December 24, 2011

Signs that I've eaten too much

Yesterday was probably the hardest "binge free" day I've had in the last 40 days. I'm not sure why, because it wasn't like I went to a party and was tempted with all kinds of foods. I was home all day, and I just kept wanting to eat. And not just eat a little, I wanted to binge.

I didn't. I kept reminding myself that I've gone 40 days without bingeing, and if I do it now, I'll never stop. I know that one binge ALWAYS leads to another. I didn't binge, but I did eat for reasons other than hunger--boredom? Loneliness? I don't know.

I did overeat, though. And because of that, I've learned a little more about my body, which is interesting. When I overeat, I get these subtle signs that I never used to notice before. The main one being swelling. My hands get puffy the next morning. Not horribly, but just enough that I notice my hands are a little swelled up.

Also, food stops sounding good at some point. Once I've eaten enough, or just a little more than enough, I don't have intense cravings anymore. You would think this would make it easy to stop eating, but that's not always the case. Last night, even though I wasn't hungry after dinner (and a snack after dinner) I still had my daily treat before bed. I knew I was overeating because the treat didn't really sound that good.

My food journal from yesterday:
Breakfast- jamocha/banana protein shake
Lunch- tuna salad, Ezekiel bread with peanut butter, spoonful of Cookie Butter
Dinner- spaghetti pie, side salad (normally I don't eat salad, but I wanted it yesterday for some reason!)
Snacks- 2 half-slices of apple walnut bread (one with peanut butter); 2 slices of a chocolate orange; graham crackers with peanut butter and chocolate chips; another spoonful of Cookie Butter

When I write it all out like that, it actually doesn't seem as bad as I thought. I could have done with just one half-slice of apple walnut bread, skipped the second spoonful of Cookie Butter, and probably only had half the amount of graham crackers (I had 4 squares).  But I don't feel guilty, because my main goal right now is not bingeing, and I didn't binge.

I love that I'm picking up on clues that I've eaten too much (like the swollen hands). And I love that I was able to stop myself from bingeing. Today I'm going to pay extra attention to how my body is feeling.

I bought some seasonal tea from Celestial Seasonings, called Sugar Plum Spice. It's fantastic! I add 6 drops of stevia liquid to it, and it's a sweet calorie-free drink that helps take my mind off of food between meals.

Last year, my friend Courtney brought me the kind called Sugar Cookie Sleigh Ride after I broke my jaw, and I loved that one too. They also have a gingerbread one, which I didn't care for, and a peppermint one, which I haven't tried. I'm definitely going to stock up on this Sugar Plum Spice one though. It's a seasonal tea, so I won't see it again until next Christmas.

Today I'm supposed to make something sweet for Jerry to take in to work for all the guys he works with. I'm trying to think of something to make that won't be too much of a temptation for me to pick at all day. Why couldn't he have volunteered to bring in rolls or some sort of meat? I can pass up rolls and meat any day. I'm thinking about making peanut butter cookies. They're not nearly as tempting as oatmeal cookies or chocolate chip cookies.

I have no plans for today or tomorrow, and I'm so relieved about that. Merry Christmas everyone! I'll probably write tomorrow too, unless I have absolutely nothing to say.


  1. Can you make the cookies right before he would get home, stick them in his car, so they are out of sight out of mind?

    Yay for not binging! Good Work!

  2. I love the sugar plum spice tea. So good!

    I find that if I binge or overeat, it is almost always on carby things and I also get puffy the next day, but more in my face (so attractive).

    Good for you on noticing how your body reacts.

    I always hate hearing people say "Just stop eating" when referring to a binge. It is really hard to stop once you start.

    Merry Christmas Katie - thanks for sharing your maintenance journey with us!

  3. I love the chai teas, like the Bengal Spice one. Much less calories than my coffee with flavored creamer. I'm definitely addicted to that!

    Merry Christmas!

  4. @Frickin' Fabulous at 40

    If you like the Bengal Spice one, you'd probably like the Sugar Plum Spice too. It reminds me a lot of the Bengal Spice only with a sweet fruity flavor too. The Bengal Spice was my favorite until I tried the Sugar Plum!

  5. I've been looking EVERYWHERE for that Sugar Cookie Sleigh Ride tea but can't find it ANYWHERE!! I haven't found any of the Seasonal teas at all. :(

  6. I know you already made your sweet treat, but here is a yummy simple one. You pop microwave popcorn, drizzle white chocolate over it, and mix in holiday m&m's. It is definitely a food I have binged on previously, but not this year. :)

  7. PS So glad you put on the Amazon links!! Amazon is my most frequent site on google chrome after runs for cookies! :)

  8. LoveAnAnimalDecember 24, 2011

    Merry Christmas to you and your family!

  9. Katie,
    Merry Christmas to you and yours.
    Congratulations for not binging, and forgive and forget the eating too much. It's over. Today is a new day. Celebrate it and all you are!

  10. I know exactly what you mean about wanting to eat all day for reasons other than hunger! I have these days sometimes, too. I usually equate it with feeling anxious, but I can't always tell why I am feeling that way. So annoying! Anyway, good job on avoiding the binge.

    I hope you and your family had a fantastic holiday!

  11. Do you like iced teas? I wonder how Sugar Plum Spice would taste cold? I'm looking for something to supplement all the water I drink, I get so bored with water sometimes.

  12. I can totally relate to this post! this is totally how i feel when i am too full and i get sooo angry! It's odd but I tend to be happier when I am hungry vs. full...I'm sure a lot has to do with guilt.

  13. Nice ideas.
    I add some chocolate chips to my cereal, or oatmeal.
    And no sugar. Its great.
    I even eat it as a dessert aka snack.


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