March 15, 2022

Transformation Tuesday #63

Happy Transformation Tuesday! Last week, I said I hoped to have before and after pictures of Noah's bedroom to share today (paint, shelves, posters) but I have yet to even step foot in there. The days have gone by so fast! The kids will be home Thursday, so if I paint, it'll have to be tomorrow. Otherwise, I'll have to wait until after he's home.

But I do have a couple of readers' transformations to share! Here goes... 

This is a big one (for me anyway!). I'm now in my third year of working from home. Year one was at a table in the living room. Year two, I purchased a standup desk, brought home my large monitor, and stole space in our unused dining room. Now we're into year three--I'm permanently remote, and my husband is working at home two days a week as well. 

The room was fine for a dining room, but a bit blah for an office. I wanted something a bit cheerier and more energetic, without being too distracting and my husband needed a better workspace. New paint, art, furniture, curtains (which I made) has turned it into a place we both really like! It took from Sunday to Sunday, so a bit of work but we managed to get it done without too much down time.


Deb, it looks amazing! The wall color is perfect--bright enough to be cheerful, but not overwhelming. The new desk looks beautiful with lots of space. You did such a nice job with the curtains, too! - Katie

I have numerous things in my life that need ‘transforming’… one of which is my cram packed basement full of junk/memorabilia that I just keep chipping away out here and there. I’ve been thinking I’d get that done and submit it to for a Tuesday post, but here we are 8 months later and it’s still not even close to done.

So, I chose a quick 5-minute easy transformation… the glove box in my car. It’s totally no big deal, but it did feel good to take care of it, especially since it’s something I’ve been putting off. It’s just full of stuff I didn’t want to take care of. I even found DVDs of when I got married in 2015, a marriage I have since been divorced from… in MY GLOVE BOX… why? I ride with other people sometimes and their cars are so clean and tidy, it seriously makes me question my life choices.

Next step is to finally donate all the stuff that’s been riding around in my truck for the last 6 weeks!

Elaina, from KY

Elaina, what a perfect idea for a five-minute transformation! I don't think your glovebox looked overstuffed--mine is definitely worse than that--but it must feel so nice to have it organized and to have gotten rid of the stuff that's been in there for so long. You've inspired me to clean out my glovebox tomorrow!  - Katie

Thank you so much for sharing your transformations! They look great. If any of you have a transformation to share, please send a before photo and an after photo to me at: katie (at) runsforcookies (dot) com. Be sure to include your name and a description of your transformation! Inspire us to transform something this spring ;)

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  1. Thank you for these little glimpses into the progress of others. So inspiring. Selfishly I love that she painted their office (former dining room) nearly the same color I painted my office more than 20 years ago. A slightly cheery yellow never goes out of style.


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