January 10, 2022

My Messy Closet

Today's post has to be relatively quick--I'm in the middle of a transformation to share tomorrow for Transformation Tuesday! It's kind of a big project and it's going to take me a couple more hours at least. But this has been on my "to do" list for months now.

I'm talking about our master bedroom closet. I don't know when it got so out of control, but I think it's when we switched mattresses. While we were waiting for Saatva to pick up the one we were returning, we put it in our closet--which took up most of the space. Trying to fold and put away clothes was ridiculous.

And then when I got down into the mid-150's in my weight loss this fall, I pulled out a bunch of clothes from the garage that I thought would be fun to try on (things I hadn't worn in a couple of years). So I wound up with a lot of extra clothes.

Anyway, here are the "before" photos... what a mess, right?!

So, tomorrow (hopefully!) I'll be able to reveal the after photos. Now I've got to get to work :)

Please please send me a transformation of some sort for Transformation Tuesday tomorrow! It can be as simple as cleaning out a closet.

Here are my desk calendar pages for today...

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  1. So, if that's a messy closet, I'm in trouble! Can't wait to see the finished product. And love the butt dial info. Whoa.


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