January 12, 2022

Wednesday Weigh-In : Week 33

I have had such an exhausting day! I'll spare you the details (at least on this post) but it's after 5:00 PM and I still haven't eaten anything or sat down all day. I'm grouchy and my body hurts.

When I just now sat down with my heating pad and my heated blanket to write this post, I realized that I hadn't taken my token mirror selfie for my Wednesday Weigh-In. I sighed loudly to Duck, who was sitting at my feet enjoying the warm blanket as well, then got up to get dressed for a picture.

When I was standing in my closet, I realized there was no real point in getting dressed for my mirror selfie. I had just put on my pajamas and I was nice and cozy. So, I took my photo wearing exactly that--not even a bra under my sweatshirt.

I thought I had a pretty decent week. The only day that I went overboard on calories was on Eli's birthday (Friday). He wanted Chinese take-out for dinner and then we got a dozen cookies from the Detroit Cookie Company. The cookies were just okay, however, which was disappointing. Definitely not worth the $53 we spent on them! I thought they all tasted kind of the same. At least I got that out of my system and I won't be going back there. (We cut all the cookies into four pieces each and then that way we got to try them all.)

So, that was really the only "bad" day that I had this week. Something that I think has been a problem though is that I wait way too long to eat. I've been staying super busy during the day and before I even realize it, it's 5:00 PM and I still haven't eaten anything. I really do think my body does best when I space my food out over about 12 hours. I loved the intermittent fasting (it's so convenient!) but I found it very hard to lose weight that way. I lost weight easiest when I was eating at 8:00, 12:00, 4:00, and 8:00. I don't think I need to stick to that exact schedule, but I do feel like I need to spread out my eating.

Anyway, my weigh-in today wasn't as great as I'd hoped, but it was still something:

I was at 156.6, which is down a pound from last week's 157.6. I had a large loss last week, so I couldn't expect that to happen two weeks in a row.

I've still been doing good with getting in fiber wherever I can. I don't always meet the daily recommendation, but I do come close. And sometimes, I even go over. I find that I get the most fiber on the days that I cook something with beans or lentils. I don't want to do "fake" fiber--like the kind that's added to foods just to bulk up the fiber content--so I've been sticking with more natural sources. As a bonus, it's helped me to eat healthier!

I haven't been doing so great with my water. I'll have about two liters a day, and my goal is four. It's just so hard to want to drink water 1) when it's cold outside, and 2) when I could chew ice instead. (Yes, I realize that sounds strange that I'd rather chew ice when it's cold; I just can't help it--I love ice!)

So, my goal this week is to get in at LEAST three liters of water each day. Then maybe next week I'll go for four!

As for today's desk calendar pages:

I think the someecard one is kind of dumb--like maybe it was a filler for the better ones. As for the random fact, I've never been a smoker, so I actually didn't know that smoking damages your sense of taste and smell. A good reason to quit! (Or at least to go without for 48+ hours to see if you notice a difference; I know, easier said than done.)


  1. I have to say I do not like the someecards so far but really enjoying the random facts!!

    1. Same here, I've never been a fan of someecards. My grandmother was a lifelong smoker and I remember she couldn't really smell anything, and wasn't really into food (she liked sweet stuff mostly).

  2. These cards make me happy. When I quit smoking, I was amazed by how much I wasn't tasting or smelling. I felt positive sensations well up when I read that card.

  3. Sorry to hear you've been experiencing such a flare. I wonder if you have RA. My father didn't get diagnosed right off either. It took some time and a really good doctor. Those birthday cookies looked good. But when I went to the website it seemed the all had the same basic dough just add ins. I think you're doing great with the weight loss.

  4. Did you know chewing on ice is a sign of low iron? I did this when pregnant regularly, and once my iron levels stabilized the desire to chew on ice disappeared!


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