January 20, 2022


I'll start with the random fact of the day:

Interesting! It makes me curious about how frequently mushrooms are used for things like building and if there are any well-known buildings made with mushrooms.

Anyway, I'm not really going to write a "real" post today because today is Jerry's first day off in two weeks! I'd like to hang out with him and not be on the computer. But we both are having fun doing this Wordle game each day so I thought I'd mention it here.

Apparently, I was a couple of days late to the party on this (I'm rarely on Facebook, but lots of people have been posting their scores daily). I was curious and asked Jerry about it. It's not an app, but just a website where there is a short word game that you can play only once per day.

If this was an app where you could keep playing over and over, I'm pretty sure everyone would be addicted!

Basically, you get six tries to guess a five-letter word. For the first try, you just pick any five-letter word you want. Then if you guess any of the letters correctly (and in the correct placement), they will appear green in the line underneath. If you guess letters that are in the final word, but they are in the wrong placement, they appear in yellow.

So, you use those clues during your second try to guess the word. The letters that you try but aren't in the word at all get grayed out. Then you keep guessing and hope you get it correct by your sixth try.

It's kind of hard to explain, and I was hoping to post a couple of screen shots from my games. I have the one from today but I don't want to spoil it. (Everybody playing the game that day has to guess the same word--so don't spoil the word for anyone.) The only other screenshot I have was my first time playing, and I just got super lucky that I guessed it in just three tries! So this isn't a great example, but it's the only one I have for right now:

Anyway, once you guess the word, you have to wait until the next day to get a new puzzle! After people play, they share their scores (I'm not really a "sharer" but seeing others' scores is what got me curious about the game). Here is my "share" for today's game:

The 5/6 means I guess the word in 5 out of 6 tries. The first line (all gray) shows that I didn't guess ANY of the letters correctly (whether they were in order or not). The second line shows that I guessed those two letters correctly, but they weren't in the correct spot. The third line shows that I got one letter (the green) in the right spot, and the two yellow ones were in the word, but in the incorrect spot. And so on. I finally guessed the word after five tries.

Here is the website in case you want to play!


  1. I love Wordle as well and, yes, if it was an app I’d be on it all day.

  2. There IS a website where you can play Wordl forever AND change the number of letters in your word.

    It's addicting. You're welcome 🤣

  3. I tried to stay away from Wordle myself but it sucked me in this week lol

  4. Love the mushroom info. Makes me curious too. And I've avoided the Wordle game so far, but will probably succumb at some point, especially now that I know you can only play once a day. Thanks for that info too.

  5. why is there not an app for this? people would love it!

  6. I am loving Wordle!! I've played 11 games and have guessed in 3 twice, 4 four times, 5 four times and 6 one time. Really enjoy it and it's nice that there is only one puzzle a day.

  7. Testing whether comments work now

  8. I love Wordle. The story behind the making of the game is cool--Josh Wardle made it as a game for his partner to play for fun. He is never planning to monitize it, which is cool. Just a fun, simple game. https://slate.com/culture/2022/01/wordle-game-creator-wardle-twitter-scores-strategy-stats.html

  9. PuzzWords is the other app that is just like the site--but it doesn't limit you to once a day, so proceed with caution!


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