March 23, 2022

Wednesday Weigh-In : Week 43

The jeans in this picture are a pair that I bought when Jerry and I went thrift shopping. I knew they'd be too big, but I wanted them SO badly that I bought them anyways in the hope that I might be able to take them in at the waist. I've done that before, but it's a lot of work and it's really difficult to do (to make it look professional) but what have I got to lose? In the pic, they look like they fit okay (they're right out of the dryer), but I'm wearing a belt to hold them tighter. The legs aren't bad; it's just the waist that really needs altering. I'll see what I can do!

Well, last week I wrote about how I just feel stuck at this weight and I wanted to try mixing things up this week to see if I could get the scale moving again. I decided to eat a little less six days a week and then have a high calorie day once a week.

That ended up being a big fat fail on my part, hahaha. 

This wasn't a conscious thought, but I think my mind may have been frustrated with the scale not moving when I feel like I'm doing most everything right, so this week I may have had the "why bother?" attitude. I didn't go totally crazy with the food, though. I still ate vegan and I got in all my nutrition...

... but I probably got in enough nutrition for two people several days this week, haha.

I ate too many Larabars as snacks, too much peanut butter, and just big helpings of meals. I also didn't get as much fiber as I am used to; I ate the recommended amount, but I was used to eating nearly twice that. When I got on the scale this morning, I totally regretted my food choices.

Last week, I was at 147.8, so I'm up 2 pounds from last Wednesday. I've been bouncing between 147 and 150 for what... like four weeks now? I'm just a few pounds away from a "normal" BMI (I'm considered "overweight" until I reach 144 pounds).

I have an official DietBet weigh-in on April 1, so I'd like to do really well and make some progress for that. My weight is under what it needs to be, but I can do a lot of damage in nine days if I am not careful. And even if I make my April goal, I don't want it to be higher than what I weighed on March 1.

I'm not going to do anything drastic. I'm just going to do what has been working so well until a few weeks ago. I really believe this week's gain was caused by my eating choices; I certainly ate too many calories. I'm still not going to give myself a "limit", but I'll try to stick to around 1500 a day and then have one high-calorie day if I choose to. I'm also going to increase my fiber again (and drink more water--they go hand-in-hand).

Anyway, people always seem to think I'm beating myself up when I write about weight gain, but I'm not doing that at all! I'm just stating the facts. A year ago, I would have killed to be this weight, so I'm happy! I'm also just hoping that I can continue to lose weight and get down to my goal range (130-135 ish).

Okay, so today's random fact seemed to be addressed directly at ME. The irony!

It's no secret that I have generalized anxiety disorder, so I'm always anxious about, well, everything. However, my very biggest fear (other than something terrible happening to my family) is that I will get Alzheimer's one day. I'm absolutely terrified of it. And I worry about it frequently! Whenever I'm forgetful or I can't think of certain words, I immediately think that it's starting. Early-onset Alzheimer's. Not sure how this random fact can help me, but the irony was not lost ;) 


  1. Sending hugs. That's all, just hugs.

  2. I don't have an official anxiety diagnosis, but I think I have high anxiety. And my #1 fear is developing dementia. I am constantly wondering, Is this it? Is this the start of the downward trend?


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