January 17, 2021

I Found It!!!

So, I STILL haven't gotten a winter coat. I've looked online and just can't find anything that I really love and that is practical. I need something to wear in the winter while I walk, and it has to be big enough to wear a layer or two underneath. Walking is so much different than running in the cold weather! I just don't warm up like I did with running, even when I walk very fast.

Speaking of running, for a few months now, I've been having the urge to run. When I'm out for a walk with Joey, sometimes I just really want to break into a run (well, a very slow jog at least). Not for any reason other than that I know it will feel good. A few times, I've run a mile or two during our walks, but only when I'm not wearing my bulky winter clothes.

All of my winter running tops are too small. I can fit into them, and I do actually wear them underneath my coat, but I would never want to wear them without something over them. I was looking through some old photos of running in the winter to see what I used to wear, and I decided to look for a couple of running jackets that are big enough to cover my insecurities in my regular running shirts. Just a baggier top layer in the form of a zip-up jacket.

I figured I could walk Joey three miles, drop him off at home, and then run/jog two miles. That way, I'm still getting in the five miles but I don't have to bring Joey with me. I can run with him using my hands-free leash, but I'd rather wait until running feels "easy" again. 

Anyway, I looked at Poshmark for some jackets (I didn't care how ugly or what color or anything like that--I just wanted something inexpensive and practical for running). I found a couple of jackets for under $20 and I bought those.

I think they were inexpensive because of how BRIGHT the colors are--hahaha, at least I won't get hit by a car! They wouldn't be my first choice of colors, but they looked comfy and the descriptions sounded good. I like that this pink one has cuffs that can fold over your hands. I didn't even know that existed and I had plans of trying to sew something like that.

While I was at it, I decided to look for a winter coat again. As you may remember, I'd bought one that looked similar to my very favorite coat from several years ago. In a nutshell: I had an orange winter coat that I absolutely loved and when we first adopted Joey, he chewed it up. I was bummed! I recently looked for the same coat again on eBay and on Poshmark--I couldn't find the exact coat, but I found something very similar, so I bought it.

When it arrived, I liked the coat... but it had a funky smell. It smelled a little like mildew--you know how if you forget you put clothes in the washer and then you realize it the next day and they have that mildew smell? (No? Is that just me? Haha.) That's what it smelled like. I tried washing it a couple of times, but it didn't go away. So, I ended up returning it.

Yesterday when I was looking for coats, instead of searching for orange Columbia coats (to find the one I really wanted), I just searched for orange coats. And I was SHOCKED when I found THE coat! It was the same one that I had years ago. I carefully scrutinized the photo on Poshmark next to the photos of I have of my old one, and it was literally the same model and color. (Clearly, my previous one was smaller--as was I!)

You know why I didn't find it before? I was so sure it was a Columbia coat; well, it turns out that it's from American Eagle, NOT Columbia! There was only one of these listed, and thank God it wasn't a size small. It's an extra large, which is probably going to be a little big, but I would rather it be big so I can layer up.

Anyway, I'm hoping this one arrives without any funky smells. I'm just so excited to have found it! I know it seems so stupid to care about a coat this much, but I loved that coat and was so disappointed when I had to get rid of it.

I'm really looking forward to getting the running jackets. It's funny that I'm actually excited to go for a run! I really didn't think I'd miss it this much.


  1. Omg there is nothing more exciting than finding that one thing you've been shopping for! And I love all the colors of these jackets! Bright colors are the best!!

  2. Super excited with you about your orange coat find 🥳

  3. I'm actually really excited you found your same coat again!

  4. FYI, here's your coat for sale on eBay in a Medium:


    ...or from the same seller, but on Poshmark, if you prefer:


    Or also in a Medium on Poshmark, but a different seller:


    And here it is in a Large from Poshmark:


    If you want it/them, definitely try making an offer (either site) and see what the seller says! :)

  5. My cousin has FIVE of the same ski jacket. He has sent more than one of them back to the manufacturer to be repaired over the years. He has everyone on the lookout on ebay as well as on the mountain to offer $ on the spot to collect more. He would totally support and understand your glee at finding your same coat again! Congrats!!!! Its extra nice because everyone can spot him on the mountain wherever he goes. Its yellow with a white stripe very similar to your orange coat. YAY for finding the orange coat!!!!


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