January 05, 2022

Wednesday Weigh-In : Week 32

Aren't those moccasins so cute? My mom got them for me for Christmas and I've been wearing them around the house ever since.

Even though December was a step back as far as weight loss goes and I didn't weigh in the last couple of weeks, I'm still counting this as Week 32. It's been 32 weeks since I started calorie counting to drop the weight I'd gained and the Couch to 5K plan to get back to running. I'll write about the running in another post.

As you know, December was extremely stressful for me. Duck needed emergency surgery after swallowing yarn, then he got a virus, and then all three of my other cats got the virus. I was up to my eyeballs in puréed cat food, and syringes, and antibiotic drops. The worst part was just worrying about Duck non-stop for at least two weeks. I hated leaving him at the hospital (twice) and I felt so terrible. Then when the other cats got sick, it was awful hearing them with congested breathing and sneezing. Forcing them to eat. Ugh! I'm so glad it's over. All of the cats are back to normal now.

And they are all TERRIBLY spoiled from all the canned food. They wake me up earlier and earlier each day--today was 4:00--waiting around the kitchen for canned food! I cut them back to getting it once a day (in the morning) and I may just keep it at that. They share two cans, so it's not too bad. They just learned how to get what they want by tugging at my heartstrings! ;)

Because I was so stressed in December, I didn't care about my weight loss at all. And I'm a stress eater. So I'm actually quite amazed that I didn't gain 20 pounds! On December 8th, I weighed in at 155.4. Up just a little from my low point a couple of weeks earlier. I gained a few pounds pretty quickly once Duck went in for his surgery.

I made a plan for the new year (including getting back to calorie counting and running). On January 1st, I was at 161.6; so I had gained 6.2 pounds during the stressful month. To some, that may sound like a lot; but for me (and knowing how quickly and easily I tend to gain weight) I was pretty surprised that it wasn't more.

Anyway, today's weigh-in was a good one, all things considered:

I was at 157.6, so I'm down 4 pounds since January 1st, and 39.4 pounds since I started this 32 weeks ago. I'm so glad that I'm doing this--even if I don't end up losing any more weight, I still feel SO much better than I did last spring.

Jerry and I started our six-month DietBet on January 1st as well, and to win that, I have to get down to 147.1 by the end of June. If I stick to my plan (which is modest--nothing extreme) I really do think I'll get there (and hopefully closer to the 130's). I've been actively working on getting in more fiber for the last few days, and it's kind of nice to look at foods from a different perspective.

I'm off to a good start for the new year, so let's hope (once again) that this year is better than last--in so many ways!


  1. I understand just how you feel about the feeding times and how they get so spoiled. Our Ivy barks as soon as we get up in the morning telling us it's time for her Cesar tray. And now it's bitterly cold where we live, and we are feeding the birds and it seems like we have a million, and bunnies, and the deer come right up to the house for food. They say you're not supposed to feed them, but we do anyway. They are freezing cold and need calories. And speaking of calories, I'm baking wheat bread tomorrow. We bought the ingredients and have all the pans ready.

  2. Look into mission carb control tortillas! 70 calories, 15g fiber, and they actually taste really good! Definitely my go to!

  3. I am so glad all the kitties are back to normal. I know that is soooo stressful. The one wet food feeding a day is actually a really good thing. It keeps them hydrated. When my two reach a year old I will start giving them a can twice a week then as they age I will up it until it's once a day.
    Also, yay on little gain, quick loss, and getting back on track. Well done!

  4. Happy to hear all are back to their healthy selves. You are doing great. Damn you look so much skinnier than your numbers. I always look far heavier than my actual number. No fair! Just kidding. I love the mocs. I got my husband a pair for Christmas too.

  5. Love seeing all of your progress despite the ups and downs. Go you!

  6. I joined the same Dietbet and I'm off to a great start so far, so I'm feeling great about it. I know what I need to do, so the added incentive of the money should be a big help! Good luck to you and Jerry!

  7. Cat sneezes are SO loud! Hah! When ours would sneeze in the middle of the night, I'd shoot up out of sleep!
    We also have very vocal cats in the morning when they wanted wet food, so we changed wet food feeding time to right before bed so they wouldn't meow incessantly at 4:00 am! Lol!!

  8. My cat gets wet food for dinner, so he doesn't pester me first thing in the morning. If he DOES start bothering me in the morning for his breakfast, I start waiting a few hours after I get up before feeding him, so he doesn't think that me getting up equals food, and that generally stops him pestering me to get up after a few days.


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