December 20, 2011

What a fantastic run!

I was SO frustrated this morning. I decided that today was the day I was going to make the switch from Blogger to WordPress. I've been reading non-stop about doing it all week long, and decided it'd be best to do while the kids are in school and I can have some peace and quiet to think. I signed up for a hosting account (after TONS of research on what one to use). And then I was clueless.

I had tutorials all ready to follow... but all the things the tutorials showed were not what I was seeing on my screen. I was completely lost. After about an hour, I called customer service and canceled the account for a full refund. It was just too complicated for me.

I really felt like ripping my hair out and screaming at the computer before throwing it into the fire pit in our backyard and lighting it... but instead, I pulled my Cold Gear pants out of the hamper (unwashed, because I'm that on-top of my laundry) and put them on to go for a run.

Immediately, I felt like this run was going to be much different from my last one. With the exception of a small twinge of soreness in my left hip, my body felt almost back to normal (as in, before surgery). I didn't get that horrible burning in my lungs that I did last week. And I was moving pretty quickly, compared to my other post-op runs.

It was about 32 degrees out, but not windy at all and it felt so good! After about two miles, I started to feel fatigued--but I kept pushing myself to keep my pace under 10:00/mi. I was so glad that my lungs weren't burning, that I didn't mind fatiguing my muscles. Once I hit 3 miles, I stopped my Garmin and walked the rest of the way home (about 1/8 of a mile). Normally, I run until I reach my driveway, but I was tired enough that I just wanted to walk after reaching 3 miles!

I was so happy to see that my pace improved drastically since my last run:

My last run (which I still have to upload) was on Friday and it was the exact same distance. I finished in 32:58 (11:00/mi), and it was ROUGH.  So I've knocked 1:14/mi off my time since Friday!

Yesterday marked five weeks post-op for me. I wasn't going to post new comparison pictures, because my belly truly does look the same as Week 4 post-op--but I noticed something when I was looking at the pictures. Remember how, right after surgery, I was concerned about my belly button being off-center?

See how it seems to have migrated over to where it should be? Awesome!

I read that swelling can cause it to look off-center, but I didn't really believe that (your belly button actually stays in place after a tummy tuck--so if it's off-center, that means it was off-center before surgery). Now I can see it very clearly for myself! I'm very happy with my belly button--I don't like the belly buttons that end up looking like a little slit after a tummy tuck.

Tomorrow is my weigh-in day, and I have a strong feeling I'm going to have gained weight this week. It NEVER FAILS that when I start an exercise program, I gain (or maintain) weight. Since I started running again this week, my muscles are going to be retaining water. I haven't binged or eaten in a way that I feel ashamed of, so if I have a gain, I'll be totally fine with it--knowing it's from the exercise.

Speaking of exercise, the four weeks post-op that I wasn't exercising definitely made me realize how much I need it! Not just physically, but mentally as well. I couldn't sleep for shit, my body felt antsy and anxious all the time, and I was extremely moody--for FOUR WEEKS. This past week, I've been sleeping again (even having a hard time waking up in the morning!), I've been in a much better mood (with the exception of the blog issues I had this week), and I have that oh-so-good fatigued feeling in my muscles. I always used to think exercise was overrated, but now I realize just how helpful it is mentally and physically.

My food log for today:
Breakfast- jamocha/banana protein shake
Lunch- salmon fillet, sweet potato wheels
Snack- cinnamon almonds
Dinner- pork chop, creamed peas, infamous glazed carrots
Snack- spoonful of Cookie Butter, hot chocolate, graham crackers

Tonight, my boys are spending the night at my parents' house... and I have the house to myself! I'm not sure what to do with myself. Normally I watch The Biggest Loser on Tuesday nights, but now that it's over, maybe I'll read a book. With hot chocolate, of course!


  1. You could watch the marathon episode again! I have watched it 2 more times and I cry every time I see Joe get pulled from the course and then watching Coach Mike, Johnny and Debbie cross the finish line. I can honestly see myself doing that now, which makes it even more emotional to watch. I'm doing my usual "running the kids around" Tuesday night. Tomorrow, me and the husband are off TOGETHER! Finishing Christmas stuff and maybe enjoying some alone time ;) (Did you happen to watch The Nate Berkus Show today and get a snippet of a glance of me in the audience? It was that brief!)

  2. Glad your run went better today. You are braver than me, I stick to my treadmill in the winter!
    Post-op pics look great!
    I was laughing about the carrots for dinner. Did you eat them alone? I have to admit, I am not a big cooked carrot fan.

  3. I can't imagine wanting to run when it is 32 degrees outside! I am just NOT good at running outside. Maybe one day though. :)

    Have you mixed it up between the treadmill and the outside from the very beginning? (I know most of the early runs you posted under your running tab seemed to be outside.)

  4. Great job on your run! I can only imagine how frustrating it may be to not be able to exercise, especially when you want to! I am super excited: my sister's friend lives by a Trader Joe's and because of you I had her pick me up a jar of cookie butter!!! I can't wait to try it later this week :) :)

    Sparkpeople: nah_85

  5. Don't switch to wordpress - just buy your own domain at through blogger. Easy peasy - few steps - $10 and that's it.

  6. Tammy/texzanDecember 21, 2011

    I am so glad you didnt switch I was worried about losing you . Be sure not to push yourself to much with the runs,, you are still healing . Have you ever thought about selling Avon to make extra money.. I am not a rep but I have sold it befor in the past,, and it is just so easy to do. Somrthing you can do from home,, and you really dont have to push it much.. your friends and family will find out you sell,, and they will come you. Its a piece of cake . Maybe some travel time to deliver ,, but your ordering is all done right on the PC. Just a suggestion. Or you could write that BOOK !! LOL


  7. @♫ Drazil ♪

    I actually already have my own domain--it would still be, but I would have a different hosting service.

  8. I always have to tell myself something is OK before it happens. Like I might have had something I normally wouldn't but it's still good for me so it's not a bad thing. I don't know if that makes sense. Like I normally don't have fruit. So it I have fruit, it's still healthy just not on my plan. It's sure better than Cake, Cookies, or Ice Cream I would have had before my journey.


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