March 17, 2022

Return to Running Recap : Week 42

Like last week, I only ran three times this week instead of four. My knee--the opposite knee from last time-- was bothering me out of nowhere. Nothing terrible, but definitely noticeable. I was supposed to do speed intervals, but I decided not to take a chance of running through the knee pain. After two days off, it was back to normal. Thankfully, the plan I wrote is accommodating to only doing three runs per week.

I had a great couple of outdoor runs this week! Here goes...

FRIDAY (Run 3 miles easy)

This was the earliest run I've had in a long time! I've had quite a bit more energy lately and it felt so good to get the run done early. I wanted to try to run a little faster than last time, so I set the treadmill for 5.3 mph and just ran at that speed until the last half mile or so. Then I just kept bumping up the speed, finishing at 6.0.

Summary: 3 miles in 33:24 (11:08/mi average pace). Average heart rate: 152 bpm.

MONDAY (Long run - 4 miles)

I was in a very bad mood Monday thanks to Daylight Saving Time (I used to say "daylight savings" but then a reader commented that it's "Daylight Saving Time" and not "daylight savings". Now when I think of Daylight Saving Time, I remember that. It sounds so weird not to add the s onto saving.)


I was in such a bad mood that I ended up putting off my long run to Sunday. And I'm so glad I did! The weather was PERFECT for a run outside. Since it was my long run for the week, I was happy to be able to do it outside.

I set my Garmin but covered it with my shirt sleeve so that I wouldn't see my pace. I was truly curious what my pace would be without seeing any sort of feedback and just running by feel. The first mile felt kind of hard and I was sure I was probably running a 12:00-ish pace. After that, though, I got into the rhythm of the run and listened to my podcast. I ran a route I used to run all the time for four milers, and it felt kind of nostalgic. 

I felt like it was too easy during the second mile and I picked up the pace a bit to see when it felt hard. But I felt pretty comfortable the whole time--a moderate effort level.

I was shocked, then, after I'd reached four miles and stopped my Garmin to see that my overall average pace was 10:46! I had no idea. Even better, though, I felt really good. It was encouraging to see that I've made fitness progress.

Summary: 4 miles in 43:05 (a 10:46/mi average pace). Mile splits: 11:33, 10:45, 10:38. Average heart rate was 151 bpm.

THURSDAY (Run 3 miles easy)

Today, I woke up to another perfect morning for a run. I know Joey has been missing Eli, so I decided to take Joey with me. As soon asked I asked him, he started jumping around like crazy, slipping and sliding all over the floor, haha. He hasn't run with me in a while so I hoped he'd be good on the leash. As he's gotten older, he's been so much easier to walk on a leash.

Well, he was way too excited and was trying to run about 10 times faster than I was able. I had to hold him back from pulling, which is tiring and not easy to do while you're running. I was worried he'd make me twist my knee or something. After half a mile or so, he calmed down quite a bit. Whenever we saw a dog he got tunnel vision and either yanked me in that direction or came to an immediate dead-stop, nearly causing me to biff it right into the concrete.

So, this run definitely wasn't a smooth as the previous. It felt harder than it should have, due to Joey's excitement, but it still felt good to get outside and run. This time, I was trying to push the pace a little since I missed Tuesday's speed work. Nothing too hard, but more of a tempo feel.

Summary: 3 miles in 31:53 (10:37/mi average pace). Mile splits: 11:08, 10:38, 10:05. Average heart rate: 154 bpm.

Overall, I'm really happy with my running this week. Even thought I had to miss one, it was fun seeing the improvement of my outdoor runs. My heart rate on my long run surprised me--it was lower while running a faster pace outdoors than it was a slower pace on the treadmill a couple of days prior. I'm going to plan on doing at least my long runs outside every week. It felt nostalgic and I miss my old routes!


  1. I say Daylight Savings LOL. You're doing great! After 8 years.. Ill be running my 2nd half marathon Sunday and due to knee issues Ill be run/walking but I can still keep a good pace and be under three hours if I stick to a 7 min run 3 min walk. Praying for favorable weather here in Central NY but its not looking promising.. UGH.

  2. I know exactly what you mean about running with a lab on a leash. Brings back memories of Rita. She'd chase a squirl, then stop and go back to sniff some other dogs pee. The exercise was so good though, and afterward she'd sleep foe a while. Our friends got a lab that just turned one, and he weighs 110 pounds! He's the best dog though and so cute!

  3. Good work!! I too hate the change in time.


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