from me, that's probably why you haven't heard anything! I'll try and catch up tomorrow). They said they'd send someone out, so I waited around for the cable guy. While I was waiting, I decided that I really needed to fix the frames and finally add the others that have been sitting in a closet for about four years (literally).

It was so hard!! I acted like a little kid having a fit--I screamed and stomped my feet, and told Jerry I was going to tear the house apart out of frustration. Lol, and I wonder why my kids are so dramatic! I finally figured out a system with a piece of paper with lines drawn all over it--it wasn't perfect, but I think I did pretty damn good!

Yes, that took me all day long. I'm just so glad that it's done now, and I don't have to look at the frames that were on the wall before, all crooked.

The cable guys (there were two) gave us a new modem and splitter under the house. Now the internet is working quickly again, and it's much less frustrating.

Some of you asked what I used the cookie butter for--yesterday, I spread it on a few graham crackers and at it that way. I imagine it would be good on a Nilla Wafer, too. Or, and I can't wait for this, oats in a jar!  When it gets almost empty, I'm going to make my cinnamon raisin cookie oats and put it in the jar to eat. Yum!

I have some runner friends coming over in less than an hour to watch Hood to Coast with me, so I have to cut this short. We'll have wine and snacks, too. Jerry's working tonight, so I'm really looking forward to some girl company!


  1. I have my husband hang pictures but he hates it because I am too fussy for him. :) I think you did a great job.

    I am down six pounds since Thanksgiving.

    Enjoy your girl time tonight.

  2. That cookie butter is dangerous stuff! I had heard of it in Chicago but couldn't find it anywhere; go figure, as soon as I move to the middle-of-nowhere California, it's here! I like it on apple slices and waffles. Apple waffles? Or pancakes? Or crepes? Oh my...

  3. I can never hang picture frames either. I always end up with a bunch of holes in the wall. I just keep making more until I get it right! LOL!

  4. I always hang mine in a stair step manner so I don't have to measure..LOL :)

    They look great BTW. I have never tried or heard of cookie butter before. Sounds yummy!

  5. I have pictures, a painting, a poster and candle sconces all waiting to be hung up in the dining room that we had re-sheetrocked and painted, oh, I don't know, 5 years ago? I HATE putting holes in the walls! I just have to man-up and do it! It would be nice to have it done for my Christmas, but I won't hold my breath!

  6. The pictures look great!!!! I have the same color paint in my family room!!!!!
    I hope you had a fun night!!!!:-)

  7. Love all the family pictures, and you did a very creative job putting them all up! Looks great.

    I slop mine up, no measuring, I just eyeball it, and unfortunately, it looks like it. Oh well--LOVE my family pictures--I have them up my stairway and all down the hallway upstairs, not to mention both shelves on either side of the fireplace on the main level and of course on the mantle. Did I mention I love pictures?

  8. Those pictures look great! I love the wall color too!


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