January 22, 2021

Friday Night Photos #6

Unfortunately, this is going to be a rather short and unexciting 'Friday Night Photos' post because I simply didn't take many pictures at all this week! I just went through my camera roll to see what I could post, but there really isn't much. Still, I like these posts... so here are some photos from the week :)

Luke and Riley were at my parents' house this morning and I stopped over there while I was on my walk with Joey. Riley likes to do everything herself, and when it was time to get dressed, she couldn't quite orient her pullover jacket to go over her head. She was walking around like this in circles for a minute!

I was looking for a pattern for fingerless mitts to knit and I came across this one that was designed after Fiona's on Shameless. I really like them! I downloaded the pattern and started knitting them. Although, it'll probably be several years before I'm finished and can wear them, hahaha--seed stitch is my least favorite knitting pattern of all! But I love the mitts, so hopefully I'll eventually finish them.

Meanwhile, I've made a huge mess in my garage while I work on my Snow White costume. I've cut out all the pattern pieces and I stitched together the bodice and the sleeves so far. I was really intimidated to do the sleeves--they looked complicated. But I managed to figure them out and I'm proud of how they are looking :)

This is my garage mess. While it looks horrid, it's so much better than when I would sew in the house--because all of this would be sprawled out over my living room and dining room. 

This is what the sleeve looked like on the back...

And here are the sleeves after I sewed the underarm together

And of course, some pet photos...

Chick really loves Joey and he's always trying to cuddle with him. Joey seems confused and unsure of what to do, but he's started to let Chick cuddle up to him and he even started playing with him sometimes. They're a cute pair!

Speaking of cuddling, the kittens were cuddling on my bed together and it was adorable. Duck was lying on his back and Chick had is arm around him.

The kittens have gotten SO HUGE. Looking at this picture, I can't believe just how much they've grown. They were only 2 pounds each when we got them and now they're 11-12 pounds.

Today is my friend Sarah's birthday. We were born three days apart and we grew up two houses apart--we were always together! We were roommates in college and then she had to go and move to Arizona. But because our birthdays are so close together, we used to celebrate them together. Here are a couple of birthday pics. I believe we were turning 3 years old in the first picture and 11 in the second picture.

And that's all I have! Hopefully this will be a more exciting week :)

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  1. Chick probably thinks Joey is his dad! 😂

    I missed the Snow White project! Is it for Halloween? The sleeves are AMAZING! Really I can’t say how beautiful they are! You’re so talented!


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