January 26, 2021

Transformation Tuesday #11

Happy Tuesday! I have a really great Transformation Tuesday post to share today. I'm going to post this one as a single transformation, because I feel like the topic should get the spotlight today.

I'm excited to share this story from Lynn in Ontario...

I’d like to share this transformation of my husband after his battle with leukemia and a life saving bone marrow transplant.

The first picture is about a week after he was given his new bone marrow cells (after going through heavy duty chemo and full body radiation to completely destroy his immune system). The cells were donated from an unselfish young man in Germany.

This was the most grueling part of the recovery and it was amazing he was even standing at this point. When I look back at that picture it makes me cry as it hardly looks like him and is a reminder of how much he went through to stay alive.

It is now 18 months post-transplant, and although he is still recovering and has had some ups and downs, he looks so much better.  He is feeling even better and is hoping to return to work soon. After two years we are allowed to contact his donor so we can let him know how much he has done for my husband and everyone who loves him.

Lynn, I am thrilled that your husband is doing so well! I hope that he continues to feel better and stays healthy.

I am very much in support of donation--bone marrow, blood, organ, tissue--I love to hear stories of all kinds of successful transplants. It is so heartwarming to see the good that comes from donation. It is truly a selfless act to choose to donate!

For anyone wanting more info, here is the UNOS page regarding living donations (kidneys, liver) as well as deceased donations; the Be The Match site for donating bone marrow; and the American Red Cross site to schedule blood donation. Jerry just registered for donating bone marrow (I tried but I don't qualify, unfortunately).

I only have a couple more Transformation Tuesday posts waiting in my inbox, so please consider sharing a transformation! It can be something silly or something serious--they are all fun to read and see the pictures.

Just send a before and after photo as well as some information about the transformation to my email: katie (at) runsforcookies (dot) com with the subject "Transformation Tuesday". 


  1. Thanks for sharing this heartwarming transformation. Karen

  2. Wow! What a story. Thanks for sharing these. So inspiring.


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