January 08, 2022

Daily Fun Facts and someecards

When I took Eli to the mall yesterday to buy cologne for his birthday, we walked around a little (mostly for Noah's sake; Eli and I don't like shopping). I saw one of those holiday set-ups in the middle of the mall with calendars and board games and little toys. Whenever I've seen those, I love looking at what they have. (I never buy anything, because it's so expensive, but I might make a mental note to look it up on Amazon later.)

Anyway, considering we're a week into 2022, the calendars were all 50% off. Still, I don't really *need* a calendar. I wanted to buy several of them because I thought they were cool, but what am I really going to do with it?

It's the same with those 365-day desk calendars where you tear off a page each day and there is a picture of a cute kitten, or a comic strip, or random fact, or things like that; I think those are so fun, but I've never bought one because I've never had a need for one.

Anyway, as I was looking at them, I had an idea. I could pick one of the 365-day calendars and post a photo of that day's page at the bottom of each of my blog posts. Or, on the days where I really don't have anything at all to say, I can just share the picture.

There were two that I just couldn't decide between: one called Did You Know? which has random trivia facts; and one that was filled with someecards (memes).

In the end I got them both. They were half off, so it was like I was just buying one, right?

Since the first week of January has already passed, I figured I'd just use this post to catch up--I'll post all of them that we missed! (Some of these will be dumb, no doubt; but that's just the risk you take when you buy these things!)  Also, just beware, the someecards may have adult humor.

Okay, here goes:

Aren't they fun? The weekends share a page, so I'll skip whatever day I decide to post my heritage recipe. Otherwise, I'll just end my posts with a daily someecard and some random trivia. :)

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