March 18, 2022

Friday Night Photos

It's Friday--woo hoo!

Not that I really "need" a weekend; Jerry and I had a very lazy and fun staycation this week. The kids came home from Hilton Head last night; we picked them up from the airport at 8:30. It was really great to see them! While it was fun having the house to ourselves and not having any responsibilities all week, Jerry and I really missed the boys.

They'd gone down to Hilton Head to spend some time with my parents on vacation. Jerry and I aren't "beach people" so we aren't interested in going down there, but I'm glad the kids were able to. They had fun and my parents were thrilled to spend time with them.

Noah even walked 12,000 steps on the beach with my mom one day!

Considering Eli has been really into weight lifting, he went to a gym a couple of times while he was there. I'm super impressed that he did that. Clearly, he's modest about showing off his muscles... ;)

Meanwhile, the most active Jerry and I were (other than our training runs) was playing board games. We love Ticket to Ride; we also played The Oregon Trail (board game). The Oregon Trail was fun, but there are SO MANY rules to remember that we were looking things up each turn, which meant it took us well over two hours to finish a single game, hahaha.

I had the rule book right in front of me the whole time

I forgot to post this the other day when I wrote about our thrift store finds. Does anyone remember this "beauty mirror"? I used to have one! The lights next to the mirror had a few pastel filters--I can still remember the *thunk* noise and the feel of sliding the light colors between office, evening, and home. So funny!

Jerry and I made homemade pizza for dinner one night and this was my vegan version--it was SO SO GOOD. I made my whole wheat pizza crust, then spread it with roasted garlic and tomato paste with Italian seasoning. I topped it with sautéed mushrooms, peppers, and caramelized onions. Who needs cheese?!

I finally did something I've been really intimidated by and it worked out great! I'd never made a box joint before and I wanted to try it with my table saw. I don't have a dado stack (blades for the table saw that can cut out more material) so I had to make a jig in order to do the box joint. The pieces below are just scrap wood that I used to try it out. The joint fit together perfectly! Not too loose and not too tight (I have to be able to put wood glue in there). The edges are a little long, but I did that on purpose so that I can sand them down. I'd rather have to sand a bit than have them be too short and leave gaps. This corner joint probably took less than three minutes once I had the table saw and jig set up. I wish I'd have tried it sooner--it was so easy!

I mentioned yesterday that I took Joey with me on my run and how excited he was to go with me--look at his smile! This was while I was filling his water bowl after our run; he just watched me with a big smile on his face.

I thought this picture was too funny not to post. This was after we were back from the run and he plopped down on the floor while he cooled off. I went to take a picture of him and he looked up at me in the most unflattering way--you know how when you turn on your phone camera and it's flipped to selfie mode, so you just see a big double chin? This picture of Joey reminded me of that, haha.

Finally, here is the random fact of the day:

Have a great weekend! xo


  1. Great post as usual! Yes I remember those “makeup” mirrors! Just wanted to let you know I am rewatching Fat to Finish Line after someone posted in the FB group about not ever seeing it!! Hoping to get back into running and do a race in November for my 10 year anniversary of my first half!! Remind me what race you guys are trying for??
    Big Fan since SparkPeople!

  2. I owned that mirror! Ah, memories!

  3. That box joint is a thing of beauty! The striations in the wood are so interesting -- it seems almost a shame to sand it down. I'm glad Noah and Eli got to spend some time vacationing with your folks. Looks like they had a fun week.

  4. That mirror, yes, but that joint! Wow. And I guess I need to go to the diamond mine.


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