January 11, 2022

Transformation Tuesday #55

Ooooh, today is 1/11 (11 is my very favorite number; I also like 33, 55, and 77). I'm a numbers nerd, so of course I have favorites. But today happens to be Transformation Tuesday #55, which falls on 1/11. I can't help but notice!

I have been working my butt off all day yesterday and today to get some transformations done. There are several things I don't like about my bedroom and bathroom, but by the time I got around to those in the remodel, I was experiencing a lot of pain. So I kind of half-assed them--I painted, but did a terrible job. I wasn't able to refinish and paint the nice Pottery Barn furniture I got on Facebook Marketplace (because of my carpal tunnel). And there are several other things that I'd like to change.

Anyway, I don't want to get ahead of myself. Today, I can just share the "after" photo of my closet. Yesterday, I shared what a mess my bedroom closet is, so I finished cleaning it last night and I'm so happy with how much cleaner it is! I'd still love to get rid of stuff, but as long as there is a place for it right now, I'm good.

Surprisingly, I got quite a few transformations today! So I'm just going to share a couple of them and save the rest for next week.

Last spring we bought a house that pretty much had to be gutted and completely renovated, roof, gyproc, appliances,  windows, doors, etc. I knew that I could save some money by painting the cupboards and that the countertop would work with my colour scheme. My family was against the project, they liked the way the 1990’s cabinets! They wall changed their minds once I finished the cabinets!

- Lareina

Lareina, they look beautiful! I LOVE painted cupboards and they just look so fresh and clean. It really transformed your whole kitchen--I'm glad you family likes it, too. The whole transformation is stunning!  - Katie

My husband and I bought a townhouse and moved in early June 2021. One of my projects was to update my bathroom. In the "Before" photo, it's clear that the bathroom needed work. It's difficult to see but the walls were actually a faint mint green. The room had no real color aesthetic. Also, I really wanted a medicine cabinet for storage purposes. I'm very pleased with the "After" photo. I did the best I could while on a budget and took my time with the upgrades. One project down, many more to go :). 

- Katie

Katie, you did an awesome job working on a budget! I love the color of the cupboards and especially love the medicine cabinet. I've always wanted one but I just don't have the eye for picking things like that out. I love all the color--it looks great!  - Katie

I work in a warehouse and a lot of us use the cut off portion of cardboard tubes as our pencil holders or to hold small bags for parts. I decided the one on my desk needed to be a bit prettier and I used a page from a colouring book and did the kid thing of just taping it around. Lol, not much of a transformation, but it did brighten up my desk.

- Ruth

Ruth, what a great idea! Your coloring is beautiful. I've used contact paper to make things like this, but never would have thought to use coloring pages (not that they would turn out great anyways!). What a pretty pencil holder. Things like that really make a desk look more special and "lived in".  - Katie

Okay, it is after 10:00 now and I still have a lot to get done tonight. Thank you for all the submissions for Transformation Tuesday! If I didn't post yours today, look for it next week.

Here are my calendar desk pages for today:


  1. That Blockbuster fact was actually super interesting to me! Man I miss Blockbuster, it was always such a treat when we got to go rent a movie! Beautiful transformations this week!

  2. Your readers (and you) are so talented. Great transformations. Thanks always for sharing!


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