March 29, 2022

Transformation Tuesday #65

Happy Transformation Tuesday! I had taken several "before" photos last week and posted a couple on Friday Night Photos. The rest are still in the "before" phase, hahaha. I did do a quick before and after of vacuuming this rug, though! Joey sheds like a beast a couple of times a year and this was from one afternoon of him lying/rolling around on there. It doesn't matter how frequently I vacuum, his hair is like a magnet to that rug.

My mom and sister each had a transformation to post this week, and I have one from a reader as well! Here is Jeanie's (my sister's):

I have always had very light blond eyebrows that were very hard to notice unless they were tinted or I used a colored eyebrow pencil to darken them. Tinting eyebrows is pretty expensive (about $20 each session) and during COVID I found out I could tint them on my own using Just For Men beard dye.  It worked out great for self-tinting and saved a ton of money (about $10 for about 12 applications).  

I then heard about Microblading, a more permanent eyebrow solution. It is kind of like a "tattoo" of an eyebrow but it is done by a special make up artist.  I did quite a bit of research and found an artist in my area (Chicago Microblading by Brows Beauty Couture) who had excellent reviews. I made an appointment and had the first session completed. A follow-up session is needed 4-6 weeks after the initial session to complete the process.

Although a little uncomfortable for the actual procedure and tender around my eyebrows for a few days after words, and it can be pricey ($500-$750 total) but I believe you get what you pay for (there are some horror stories online of Microblading gone wrong... choose your artist carefully if you do this).  She helped me picked the shape and color and I felt very comfortable that she knew what she was doing. I am very happy with the results! I wish I would've done this along time ago!

-Jeanie, Illinois

Next up is my mom's back room. My parents' house is a very spacious ranch-style. The back room/family room is huge and open; the previous owner had restored old cars and he used that huge room as a garage (in addition to the two other garages he had!). My parents remodeled it when they moved in and had carpet laid down. That was 20+ years ago (I was a high school sophomore when we moved in there).

Because the room is so big, there isn't a lot of natural lighting from windows and it can look kind of dark. (It's kind of like a basement in that way.) It's a great room for entertaining, though! Anyway, my parents just got new carpet in there and it made a HUGE difference in the whole feel of the room. They My mom chose a plush carpet with a nice padding underneath, so it feels amazing. And the color lightened up the room a lot!

The "before" photo is a few years old and not great for seeing the carpet (I actually had to lighten the picture a bit), but it's the best pic my mom could find of it.

I go to antique shops as a hobby and I had been looking for a decorative lamp for my buffet. I came across this rooster lamp and it was so unique, I had to have it. But it was a bit too roostery. My decor is more French country than country, so I painted it to look like a garden statue and made a lamp shade. Fun project and I just love it!

- Valerie, Oklahoma

Valerie, I'm so impressed with the lamp shade that you made! It matches the flowers next to it so well. And I think the choice to paint the rooster gray to look like a garden statue was clever--it looks great! -Katie

Thanks so much for sharing the transformations! If anyone has a transformation to share, please do--I am always looking for more. Just send a before photo and an after photo to me at: katie (at) runsforcookies (dot) com and don't forget to include your name and a description of the transformation! I'd love to see what you come up with :)


  1. That lamp! swoon. Such a pretty makeover and now I want a floral shade for my living room lamp. :-)

  2. Jeanie's brows look amazing!! Excellent transformations this week!!

  3. Jeanie, great brows! But... how do you get your teeth so white?!


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