December 19, 2011

Family Christmas party (and post-op sex!)

Yesterday was my family Christmas party. My grandma used to host it every year until she died in 1999, and my mom took over after that. My mom's side of the family is pretty big (she has 5 brothers and sisters) and I don't see much of the family through the year--so the Christmas party is when everyone gets together. Of course I forgot my camera at home, so I don't have any pictures to share.

Every year, it's ALWAYS about the food. It's a potluck, and the whole family loves to cook, so everyone brings their favorite dishes to share. The desserts are always a huge temptation for me. Yesterday, I just decided to eat a "normal" plate of food--the things I REALLY wanted--and then pick two desserts.

The party was at 12, so I didn't eat everything at one time, but I had a peanut butter cookie with the Hershey kiss in the middle, and a piece of cake (with buttercream frosting!!)  Then later, I ended up having a third dessert--a dump cake that my mom made. I was tempted to drink wine or beer, but decided to just stick with tea and decaf coffee since I was splurging on the food.

I'm horrible at taking compliments, which was very evident yesterday. So many people came up to me to talk about how well I did on Dr. Oz or to say how "skinny" I am or how "amazing" I look... and I don't really know what to say other than "Thank you". My lower body lift really did make a huge difference in how I look in my clothes. I've been very open about the surgery (obviously), so I didn't feel like I was being deceptive by accepting compliments.

TMI:  I wasn't sure if I should write about this, but since some of you were curious... I finally had post-op sex for the first time yesterday.  Jerry has been SO patient ;)  and we were cuddling on the couch yesterday after the kids were in bed, and I just decided it was time. I'll spare you the details, but the surgical "lift" made everything feel AMAZING--it's hard to explain without going into too much detail, but let's just say that there was nothing in the way anymore. Jerry was still talking about how great it was all day today, lol.

My doctor didn't say that I had to wait a certain amount of time before having sex, but I just figured I'd at least wait until six weeks when I didn't have to wear the compression garment anymore. While reading the tummy tuck message boards, I was surprised how many people start doing it again the week of surgery.

I'm STILL trying to find a web host in order to switch to WordPress. I was planning on using Bluehost, but today when I was reading the terms and conditions, I saw that Bluehost doesn't allow profanity. I'm not a very profane person, but if I let one slip now and then, I certainly don't want them to remove my blog. There are tons of web hosts to choose from, but I have no idea how to choose.

I was planning on spending today working on making the big switch, but Eli was complaining about an earache when he woke up, and I ended up keeping him home so that I could take him to the doctor. I took him in and they said that both of his ears are infected, one of them pretty badly. Poor kid. So we went to the store to get his antibiotic filled, and browsed around while we waited.

We were walking through the deli section, when a man came up to us and said to Eli, "Hey, I just heard on the radio that Santa's getting his sleigh and reindeer all ready to head out--are you excited for Christmas?"  Eli is shy around strangers, so he just looked down. I told the man that Eli was home sick from school and we were waiting for his medicine. He said, "I know what might make you feel better" and he pulled out his wallet and gave Eli a dollar bill. (Then told Eli to make sure that he doesn't take money from strangers unless his mom is with him--good advice!)

Eli was pretty excited, because I told him he could pick something out to spend the money on. He picked out some candy when we were at the checkout lane. I thought it was super nice of the man to do that.

Oh, and I walked past the bakery where they sell the monster cookies I'm obsessed with (like the one on my blog header)... and they don't have them anymore!! I was actually really relieved to see that. :)

Fear Factor is on tonight! Did anyone watch last week? I let Eli watch it on Jerry's computer, and watching his face was SO funny--it was the part where the contestants had to eat scorpions:

My kids love stuff like that, haha.

My food log for today:
Breakfast- jamocha/banana protein shake
Lunch- two salmon fillets, sweet potato fries
Snack- pistachios, string cheese
Dinner- salisbury steak, creamed peas, spoonful of Cookie Butter
Snack- graham crackers with peanut butter and chocolate chips, wine


  1. You've worked really hard to get where you are now, there is no such thing as too many compliments!! :-)

    Which grocery store did you buy the Monster Cookies? Kroger? I don't think I've ever seen them there. Not that I'm going to buy one or anything.. :-)

  2. @Losing 100 pounds and ...

    No, they were at a store called Meijer. Normally I go to Kroger because it's closer to home, but Meijer has free antibiotics, so I went there for the prescription. Every time I go there, I have to walk by and check out the monster cookies ;)

  3. Thanks for posting on the sex thing. I was curious but not brave enough to ask! I am thankful for this informative blog. I can understand that posting some stuff would make you blush but as someone considering the procedure in the future, this is so very helpful!

  4. Thanks for the info! I could understand why it would be better. It would be better for me because I wouldn't be so self-conscious of my sagging skin. Before it was all of my fat and now it's the stretched skin that makes me cringe. I told you the view from one angle is one I'm SO glad my husband misses!!! Ever see a tennis ball in a tube sock? I have 2 of those!

  5. Katie- You totally deserve to make money from any ads that you run on your blog and it's infuriating they had those things on there and you weren't paid. GRRR! I've seen on other blogs that people sell space to promote blogs. I figured it out on one, she was averaging about $1000/mo by advertising the little "badges" to other sites. I wonder if you could look into doing that? I think she "rented" space on her blog for $12-20/month. I'm going to try and find a link and post it for you. Then you would be in charge of what is on your blog, and those links to other blogs are a lot cuter than the adsense ads. :)

  6. Hi Katie, just wanted to let you know I received the socks and I love them! Thank you.

  7. meijer has free antibiotics??? I have never heard this before now. However I am really happy that your sex I mean six weeks went by quickly! ;)

    I read one person that you can probably ask her about her web host

    I don't know if you already read her, she is pretty funny.

  8. Katie, it makes total sense that "it" would be better. I remember "it" being better for me when I was thinner.

    Sucks about adsense. Can anyone think of a creative way we can boycott?

  9. Hm I can't even imagine 'it' without something getting in the way lol. Glad you're doing well!! And I'm sorry about all the trouble you're having with the blog, but I hope it doesn't discourage you from blogging. Cause I (and many more) love to read your blog! -Alisha

  10. So how does does Jerry feel about you blogging about sex? I guess if it is good than it is OK,LOL.
    I can't remember what sex is like without the fluff! I am excited to find out again some day.

  11. Losing LindyDecember 19, 2011

    Hey do this for your boys! It is free

  12. Yay for post op sex! Boo to Adsense! I'll tell ya, I go through Bluehost and while I don't curse like a sailor, I've done a goodly amount of curse bombs with no consequences. I think you'll be fine. I think it's more of a don't say stuff that'll get you chomping on some Lifebuoy soap 80% of the time and you'll be good to go. ;-)

  13. I love Eli's face in that pic!!

    I too hope you won't be discouraged from blogging...look forward to your blogs!

    Glad postop is great ;) I can only imagine right now, but I will get there one day! Hope you have a great day!

  14. Sounds like adsense is pretty shady. I mean why can't they tell you what happened? Looks to me like they just got free advertising. I wonder if they pull this little stunt often?

  15. Katie- I still think that the whole Adsense thing seems VERY shady, they should be able to tell you what you did wrong!!!! I hope that you can figure something out to help with money!!!!

  16. I wonder if adsense isn't running a little scam of their own. Heck they got FREE advertising on your blog for several months! What a rip. And how can they tell if people are NOT really interested in the ads they click? I quit clicking on them so much when you wrote that they could kick you off for that. Still think they've got quite a scam going! I bet all those companies that advertise through them paid their bill!
    Plus it makes me mad that now you might not blog as much, because I look forward to your blogs every day! But I can understand--you're a busy lady!
    Our Christmas lunch is today at work--I'm hoping a couple of my retired bosses will show up and be shocked at my weight loss. Like you I have a hard time with compliments, but I still love to hear them. Of course now they're fewer since it's been a while!
    WOOHOO on the sex! Glad it was great!!

  17. I'm glad you're not giving up on advertising, and I hope you find a more reputable company with which to do so. Another commenter mentioned it, and I found it to be true for me, as well (although, sorry; I never did "click" 'cuz I knew I wouldn't be buying anything); the ads that pop up on your blog were specifically for things I have already/would normally Google. So it makes sense that you'd get a lot of clicks. I think they are shady, and I'm so sorry that happened to you. Do you follow "Running Off the Reese's?" She just recently moved to self-hosting. I don't pay attention to whether she advertises, though. But she had zero experience in switching over and she managed to do it nearly seemlessly. She might be a good resource. Good luck whatever you do! Just please don't stop blogging :) And maybe look into the book thing, too. It would make you money, of course, but more so, your followers really want it :) You are an awesome inspiration! And I'm glad the sex was so great; what an awesome benefit of the surgery!

  18. Hi Katie,
    Thanks so much for all your help with helping me get set up with my blog. I'm still tweaking things but for the most part I'm plunking away just fine. That is pretty crummy with Adsense dropping you but I think there are other avenues to make money. Do you have an Etsy page to sell your Gockets? Also, check out YouTube. If you make Vlogs (video blogs), I think you can make money by how many times your video is viewed. I know you despise speaking on camera but I think that makes you that much more endearing. :o)

  19. Just started following your journey -- keep up the great work!

  20. Haha - congrats on the TMI!
    That's cute about Eli - my 5 year old son does the same thing around strangers (or family he hasn't seen for awhile)...he stares at the ground, and hopes they go away! But once he warms up, he can talk your ear off.
    As far as compliments go - I think as long as you say Thank you, and smile, that's a simple and gracious way to accept them. Come to think of it, that's the same way I respond to unwanted advice ;)

  21. I would suggest looking into sponsorship or selling ad space on your blog. I know Cely at recently made the switch to self hosting and she has BlogHer ads. Could you pay a developer/designer to put something together for cheap-ish? I'd reach out to other bloggers for recommendations.

  22. Well now Jerry won't mind making payments on the cost of the surgery. LOL. :) I am sure he wouldn't have anyway.

  23. Ugh at the whole blog/Adsense situation. That sounds like pure and ridiculous rubbish! That's great to know about the sex... I really hope to find a way to manage a lower body lift one day, you do look skinny and fabulous, I notice a difference with your clothes on, too! (As opposed to underwear pics just to clarify!)

  24. HostGator is amazing, and they're very lax with their policies as far as I know. They even allow nudity as long as it's legal, which most hosts do not. I've found them to be really helpful and quick to respond to emails as well. Oh and if you buy hosting through my link, I get $50, so that's pretty rad. Haha. Here it is:


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