March 14, 2022

Thrift Store Finds

I'm in a much better mood than I was yesterday. I was definitely NOT pleasant to be around--poor Jerry. I just felt like my whole day was thrown off by Daylight Saving Time (which is dumb, because it's only an hour difference). The snow was a bummer, too.

Spring is so weird in Michigan. Yesterday, we had snow and 29 mph winds; today it's 62 and sunny with barely a breeze! I actually skipped my long run yesterday because I was in such a bad mood, but I made up for it today and ran outside. I'm actually really glad I waited because the weather is gorgeous.

When I was getting dressed for my run this morning, I noticed that I don't have any small running capris (I don't wear shorts, but I wear capris when it's warm). I have about five pairs but they are all too big since I've lost weight and I have to keep pulling them up when I run.

I rarely buy brand new clothes; the only time I do, I buy them when they are marked way down. Instead, I love thrift stores! I asked Jerry if he was up for thrift store shopping and he said heck yes; he loves it, too. So, we went to a couple of stores to see if we could find any treasures.

We didn't go to the Monroe Salvation Army that I always used to go to because they jacked up their prices to stupid high; they mark up the name brand jeans to $15-20 a pair! Not even designer jeans--just brands like American Eagle. (For reference, the Goodwill down the road marks all their jeans for less than $5.)

We first went to a thrift store we'd never been to, and unfortunately, it was kind of a flop. Their prices weren't bad but their selection of stuff was limited. I did find one hidden gem, though, and if you know me, I just HAD to buy it:

Jerry was totally jealous that it was a small and not a large. (The shirt is a Friends reference, if you don't know.) 

They didn't have any workout capris, which was odd; I usually see them at all the thrift stores. We went to a Salvation Army after that (not the one Monroe one). Their prices were better--not as good as Goodwill, but better.

I bought a couple of things for Luke and Riley, too. One day I was reading a book about the human body to Luke (it was a kids' book). He was really interested in it and I told him about when I broke my jaw. He asked me so many questions. I found this kit for making your own skeleton model and then painting it with glow in the dark paint. It looked like a fun thing we could work on together (because I love anatomy too!).

I bought two things for Riley. One was a Mrs. Potato Head set (above), which I think she'll like (Luke probably will, too). The other is a fleece mermaid sleeping bag that someone had made and then donated. It's in great shape and I think it would be fun for her to use when she comes over to spend the night.

Right now, the cats are loving it, of course! (Chick and Duck were playing in there)

When I got home, I dumped everything on my bed to go through it; not even two minutes later, Estelle and Chick were on top of it. It never fails!

And speaking of the cats, I found a cheap little pop-up-cat-play-tent-thingy. It was only a couple of dollars and even if it only lasted an afternoon, I thought the kittens would have fun with it. Interestingly, Estelle ran over to it and dove in, sliding it across the floor. She was having a blast! The kittens were watching her, clearly wanting to go check it out, but Estelle was having the time her of life.

The fitting rooms are closed in most stores because of COVID, so I was hesitant to buy clothes. I didn't have luck with workout clothes, but I bought a few pairs of jeans that I hoped would fit. When I got home and tried them on, they were too big! Remember when I wrote a post about what it's like to try on clothes after gaining 30 pounds? It was basically the opposite of that. (There was one pair that fit, which is in the photo with the Friends shirt.

I'm going to try to alter a pair that I really love; they are pretty big in the waist, so I'll try to take the waist in (I've done it once before and it worked really well, but it was hard and time-consuming to do).

I did happen to find a like-new Cuddl Duds Thermawear top. I *love* Cuddl Duds--Becky gave me a pair of their Softwear leggings that became too small on me so (reluctantly) I got rid of them. I liked to wear them to sleep in during the summer because they are super lightweight and I really don't like having bare legs--they feel sticky in the summer).

I had a store credit for Kohl's last week and I was there to return stuff for Amazon, so I looked at their clearance stuff. They had a pair of Cuddl Duds leggings for $17, which is half-off the website price. I bought them with my store credit because even at $17, it was a good deal. Anyway, the top I bought is on the Cuddl Duds site for $38, and I bought it for $3. I was pretty excited about that!

Today most definitely wasn't the greatest day for thrift finds, but you never know what you're going to get at thrift stores. I probably would have bought a few more things but without being able to try on clothes, I decided not to. I think my favorite find today was actually the Friends hoodie. Well, maybe the Cuddl Duds top.

Jerry and I have been having so much fun feeling totally carefree. The kids certainly aren't a burden, but there is a lot to remember and do when they are here: Noah's crazy school/work schedule, Eli's school, baseball practices, and lifting weights at the rec center (he doesn't have his license yet, so we have to drive him somewhere at least twice a day), nagging the kids to do their laundry or wash their dishes, etc.

I know the kids are having a blast with my parents in Hilton Head, so we are making the best of our "staycation". I'd like to plan a date night for us to do on Wednesday, but I'm not sure what we'll do yet. The next few days are either going to be really long or really short! Haha.


  1. We love thrift shopping

  2. That Friends sweatshirt is great! I love a good thrift store find!

  3. I love the cat toy! Your cats are so much fun.

  4. I love thrift store shopping too, but highly recommend the Old Navy Powersoft leggings. You can get them really affordably, particularly in non-traditional colors. I highly recommend the ones with the side pockets because they're great for holding a phone.

  5. It can be hit or miss at thrift stores. I haven't had a good haul for a long time. Sounds like you did great.


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