December 06, 2011

The mom that ruined Christmas

I was lying back in the recliner today, and Phoebe decided she wanted to be a lap cat--she climbed on me (Jerry took a very blurry pic...) and then parked herself right on my chest.

She actually sat there for a while, and I didn't have the heart to move her--I wonder if she knew that it probably wouldn't feel good for her to climb all over my stomach right now?

I'm excited to watch The Biggest Loser tonight! I haven't been very into this season at ALL, but I always love watching the marathon. And this season all of the contestants are going to be running the marathon. I don't know why it's so exciting, but I love to watch.

Another show that I'm excited for is Fear Factor, which starts next Monday. Do you remember how awesome that reality show was?! I loved that show--and now it's coming back :)

Eli just told me that I was ruining Christmas. My kids are so dramatic. My dad picked them up from school today, and when they came home, I was unpacking their book bags. I noticed that they didn't eat any of their lunch, which made me mad. Then I pulled out a bunch of candy wrappers from their bags, and they told me that my dad gave it to them.

That is something that drives me crazy! He says it's a "treat" because they don't get it at home. I'm fine with him giving them ONE treat, but he gives them 5-6 pieces of candy or Little Debbie crap every time he sees them. No wonder they don't want their lunch at school! So I told them that my dad can't pick them up from school tomorrow, and they told me I was ruining everything about Christmas. ;)

Noah wrote this note and taped it to their bedroom door:
"Everybody come in, but not Mama! She ruined our Christmas"

I'm getting so sick of eating all this protein, and I forgot to ask my doctor how long she wants me eating tons of protein. I can't wait to make some baked oatmeal and eat it for breakfast instead of a protein shake, and have a bowl of pasta for dinner instead of salmon and potatoes. I like protein shakes, and I like salmon, but I just want to go back to my very favorite foods (which basically contain very little protein).

ETA: I'm supposed to be getting 100+ grams of protein per day. My shake in the morning is about 40 grams, so I can't afford to eliminate that for oats with peanut butter (unfortunately) because that would be about 10 grams max. Maybe I'll just make baked oatmeal to have for my dessert at night!

My next post-op appointment isn't until Jan. 10th; I'll be six weeks post-op on Dec. 26, so maybe then I'll start cutting back on the protein and going back to normal. It doesn't help that I've been watching Dirty Jobs with the kids--one was about butchering cows and another was about bologna making. Nothing turns me off to meat more than watching it go from animal to store!


  1. Im excited for Biggest Loser too and my hubby loves Fear Factor! Question....can you link me to your blog when you began your ads? I've been looking into some and am not sure which to use so I was wondering about the site and info on the ones you use! Thanks!

  2. We have the same problem with our kids and the grandparents. We don't drink pop (luckily my kids don't like it), but my Dad pushes it on my son. Drives me crazy. Their house has candy dishes all over and they are allowed to go crazy when the grandparents are watching them. My Mum-in-law buys them boxes of Canadian Smarties when we go visit. It's like please stop.

    I am excited for Fear Factor too. Loved that show!

    Since you love your oatmeal, but need protein (unless you are supposed to limit carbs) about make some oats with soy or almond milk then add some peanut butter. My favorite breakfast is old fashion oats made with light vanilla soy then after I put in bowl I add 1 Tbs natural pb (it melts...yummm) and 1 Tbs Wegmans triple fruit spread. Stir all together and YUUUMMMMMM!! It's making me want to make some now. Cook some pasta for dinner add veggies and chicken or fish and toss with olive oil and garlic. Just some yummy ideas with protein. I eat a lot of protein & don't drink shakes (not a fan). Cheesestick with an apple. Cottage cheese with a fruit mixed in. Tuna with chopped bell pepper, onion and apple with a little bit of mayo. I'll stop there! If you want anymore ideas I will be happy to help.

    The add now on my screen is Werther's Caramel/Chocolate!

  3. @♫ Drazil ♪

    Here is a link to the first entry I wrote about it:
    But it doesn't say much. I just use the Google Ads--it takes no brainwork on my part!

  4. Ok..I really have no idea how much protein you are to be eating but, my whole wheat noodles from Trader Joes has 8 grams (I had to look), and how about having a small bowl of oatmeal with peanut butter as a snack? Or in addition to some eggs for breakfast? Or maybe some greek yogurt with granola and peanut butter? I had found a sesame beef recipe in the November Cooking Light, that I thought would be tastier with some peanut butter and chopped peanuts.

  5. I'd definitely include peanut butter into your day, if you arent already. Also, through the years I've come to terms with mom being the bad guy way more than dad. I don't even consider any of my common sense decision making BAD. However, dad is more easily swayed, and often considered more fun. It all balances out though in the end :-)

    Wasn't Phoebe your outside cat? Has she changed her ways?

  6. @Losing 100 pounds and ...

    Yes, Phoebe is the cat who loves to be outside, but since we got snow, she's been happy to stay indoors ;)

    I've definitely been eating my share of peanut butter! My daily dessert has been graham crackers with peanut butter and chocolate chips. And carrots with peanut butter is an afternoon snack--one of my favorite combos!

  7. They're bringing back fear factor?!? I loved that show!! I still need to make baked oatmeal, that shit looks like the BOMB! I love your kitties, I wish I could have one, but my cup runneth over in the pet department lol.

  8. Just wanted to comment on the ads, since I am in online marketing I know that the ads they show are different for each person. The reason you see PB and surgery is because they are things that you have typed into your search engine. Yes, Google and the others track what you look at and what interests you so that they can "sell" you stuff you want. Tricky hunh?

    I'm seeing ads for weight loss and for sushi - lol.

  9. the ads are targetted so whatever you've googled or looked at previously it remembers. Right now I have a Holiday Inn ad and a Sky TV ad (I'm in the UK). I'm always shocked at how much they're tailored to each person (not just on here but also on facebook and other sites), it means nothing you look at is private, every site you visit is logged.

  10. I guess I can start calling you the Grinch? Too funny. How did he make that leap from you telling him Grandpa can't pick you up from school to no Christmas? When you figur out how children's minds work, let me know!

    Was Pheobe the cat marooned in the shed? If so, she's eternally grateful to you for saving her life and is repaying you in affection!

    And can't you just put some of your protein powder in your oatmeal, maybe after cooking/nuking it? You like to make all sorts of shakes, maybe you can start concocting new flavor combinations for your oats!

  11. What do you mean about ads chosen for eat post? It seems that the ads are based on the user's activity. For example I was searching for custom flash drives and so there are ads on your blog for flash drives. There are also ads here for Shutterfly. I was shopping there recently. There have been ads for my favorite jeweler - Brian Gavin Diamonds. So aren't they based on our activity rather than what you post? I think that's how it works. So for example, mine are certainly of interest to me. Everytime I see the jewelry ad I click on it and browse my favorite site for a while. :)

  12. Just some reference - I am seeing ads for Shutterfly and a Diabetes cookbook? What on earth was my husband googling last night?? Hahaha.

  13. Hey Katie! I am a BIG biggest loser fan! I loved watching the marathon last night and I can't WAIT for fear factor. When I watched the old episodes I would start gagging at some of the things they ate!!(raw ostrich egg!!!!??)
    I too have two boys that are 16 months apart (ages 3 and 2) and I know someday they will "hate" me for something I do. Hang in there! Actually it's kinda cute and funny how dramatic little kids are! Hope you're feeling well!!!! P.S. Today was measurement day and I've lost 10 inches overall in 3 weeks!!! Thanks for the motivation!!!

  14. Hey Katie!!!!
    I have to tell you that I am on a team for SP, the Seasonal Accountability Challenge, and my team name is Runs for Cookies!!! I hope you don't mind!!!
    So, I have to look forward to my boys saying the same kind of things to me!!! Kids can be so silly!!!!
    I didn't get a chance to comment yesterday, you are looking awesome!!!!!

  15. KIDS!! My 3 year old tells me at least once a day that I'm not her best friend anymore LOL

    I have the same problem with certain family members giving my daughter way too much candy/dessert everytime she sees them. Me and my mom actually had an argument on Easter because Kate didn't want to eat any "real" food because she wanted candy and I told her no candy until she ate some food. My mom then tried to give her candy and said that I should let her eat the candy because it was Easter and a special occasion. Sorry but no!

    I hope you're feeling better and better! Why don't you just call your doctors office and ask about the protein? I'm sure who ever answers the phone would know or could ask, they may say you can start cutting back already!

  16. Hey Katie--Watch it with telling us grandparents not to SPOIL our grandkids. THAT IS OUR JOB!

    Turns out Phoebe is not as dumb as she acts--staying INSIDE while it's snowy OUTSIDE! SMART CAT! I used to have a mean Siamese (Mindy) that turned pretty mellow in her later years. She spent those later years in my bedroom, I fed her there and her litter box was there, and she was happiest being shut up in my room so she didn't have to encounter the "OTHER CATS" I had ungraciously allowed in HER house. But at night she would always snuggle with me in bed. In the middle of the night when I would move to my recliner to sleep (my obesity made my back hurt if I laid in bed too long), Mindy would follow me, and always laid on my chest. LOVED that cat. She died probably 10 years ago at the age of 18 and I still miss her.

  17. Katie, just went back and read a pile of your posts! How cow (sorry - all the protein talk)you look fabulous. How has the pain been? You have recovered so nicely - maybe because you were in such good shape.

    So so happy for you. That skin did have to go.


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