March 25, 2022

Friday Night Photos

Happy Friday! Today has been a crazy day and I'm just now starting this post at 6:30 PM. My Friday Night Photos posts take a long time to do, so hopefully I get this done in time. Nothing exciting today, unfortunately. But they aren't all cat photos and selfies this time ;)

This is the birthday present I got for Luke. Hahaha! He just turned five years old--can you believe it?! Every time he comes over here, he likes to use a nutcracker to eat a couple of walnuts. Several times, he's said that he would like to get his own nutcracker and walnuts someday, so I thought this would be a good gift. The nutcracker I have is a million years old and a total hazard that could result in breaking your fingers, so I bought this one instead--it looked fun for a boy his age!

These could be Transformation Tuesday posts, but I didn't have much to post today, so I'll just include them here. This first one below is all of the peanut shells that accumulated on the ground next to our deck from the squirrels. I always thought they'd just disintegrate over time, but I guess not! The picture doesn't show the extent, but the pile was at least a couple of inches deep of peanut shells. I raked them up and put them in the fire pit (the bottom photo). I'm assuming they'll burn? We'll see!

This is a horrifying picture of one of our skylights before the roofers replaced it. I have no idea why it looks so dark--it didn't look like that from inside the house! But I love the new ones--they sit flat instead of bubbling out. In the first photo, you can see the storm damage that happened not too long ago. A tree branch caused a huge dent in the gutter and partially into the roof. The board had to be replaced. (There were a couple of other spots with damage from the storm as well.)

Just the roofers, doing their work. They did a great job and worked so hard! I bought them pizza and Gatorade and they were super grateful. They said most homeowners just ignore them. We're still waiting on the gutters because they took a while to order. They are seamless and I couldn't be more excited about that! The seams on our old ones leaked in the worst spots.

I do have some cat pictures, of course...

Here is a sweet photo of Phoebe sleeping on the couch. I love how she tucked her face down to cover her eyes. She's 14 years old--I can't believe it.

And here is Estelle. I accidentally bumped her bed off of the couch and before I could even pick it up, she climbed on top of it (it's upside down) and laid down. Cats are so funny! Anytime something looks different or is moved to a different place, they are all over it.

Duck has been driving me CRAZY lately because he constantly needs some form of entertainment. And when I can't stop what I'm doing to play fetch with him or talk to him, he just keeps doing everything he can to get my attention--pushing things on the floor, climbing up my leg, putting his paw on my face, etc. So this is another new toy (this one was only $9 on Amazon and had a billion good reviews, so I figured it was worth a try). The cats played with it for all of about five minutes and now it's just clutter. If any of you have suggestions for cat toys that keep cats entertained for a long time, please let me know!

THIS little tent thing, however, has gotten more play from the cats than any other thing they own. Remember how I bought this at a thrift store for a couple of bucks, even though I doubted they'd get much entertainment out of it? Well, ALL of the cats love this thing! It never stays upright and when they are playing, it rolls around the floor like a die (dice) but they think it's a blast.

Remember when I bought that oak table and chairs from Facebook Marketplace for $25 and I milled it down to really nice boards? Well, when I was done, I was left with just the base for the table and I wasn't sure what to do with it. I thought about it and thought about it and I couldn't come up with anything. As a last resort before throwing it into the fire pit, I cut the whole thing in half lengthwise and then laid down a faux fur coat to line it.

I brought it inside to see if the cats would use it as a bed, and to my surprise, they actually did! All of them have used it at some point. I don't know if I'll keep it, but at least the cats like it for now. (I had cut the coat into pieces--it was too big on me--so that I could use it for a cat bed or something. I didn't attach it to the wood though.)

This morning, I discovered that I can wear my favorite belt again! I probably could have worn it a while ago because I was able to skip the first couple of notches, but I'd actually forgotten about it. I haven't worn a belt in probably four years! Haha. These jeans are too big--I bought them at the thrift store recently and the fitting rooms were closed--but I really like them. With the belt, they are comfy enough to at least wear around the house.

This was just my first run with my new Garmin :)  (And a reminder that I needed to tweeze my unibrow.)

My training plan! I love seeing the progress on paper and being able to highlight the runs I've done. The ones I put an X through are the ones I had to miss because of my knee acting up. This training is going by so quickly.

These are veggies I used to make ratatouille and they just looked so pretty I had to take a picture.

I'll end with the random fact of the day. I was going to look this up and see if I could find something more to write about it, but it's late and I'm ready to be done with this post! So, I guess you should just remember to avoid contact with vampire bats, especially if you're on blood thinners. ;)

Have a great weekend! xo


  1. I love the randomness of your Friday night photo posts. I really need to start my blog up again and maybe I should just start with something like this. It's all just so you!

    1. I love the Friday Night Photos posts, too! They are like a recap of my week and they're fun to write :)


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