January 10, 2021

A Caviar Kind of Birthday

I've been working really hard on a post about my latest woodworking project. The project took me a very long time to make and the post is going to take me even longer--so I'm hoping to get it done this week! Anyway, since I'm focusing on working on that tonight, I'm going to keep this short. I'll just share with you a funny story that happened yesterday ;)

Because of social distancing, I told Eli that instead of having a birthday "party", he could invite two friends over. He doesn't have many friends as it is, so I wanted him to have fun. He asked if they could walk up to the party store (I know that "party store" is a midwestern term--here, it means a convenience store, and not a store with party supplies). He wanted to get snacks for the evening.

I told him sure--they could walk up there and pick out some snacks. He planned to use his own money, but I then I said he could put it on the credit card.

His reply: "Oh, we'll get caviar then!"

I laughed and said, "Yummm, caviar from the party store!"

Eli and his two friends walked to the party store. I then got a text on my phone from Greenlight (a debit card that my kids use for allowance) saying that Eli spent $8.99 at the party store. Eli doesn't like to spend money that isn't "his" and I knew he probably felt guilty for spending money on snacks, so he chose to pay for it with his allowance. But it was his birthday!

So, I texted him: "It's your birthday! I don't want you spending your money on snacks."

His reply: "I spent my own money on caviar"

I started laughing and told Jerry what Eli said. I thought Eli was joking, but Jerry said Eli probably seriously bought caviar. 

When the boys got back, I learned that Eli did, in fact, BUY CAVIAR FROM THE PARTY STORE.

I nearly died. Then I asked Eli what he was going to eat it with and I could tell he hadn't thought it through.


Then I did die.

Hahaha! He eventually decided to make some toast and spread it with cream cheese and caviar. None of the boys (nor I!) had ever tried caviar before--certainly not for $8.99 from the party store--so we didn't know what to expect.

And naturally, the boys wanted ME to try it first. I agreed, because I love to try new things. Even if it is caviar from the party store.

I spread a generous amount of caviar on the cream cheese toast, and took a bite. I was surprised that it wasn't all that bad. It tasted like fish, but not even as fishy as sushi (I hate sushi!). So, I took a video of the boys trying it, and it ended up being kind of anti-climactic. They didn't think it was horrible.

We had to REALLY pressure Jerry and Noah to try it! I don't see what the big deal is--I'll try anything!--but they were very reluctant. Nobody loved it, but most of us agreed it wasn't that bad.

It was an interesting evening!


  1. Ha, this made me laugh :)

  2. Love Love Caviar, but probably not from 7-11...

  3. Never tried it either, but this whole story was hilarious.

  4. Not sure which is funnier; him buying caviar at the party store, or the fact that ya'll call it a party store 😃
    I've never heard that before!

  5. That is too funny!! Happy birthday to Eli - if it's the 10th, we share a birthday :)

  6. OH my gosh this is so funny!


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