December 11, 2011

Determined to do three

After yesterday's run, I kept worrying that taking a month off really did set me back to Day One as far as running goes. I expected it to be so much easier. After I broke my jaw, I was running again in two weeks, even though I had to breathe through clenched teeth for six weeks because my jaw was wired shut. I remember being super dizzy from the medications I was taking, but I still ran.

So after yesterday's mile on the dreadmill, I was feeling really discouraged. This morning, while my kids were at church, I decided to go for a run outside. I dressed nice and warm and told myself that I would do three miles--but if I had to stop and walk, it was okay.  I left the iPod at home, so that I could hear my breathing and see if it sounded strained or as miserable as I sounded yesterday. Then I started running my favorite three-mile route, the peninsula by my house.

It was cold, but the perfect running weather kind of cold. I could have done without the headwind on the way out, but it was so nice to be running outside, that I didn't mind. I didn't see a single person outside, like I normally do. I started feeling the burning in my lungs at about 1/4 mile in. I just slowed down a little, but kept moving. The first mile went by slowly. The second mile I was really enjoying, because I was going nice and slow and just trying to pay attention to how my body felt. Then the third mile, I was ready to be done and just wanted to get home.

I finished the three miles without any walk breaks. When I got home, I did another quick video, to compare my breathing to yesterdays. It sounds much better.

It's interesting, though--I was going through my old blog today and came across this from a couple of years ago:
"I thought I was going to DIE--well, throw up, really--when I did the Week 3 Couch to 5k workout yesterday. It was really hard to do the 3-minute run. And I don't even run fast. I do my walking at 3 mph and my run at 5 mph. I'm so out of shape. I'm really dreading doing it again tomorrow. I hope it feels easier."
A three-minute run at a 12 min/mi pace made me want to DIE?! LOL

I think that until I start training for the half-marathon (sometime in February) I'm going to just run three miles three times per week like I did when I first became a runner. I'm going to take the next couple of days off to let my muscles recover from today. But I'm so glad that I was able to run the three miles I did!

After the run, I noticed a weird twinge-like pain in the top of my left thigh and another in the upper abdominal muscles. I really hope that is normal. I might call my surgeon tomorrow just to check.

Jerry's been working EVERY DAY lately, and he has tomorrow off--I'm so excited to spend some quality time with him!  And by quality time, I mean we are going to have a super lazy day of a movie marathon while the kids are in school. We have some free movie passes that we have to use this month, so if there is anything good playing at the mall, maybe we'll do that instead.


  1. You simply rock Katie! Running 3 weeks post-op?! You're my hero.

    And you are making me want to run. Although I would probably fit your blog entry from a couple of years ago. Um, ok, I would definitely fit that description.

    But DUDE! you make me want to be a runner :')

    Your Wisconsinite neighbor.

    And PS: 28 degrees is perfect running weather? Well there goes that excuse!

  2. Awesome on the 3 mile run!! You did great!

    I have to agree with Becky, You make me want to be a runner as well.

  3. Hi Katie. Glad you are back in your runners. Enjoy your date day with your hubby tomorrow.

  4. It could be your nerves becoming un-numb...good for you on the run!

  5. In today's video you looked much happier. :)

    I only run on the treadmill. Outside running seems SO much harder to me.

    I thought it was fascinating to read what you wrote back when you were first beginning to run. I am "running" at 5.4 for 5 minutes, then I walk at 4.0 for 5 min. So reading your old journal makes me think maybe one day I'll be fast too.

  6. PS I just went back and read the running section of your blog. You said "couch to 5K" was too challenging for you but you actually ran a 5K within a month, and I think the c25K program takes two months to build up to 3 miles!

  7. Great job on the run! I think the recovery to running fitness will be quick for you. You only took 3 weeks off, so your muscles have that memory.

  8. good job on 3! I am where you were back when you were trying to run 3 mins

  9. Great job on the 3 miles. You rock. On the odd feelings in your thigh and what not, remember that your body's balance has changed. There was extra skin hanging/pulling on the front of you. It may just be your body getting used to not having that there, and readjusting it's natural balance.

    You are such an inspiration!

  10. Great job on the run! I love looking back on my C25k notes and seeing how far I've come as a runner.

  11. You just don't give up, do you? Great job! Such determination!! Enjoy your alone time with your husband! ;)

  12. Hey, long time reader first time commenter. I was curious if you could maybe write a snippet of a blog post about how you built up your speed? I am currently "running" at 5-5.5 and doing about 25 miles a week. I want to be faster but just not quite sure how to go about it. Decrease Mileage, Increase Speed? Increase milage and add speed workouts? I have already completed a half marathon 2:36 (about 5mph) and want to do another but faster! Any advice would be welcomed, congratulations on your three miles!


  13. Hey Katie!!!!
    I went for a jog yesterday too, and described the weather as "perfectly cold" to my husband afterwards!!!!! It was great!!!
    Good job on getting 3 done, I think that you will be pleasantly surprised how quickly you get back to your "old" running self!!!!

    Mary (above commenter)- If you are even reading this... I think that a combination of both of your suggestions is a good idea to try to increase your speed. I was able to cut over 4 minutes off of my 5K time by doing some speed work and training for a marathon, so doing LONG runs.
    I like to switch it up a lot, so I do some shorter runs as fast as I comfortably can, and other times do interval work, where I up the speed on the TM for 0.1 mile increment sprints for 2-3 miles. I am big believer in only running 3-4 times a week, and doing other exercise on the other days to decrease the chances of injury. I hope this helps!!!

  14. Way to go! You did great!

    I saw New Year's Eve on Saturday.... loved it! I highly recommend it!

  15. WOW--what fun to find that old blog and compare how much better shape you are in now, even after surgery and not running for a few weeks. AMAZING what you have done--simply AMAZING. I don't think I say that enough.

    Our snow is melting now, we're having 40 degree days, as soon as the rood is ice free, I'm going to get out there for a nice long walk! I'm afraid of the ice, at my age, I could fall and break my hip or something. Us old women have to worry about stuff like that!

    Enjoy your movie day with hubby. What a nice luxury--to have some time to spend alone together. I want to see New Year's Eve too, as kelligirl suggested. Hope you find something that you both enjoy.

  16. Hi, just found your blog on Pinterest! LOVE it! I spent 2 hours reading through everything the other night. You are amazing! Also you make me feel like I can do it too. So reasonable and logical. I am obese. I always think it is just too much to lose. My sister had gastric bypass and looks great. But I really want to lose weight without surgery. I think it is a mental thing for me and I need to fix that first. Thanks so much! You look great! So glad you could enjoy your run!

  17. I bet you'll be running more than 3 miles 3 times a week before you intend to! It's really hard to take it easy when you're used to running! You rock!

  18. Do you recommend doing the Couch to 5k? I think maybe it would help me get focused?!?

  19. Thank you SO MUCH for noting your old blog post about C25K Week 3. I just finished day 2 of that Monday and I thought I might die!! It's so encouraging to hear you say that you went through the exact same thing. Even at the same 3/5 pace. It makes me think that I might really be able to do this and that I'm not just fooling myself. I have about 60 pounds to lose still, and so I know that extra weight makes it harder, but if you got through it, then I think I can, too.

    Week four REALLY scares me! :D It'll try it once, but I might repeat week 3.

    btw, they changed the app last week to "Run5K" and cut it to 8 weeks and changed the workouts. Not sure why, but at least it's not awfully different. I still wonder about being able to run 5 minutes in a row, 8 minutes, 10 minutes, etc. I am so slow. A goal of a 10 minute mile is huge for me. Since it'll still be deep winter when I finish, I'm going to repeat the program by going from 3/5 walk/run to 4/6. That will get me my 10-min. mile.

    The day I run a 5K in under 30 minutes I'll let you know! :D


  20. @Anonymous
    Week 4 is TOUGH. That is actually when I quit C25k and did my own thing. But don't give up! Even if you need to repeat week 3 or create your own week 3.5, do it. It'll get easier, I promise!


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