March 02, 2022

Wednesday Weigh-In : Week 40

Holy cow, 40 weeks?! That's over nine months ago. The time has just flown by since I started counting calories and running again on May 24th. I'm so glad that I found the determination I'd been missing and decided that this was it--I needed to quit stalling and just get on with it or accept that I'll gain back every last pound I'd lost in 2009-2010.

I had really hoped to be back at my goal weight by now, but from the start, I knew that there isn't a finish line. Even after reaching my goal, I'm going to be doing the same things I'm doing now, so what does it matter when it happens? (Still, I'm excited to get there! Maybe by the one-year mark.)

Anyway, last week I'd had a big drop on the scale, so I wasn't too hopeful for this week. It's rare to have two big drops in a row. I was just thrilled to be back into the 140s and I wanted to stay there! So, this morning I wasn't surprised when I got on the scale...

I was at 148.0, which is down 0.6 from last week. I did all the same things this week that I did last week. I'm happy to see the scale moved down, though! Even baby steps are at least going in the right direction. I'm now down 49 pounds in 40 weeks.

I had to weigh in for DietBet today, too. My DietBet goal was 153.6, and my "official" weigh-in was 149.0 (it's a little higher than this one because I had to wear clothes). To win my six-month DietBet, I have to be at or below 147.1 on June 1st. It feels nice knowing I'm almost there already.

I wore the Cookie Monster shirt for my official weigh-in this morning and I couldn't remember the last time I wore it. I went through my 75 Hard pictures (remember I had to take a mirror selfie every day?) and found one from 2020 to compare it to. I hadn't even hit my highest weight yet (last May I was at 197.0 when I started losing). So this is about 183 pounds versus 148--I can't believe the difference!

I love seeing side-by-side comparison photos--sometimes when it feels like you're making no progress at all, you can see that's just not true. Even though it feels like only yesterday that I started losing this weight, I can see a huge difference. I'd like to try on something I wore at my heaviest last May (my heaviest since 2009!) and do a comparison.

My weigh-in pattern has been lose, lose, gain, lose, lose, gain, lose, lose, gain... since I've had two weeks of a loss on the scale, I have no idea what is in store for next week. It would be nice to break that pattern! But I'll just keep doing what I'm doing, because it's been working :)


  1. You look great and I love the side-by-side photos for comparison. I'm on my own weight loss journey (third time's a charm?!) so your posts certainly help me stay motivated. Thanks!

  2. I too love side-by-side photos. They tell the real story. You're doing such a great job. Thank you always for sharing your journey. So inspiring.

  3. Bravo Katie! Way to keep at it!


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