January 28, 2022

Friday Night Photos

Happy Friday! This weekend feels like it snuck up on me--the week went by so fast. I had a very uneventful week, so I actually don't have many photos today.

We went out to dinner tonight, and I think it's the first time I went to a restaurant since Eli's birthday LAST year--so a little over a year ago! My parents wanted to take us out for pizza, so we met up with them, Nathan and his girlfriend Alex, Brian, Becky, Luke, and Riley. 

The only photo I took was when Brian was showing Luke and Riley the "rubber knife" trick (when you hold it gently between your fingers and move it up and down and looks like it's wavy--like it's made of rubber). They were super impressed with the magic, hahaha.

This morning, I was barely awake when I did the Wordle of the day (it wasn't even 5:00 AM). Imagine my shock when I guessed the word on the SECOND TRY! (If you don't know what Wordle is, I wrote about it here.) That will likely never happen again, but I was pretty excited!

I usually am terrible at word games--I've always hated Scrabble and I was terrible when I tried playing Words with Friends. But I'm pretty good at this one! I started playing 12 days ago, so it hasn't been a super long time, but I'm impressed with my stats ;)  Jerry used to kick my ass at Words with Friends, but he actually quit doing the Wordle because he was pretty bad at it.

Speaking of games with Jerry (he took this pic), we decided to go through our card and dice games to play them and see what we want to keep and what we want to get rid of. We have a lot of games we don't ever play and they're just taking up space. This was a Monopoly card game. It was just okay--we'll probably try it a couple more times before deciding whether to keep it.

I made an impulsive buy at Petsmart when I was buying supplies for Duck when he was sick--it's this stupid fabric bag that has some really loud, crinkly material on one side. Chick really loves playing inside of bags (paper or plastic, he doesn't care) and I thought he'd love it. It ended up being much smaller than I thought and it also wouldn't stay open--so none of the cats touched it. I was going to throw it away when I had the idea (again, this was before 5:00 in the morning! haha) to cut the rim off of a gallon-size bucket and hot glue it around the opening of the bag. That way, the cats can actually go inside the bag poke their heads inside the bag.

Like I said, it was an impulse buy. Chick is more than happy when I give him paper grocery bags to play in. I don't know if I'll keep this, but I figured it was worth trying!

Speaking of Chick... he scared me half to death when I found him on this shelf! I've been reorganizing and moving things around, so I have this shelf in my bathroom temporarily--it's directly across from the toilet--and when I went to the bathroom, I was totally oblivious to the fact that I was directly eye-level with Chick. Hahaha! I would not have been surprised if I'd found Phoebe or Estelle there, but Chick took me off guard.

I got in a conversation about fruit snacks (yes, fruit snacks) yesterday and I was reminded of the very first fruit snacks I ate. My grandma used to buy them and keep them in her cupboard; when we went to her house, she would ask us if we wanted a "treat" and she'd give us a package of these. THESE were the best fruit snacks--the texture was super dense (like fruit leather) and they were shaped like beans. They were in these little pouches that were paper on the outside with a foil interior. The ad made me super nostalgic! 

I could not. stop. laughing. at this meme! Read it out loud and it's even better.

I've been forgetting to include the "random fact" calendar pages, so here are the last couple of days':

The one about the Dum Dums is super interesting! I always thought the mystery flavor was just one of the regular flavors, except you didn't know which one you were getting. I never have Dum Dums, but now I am going to try the Mystery Flavor the next chance I have.

Finally, here is a video. When we were at dinner tonight, I was telling my parents about the Progressive commercials about "un-becoming your parents". I usually mute ads when I'm watching a show, but I LOVE these ones and I actually watch them! This video is a mash of all of them, so it's kind of long--but if you're looking for a few minutes of entertainment, look no further. This is so funny!

And that's all I have. Hopefully this week will be a little more exciting--have a great weekend! xo


  1. Those Sunkist fruit snacks really were the best! I remember them just like you described.

  2. Best fruit snacks EVER!!!! And I live for those commercials, LOL

  3. I'M CRYING!! I have not watched the Progressive Commercials until now. Thank you for the scream crying. "Half price gravy boats in the gift shop!"

  4. I had forgotten about the fruit snacks!! I could taste them as soon as I saw the ad and read your description. I LOVE the Progressive commercials. A few times I have caught myself saying "I do that!!!" LOL.

  5. Those Progressive commercials though!! I stop to watch them all the time, but several of these I've not yet seen. They are the best... even though I find myself with some "parenticitis" at time.

  6. I love that game Monopoly Deal but I find it best with 4 people Not as exciting with just 2 people


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