January 18, 2021

Things That Make Me Laugh

I didn't have any submissions for Motivational Monday today (bummer!) so I'm guessing MM is not going to make its comeback, unfortunately. I started to write a post about things that I miss from 45 pounds ago, but it just felt too negative--well, I guess "vulnerable" would be a better word--so I think I'll save it for another day.

Then I thought it'd be a good "Motivational Monday" to post motivating quotes/memes and I started going through Pinterest to find some. Then I just fell down the meme rabbit hole on Pinterest, as I always do, and I can't help it--I have to share the ones that make me laugh. I've never really been a "positive motivational quote" type person--I like to laugh.

So, I went through my folder of memes called "Things That Make Me Laugh" and pulled out some of my favorites. Hopefully they'll make you laugh, too! ;)

(I did a post prior to this with my very favorite funny memes about mental illness--100 of them!--so this post is not including those. But those are hilarious and you can find them here.)  And because I really, really love memes, you can find my Pinterest boards of memes here.


  1. Katie, we're here for YOU to motivate US, not the other way around...clearly ;-)

  2. Thanks - been having a super crummy week or two and needed a good laugh.

  3. So needed this laugh. Thanks so much!!!

  4. I'm definitely going for the fancy water. Lol!!


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