January 30, 2022

Pets' Profiles

I'm going to start with the random fact of the day (mainly because the picture is square and it fits better!):

I used to eat pollution popsicles all the time when I went for my long runs in the snow--oops! (It was so much more convenient than carrying water)

This was a fun post to write! I've written a TON about my pets over the years, but I liked this way (Jerry's suggestion!) of bringing it together. Well, Jerry's suggestion was actually to make a mock-Tinder profile for the pets and I actually loved that idea. However, once I started working on it, I really wanted to make it more detailed than a typical Tinder profile (I actually had to google what one looked like, hahaha!)

Instead, I just made a little profile that kind of reads like the good old fashioned classified ads (except the pets aren't "seeking" anyone). It's just as much of their personalities as I could squeeze into a teeny tiny nutshell. (They are SO much more than what I've written here, though!)

Each one of them has such a unique personality! (Sorry for all the typos/grammar--I didn't save these as drafts as I was making them, so to fix errors would require making each one all over again.)


  1. So nice that you have all of your pets specs and they're all different. Joey reminds me so much of our black lab, Rita, that lived to be so close to 14 years old. She was so sweet, but people were scared of a 95 pound black dog. We have a cabin on the river, and we can only get there by boat when the river isn't solid ice, so Rita and I went to greet our neighbor in the spring. She yelled "stay down!, stay down!". I'll never forget how she treated her because of her color and size. Rita never ever jumped on anybody in her life, but I wish she would have knocked that bitch on her ass.

  2. This is so fun! I loved learning more about your fur babies!!

  3. Scarlet the pupperina's biggest wish would be to EAT ALL THE THINGS: chair seats, pillows, the arms of the sofa, wallets, food off you plate, food off the table, food off the floor, food off the counter (she once nabbed an entire steak Ed had left up "high" to warm up before he grilled it), paper money (four 20s to be precise - gratefully, after the teller stopped laughing at the pieces we had salvaged and taken to the bank, she replaced them), collars, leashes, toys (including the fluff), panties, socks, blankets, towels, sticks, ice packs, water bottles, bones, rodents, etc. I could go on and on. Your Joey sounds like our Morgan was, well-behaved and fun. I adore the pupperina, but I sure miss Morgan.

  4. This was really fun to read!

  5. This is definitely among my favorites of your blog posts, Katie! 😻🐶


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