June 07, 2019

100 Funny Memes About Mental Illness

Just the title of this post alone sounds like it may be offensive, so let me start by saying that this post is in NO way meant to offend anyone! Having been diagnosed with bipolar disorder and generalized anxiety disorder, I need ways to cope sometimes (here is a list of things I do to relieve my anxiety). And one thing that almost ALWAYS makes me feel better is to look at memes--funny ones--about mental illness. These ones are mainly about bipolar disorder, depression, and anxiety.

I adore dark humor, so some of these will be fairly dark (I left the truly dark ones on my Pinterest board, though). But I hope that you all can take them for what they are--just harmless memes that are meant to get a laugh! I've been saving a huge collection of these on Pinterest ever since my bipolar diagnosis, and whenever I find myself feeling down for whatever reason, I can always get a pick-me-up from looking through them. I find them so relatable!

Remember, I'm sharing these with tongue in cheek and a smile on my face, so please do not take any of these personally if you find them offensive. I hope you find them as funny as I do!

(By the way, the owl in a lot of these is called "bipolar owl" and the cat is "anxiety cat"--just in case you decide to search for more.)

bipolar meme yolo

Britney Spears stress 2007

Sponge Bob anxiety meme

anxiety cat stealing

hypomania no sleep

loving bitchy person

mental health care impossible to get

bipolar owl medicine

anxiety cat stress over past

anxiety cat memes relate to you

anxiety cat meme skin cancer

meme about anxiety

introvert meme

bipolar cry over burnt toast

anxiety quote

depression vs mania eating habits meme

bipolar owl change life plan

bipolar owl why did you do that

depression versus mania

bipolar owl depression vs mania

antidepressants causing weight gain bipolar owl meme

bipolar owl crying for no reason

bipolar mania insomnia

bipolar owl meme

bipolar owl sleep meme mania

bipolar owl fingernails

bipolar memory problems bipolar owl

bipolar owl mood shift

bipolar owl mood shift

bipolar weight gain and loss bipolar owl

bipolar mania cut hair meme

bipolar owl wardrobe weight gain and loss

bipolar owl depression meme

anxiety over text messages meme

text message anxiety meme

depression meme funny yoga

bipolar owl funny meme about being more social

All things that cause anxiety

meme- clean ALL the things!

bipolar quote for Halloween

depression meme funny

hollow tree meme funny

bipolar crazy meme

social anxiety meme funny

bipolar owl sleep is a waste of time

bipolar owl depression and anxiety meme

bipolar owl mania plus binge eating

bipolar mania results meme

bipolar owl stop me

anxiety cat meme text message

anxiety cat email

emotional roller coaster funny meme

bipolar definition funny meme

bipolar parent meme

hello darkness my old friend funny meme

anxiety cat driving in the rain

bipolar owl mania vs depression social meme

meme about psychotherapy funny

meme about birth control

bipolar meme Gremlins if I forget my meds

meme bottling up emotions having a meltdown

depression grim reaper meme

anxiety cat practicing before talking meme

bipolar bear mood shifts meme

bipolar owl manic meme

funny meme brain is like an internet browser

bipolar clean house funny meme

I just need to get my shit together meme

Overthinking? Me? funny meme

depression funny meme

funny anxiety meme - something's off

things you've lost in your life depression meme

Me on Instagram vs me in real life garbage meme funny

depression meme about Netflix checking in

funny suicide joke meme

Fuck it decisions meme

when people think bipolar is just mood swings meme

bipolar owl no sleep

things that give me anxiety meme

telling me to calm down meme

no sleep bipolar meme

no sleep bipolar meme

in the pit of despair Princess Bride meme

puzzle of the week deep meme about death

anxiety cat and physical symptoms

when you smile but you're dead inside meme

self hate funny meme

anxiety insomnia

how my brain works

worrying too much cartoon

you look depressed

anxiety cat reply to someone on internet and worry

when I'm trying to keep my conditions in check like raptors on Jurassic Park

You can't lay there in the dark all day depression meme

kermit embarrassed anxiety meme

Me on the outside vs me on the inside meme

And there you have it! A hundred memes that make me laugh because they are relatable and they make me feel better about the quirks that come along with my bipolar and anxiety. Hopefully they will make you smile, too :)


  1. These are great! I think humor is a great tool and many of these are actually pretty informative!

  2. So, yes, I'm the one that cut my hair with the craft scissors and the selection of worst memories from the last ten years... EVERY time I can't sleep!

  3. OMG - these are fantastic and made me laugh (probably because I can relate to 99% of them!) Thank you so much for posting these =)

  4. I can relate to so many of those it's not even funny. Haha. It kind of is ;) Thanks for posting.

  5. Funny and relatable! Thanks for sharing!

  6. wow a lot of these i can relate to

  7. Tbh I just wanna throw myself off a building after overdosing and chugging a bottle of vodka and sliting my wrists among everything else. Sooooo yea relatable.

  8. beautiful. amazing memes. help a lot


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