March 11, 2022

Friday Night Photos

Yay for Friday! I was really hoping to have good weather this weekend so I could try to do something with our landscaping, but it's snowing right now. I do plan to work on Noah's bedroom sometime in the next week, though--he's going to Hilton Head so I am going to paint his room while he's gone. He's been wanting to paint it and hang shelves and anime posters. Definitely more his style than the blue walls he has now.

I debated whether or not to even post a Friday Night Photos this week because all I have on my camera roll (that I haven't already posted) are selfies and cat pictures! So if you don't want to see selfies or cat photos, just skip this post ;)

I know I'm always posting pictures of Duck and his paper balls that he plays fetch with. I collected so many last week from under the furniture that I got out a bowl to put on the coffee table where we can put them when he's not playing with them. 

Whenever Duck is awake, he requires entertainment of some sort. He was up on the coffee table playing with the paper balls in the bowl so I put the bowl on his toy on the floor (the cats get so curious when something is moved to a different place, and that alone is entertainment for them). Duck took every single ball out of the bowl, haha. 

Speaking of entertaining cats, I bought this treat puzzle/activity center for the cats (mainly for Chick and Duck). You sprinkle treats around and the cats have to use their paws to slide the treat to the floor to be able to eat it. They love it! The little fishbowl cups are hard for them, but I think that's good--I didn't want it to be too easy. Even though Duck is extremely food-motivated, Chick is the one who patiently works on getting the treats out of the bowls. Duck gives up too easily.

Sometimes Chick gets SUPER cuddly. He climbs up on my lap and sprawls out, then nudges my hand to keep petting him. I was trying to type my blog post yesterday and I couldn't even type a full word without him poking my hand with his nose. I love when he's cuddly like this! I just feel bad moving him; I rarely sit down for a long time. It's funny how cats call the shots--you can only pet them or hold them when they ALLOW you to; and when they want to lie on your lap, you stay there as long as possible so you don't disturb them. My cats own me!

Duck climbed up there with me, too. I absolutely LOVE when cats sleep with their heads turned upside-down.

I have about 30 pictures of Duck jumping in the air to catch one of his balls--so I just put some of them into this collage. Instead of playing fetch lately, he likes to jump up and catch the ball in the air. Then he waits for another. He's good at it! I'm amazed at how high he can jump.

I bought this shirt from Goodwill a few years ago before a trip to Oregon. When I saw it, it just seemed appropriate and it was only 90 cents. However, it was waaaay too small. I could barely pull it down over my chest. I tried it on today and was excited to see that it fits! It has very short sleeves (one thing that I don't like about women's clothing) so I put a cardigan over it. Jerry and I have been thinking of planning a vacation with the kids toward the end of summer--going to the Pacific Northwest and driving the coast. I haven't been out there in so long! I would love for my kids to see how pretty it is. 

While I was trying to take the picture, Duck desperately wanted my attention. And this is his new way of doing it--he reaches his paws up my leg and stretches his back before pulling on my pants. It's like a toddler who tugs on your leg when they want your attention.

Remember when I posted back in November about the hoodies on sale at Kohl's? I think I got them for $8? Maybe $12? They were super cheap for Black Friday. I've always loved the Tek Gear hoodies, so I bought some. After buying them in size medium, I tried them on and decided to exchange them for size small (these are men's sizes--I'm definitely not a small in women's!). Whenever I checked at Kohl's, though, they were out of stock. They told me I have six months to exchange or return them, so they've been sitting in my car for months. Yesterday, I was finally able to exchange them--I love wearing hoodies and these ones are my favorites for sure.

Also, I'm back to wearing jeans again! Hahaha. This is notable only because once the pandemic started, I was either wearing "work clothes" (paint-splattered, wood glue and caulk-covered, holes here-and-there clothes) to work in the garage; and when I wasn't in the garage, I was wearing stretchy black pants. Now that several of my old pairs of jeans fit me again, I have been wearing jeans. For some reason, I feel better about myself in jeans. 

I saw this and it made me so nostalgic...

Finally, here is the random fact of the day (and it's *really* random):

Have a great weekend! xo


  1. Loved the pics! That cardigan is really cute. The cats are even cuter.

  2. I really hope you and your family can go on that vacation. Keep putting money in the piggy bank and save up so you can have the best time. Your cats are hilariously funny.

  3. There can never be too many adorable kitty photos! 😻😹

  4. You look so pretty Katie!
    If you end up in So Cal again it would be wonderful to meet your family. Do you remember visiting my class in Irvine with your team?

    1. Of course I remember! I was so nervous, but it was a fun experience. I'd love to meet up again--I'll let you know if I go back to So Cal :)

  5. I thought kohl's did a one year return?


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