January 07, 2022

Friday Night Photos

I actually have some fun Friday Night Photos tonight! And I even have one video. This week seems to be going by SO slowly--which is a good thing. Usually I feel like the time is flying by and I've missed so much.

Anyway, I'll get right into it. My photos from the camera roll this week...

Today is Eli's 16th birthday! For a couple of YEARS we have been talking about going to Detroit Cookie Company--if you follow them on Instagram, you will see why. Their cookies look insanely good. Eli and I both have a common sweet tooth, so we've been talking about going forever. I decided that today, I would let him skip school and we'd go up to Ann Arbor to get cookies for his birthday dessert (in lieu of a cake).

These are the ones we got:

Brownie Cheesecake Stuffed - (L's Famous brownie stuffed with creamy cheesecake stuffed in our original dough rolled in sprinkles and graham cracker crumbs)

PB Volcano - Our Ultimate PB cookie with a mound of creamy peanut butter coated in chocolate & dusted with graham cracker crumbs! (We got two of these, but Eli ate one before I got the picture)

Ghirardelli - 5 oz of our original Chocolate Chunk cookie dough hand studded with jumbo Milk Chocolate Ghirardelli wafers

M&M - 5 oz of our original Chocolate chunk cookie dough hand studded with M&M's

8 Mile - M&M’s, Reese’s cups & pretzels in our original dough.

Big 3 - Better Made™ Potato Chips, Michigan dried cherries, & chocolate chips in our original dough.

Bro Cookie - L's Famous Brownie Bits & Rainbow Sprinkles in our original dough!

Mad Mix - Better Made™ Sweet BBQ potato chips & Butterfinger. It's oddly delicious!

Circus Snack - Rainbows sprinkles & frosted animal crackers smashed into our sugar cookie dough.

S'mores - Chocolate chips & graham-cracker in our original or double chocolate dough topped with toasted marshmallow.

B Special - Our staff favorite! Cinna-bun flavored cookie swirled with Oreos.

Crazy stuff, right?! Even crazier was the price. I had NO IDEA just how much a dozen cookies were going to cost--$53 (including tax and their automatic 20% tip)!!! I don't care how good they are (I haven't tried one yet), we won't be doing that again. It was fun for a one-time thing for Eli's birthday, though. I bought all the different types of flavors so we could cut them into fours and try different ones.

Anyway, Eli wanted cologne for his birthday, so I took him to the mall in Ann Arbor while we were out there and we went into Macy's for him to pick some out. I forget what he ended up getting, but I thought it smelled nice. When did he go from wanting Army figurines to wanting cologne?! He's so grown up.

In the mornings, Duck always wants to play. I can tell when he gets bored because he walks around just trying to find stuff to do--knocking things over, bugging Phoebe and Estelle, etc. So I always try to play with him. But I was really busy a couple of mornings ago, so I decided to try putting on a "video for cats" from YouTube on the TV. First, Duck ran over there and was swatting at the birds on the TV. Chick noticed and went over there as well. And then Phoebe even joined the party--yes, PHOEBE! It was so funny to watch them. That held their interest for a good 90 minutes.

Speaking of playing with Duck, this is a video of our usual morning game of fetch. I've been wanting to get it on video, but my house is always so messy and there never seems to be a good time. Well, my house is messy in this video, but I didn't care at this point. (I was working on my weekly planner on the couch, which is all the stuff you see next to me). But Duck will play this game for at least an hour every morning! And usually for a while in the evenings, too.

My blog reader-turned-friend Erin sent me the sweetest Christmas gift package--and included was this Friends shirt! If you're a Friends fan, then you certainly recognize it ;)

This was my alarm at 2:53 AM a few days ago...  (Seriously though... We just installed luxury vinyl planking throughout the whole house a few years ago (except bedrooms) so why does Phoebe choose the carpet to barf on?!)

I started my running plan on Monday, but I thought I might as well get in some exercise on the weekend, so I took Joey for a long walk where we used to go. He loved running along his favorite spots!

Jerry and I have really been into Carcassonne (Amazon affiliate link) lately. When we bought it, this box came with ELEVEN expansion packs inside. We've been adding them in one by one (otherwise it gets very confusing). We've probably added about 6-7 of them now. The box says a game takes like 45 minutes or something like that; this is easily a 3-4 hour game for us, hahahaha. We're just slow, I guess. We also get interrupted 10 million times. (I just noticed that Jerry was giving me the finger in this picture.)

This is the backyard slingshot I made for Luke and Riley for Christmas. I was really happy with how it turned out! I wish I could demonstrate it, but the video I tried taking while shooting the slingshot myself just wasn't working out. Becky just texted me to say they just filled a bunch of water balloons to freeze so they can shoot big chunks of ice. Should be interesting! (I made it so that the length of the band can adjust--if they are shooting something bigger and need to pull back farther, they can adjust the band on the sides.) I shot tennis balls out of it and they worked really well.

I went to their house last night to play with them for a couple of hours before they went to bed and then to hang out with Becky because I hadn't talked to her for a while. It was so fun spending time with the kids! Riley got a make-up set for Christmas (for kids--it's "real", but you can't really see it very well). She made up our faces.

This picture was SO hard to take! I couldn't seem to angle it right without my camera being in our faces. This was the best I could do. She's so cute!

When it was time for the kids to go to bed, I went in with Luke to read him a story while Becky went in with Riley. Luke is seriously the sweetest little boy ever! His bedroom is is SO relaxing. He has a projector that puts stars all over the walls and ceiling; a diffuser with essential oils to help him sleep; a white noise machine; and the lava lamp I bought him for his birthday. The ambiance was heavenly. Oh! And he has a Purple mattress which is like Heaven. I'm happy with my Tempurpedic, but I wish I'd tried out the Purple mattress while we were undecided!

And finally... I literally shrieked in excitement when my kids handed me a bag from my mom and dad (the kids had just come home from seeing them). My mom sent me some Asian pears! I LOVE LOVE LOVE Asian pears, but the last one I had was probably 3-4 years ago. I can never find them anywhere. I even have an Asian pear tree in my front yard that I have been growing for probably a decade, but it doesn't bear fruit. (From what I've read, I need a second tree in order to get fruit from it; and that will take way too long. I've been wanting a fruit tree ever since we moved in here in 2003!

Asian pears (or pears in general) have a ton of fiber, too--and as I've said, eating more fiber is one of my goals for 2022. My mom said she bought them at Costco of all places. I ate two of them last night and they were SO good. Even better than I remember. I know I always say my favorite fruit is grapes, or peaches, or probably something else as well. But my very number one favorite is an Asian pear. I'm so happy I got these!

Have a great weekend! xo


  1. OMG those cookies!!!!! I wish I could taste them all. Happy birthday Eli.

  2. Happy Birthday to Eli! I had cat that would play fetch with Heshey Kisses wrappers. You'd eat about 4 of them and roll up the wrappers into a ball. Chuck it and the cat would bring it back.

  3. Happy birthday Eli! What a fun birthday outing! These cookies look very much like the Crumbl cookies in my area. And they are insanely expensive but definitely yummy! This looks like a great week!

  4. Which purple mattress? Trying to decide between their hybrid premiere and Dreamcloud premiere. My husband and I are side sleepers, shoulders and hips hurting as we age.🤪 Would love any info you have!

    1. I want to say the Dreamcloud...? But I could be wrong. I know that they got it secondhand (a neighbor of theirs works for a company that accepts the mattresses that are returned during their "try it out for x number of days" policy). So they took what they could get--but got a great deal on it! I hear you with the pains of getting older--ugh!


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