January 08, 2021

Friday Night Photos #4

Here is my weekly photo "dump"--basically a bunch of photos that I took throughout the week and never posted or had any real use for. This is my favorite post of the week! A mishmash of it all. Some of these are actually from Christmas! I don't think I posted any photos from Christmas.

This week, though, I have a lot of pet photos. I'll post those first :)

Here are all four cats in the living room anticipating some catnip. They LOVE it! Especially the kittens (I need to quit calling them that, because they are bigger than Estelle and Phoebe). After I give them catnip, the kittens wrestle with each other for a good 15 minutes. It's so fun to watch them play!

Jerry was eating some leftover ham from Christmas and the kittens smelled it. They were ALL OVER HIM trying to get some. And of course, he kept giving them little pieces of it. Duck was even trying to stick his head in Jerry's mouth. Notice Estelle just watching from behind.

Chick thinks he's still a little kitten and can squeeze into tiny boxes. He tried to get comfy enough to sleep in there, but realized he's more plus-sized now.

I thought this picture of Chick was funny because he just looks like a big fur ball and you can't even tell which part of him is which! This is when he loves to get his belly rubbed.

When I got my new shoes, Duck claimed the box practically before I took the shoes out.

I have been waiting to capture this photo for the longest time! I never knew what a "sploot" was until I took a photo of Duck doing it (lying on his stomach with his legs sprawled behind him). Joey does the same thing sometimes. I've been wanting to get a photo of the two of them doing it together--and here it is!

How much the kittens have grown!

This was our living room on Christmas morning, hahaha. We'd gotten the boys kayaks and they are HUGE. Once the kids went to bed, Jerry and I went out in the garage (in the snow) at 1:30 in the morning to carry these kayaks from the garage and into the living room. It was hilarious! We kept bumping into everything, calling "Pivot! Pivot!" and just generally making a lot of noise trying to get these in the house.

Duck doesn't like to be held while you're walking around, but he lets Eli carry him--and only if Eli carries him just like this. Then he's totally content!

Eli in his kayak. It's a fishing kayak, so it's a little wider and has storage space and a fishing pole holder and stuff like that. He's also wearing a shirt we got him--it says My Musky Lure is Bigger Than Your Fish. If you've ever seen musky lures, then you know it's pretty accurate! ;)

On my walk a few days ago. The lake was so calm that it was like glass. A huge difference from last week!

And then it got cold... ice cold. I even saw people ice skating on the canal one day, which I thought was dangerous because it wasn't frozen for more than a day. And it was mostly melted by the following day. This time of year, there are usually a couple of drownings because people think the ice is solid and it's not.

So, this was Jerry's really bad haircut AFTER he screwed up his hair. The only thing I could do was cut the sides at a #1. You could still see his bald patch, but not as badly. It's gotten a bit better, now.

These are the new ASICS (Amazon affiliate link) I got, and I'm so thankful that they have worked wonderfully! They were only $50 and they fit really well. They're comfortable and they haven't given me any problems. Now, instead of my daily walks costing me $2.17, they will only cost 83 cents! They help quite a bit with my supination issue, too.

Aside from making me look enormous (the puffy coat along with layers of clothes isn't exactly flattering), I was really happy with the coat that I bought on Poshmark... with one exception. It had a mildew-like smell. I washed it twice and the smell remained, so I ended up returning it. I'm super bummed! So, I'm still on the lookout for a coat. Not sure if I'll try Poshmark again.

We finally sat down to play Catan as a family--I'd been wanting to play, but you need 3-4 players so Jerry and I couldn't play by ourselves. The family loved it, but I wasn't crazy about it. It reminded me a lot of Monopoly, which is probably my least favorite game ever (other than Scrabble!). At one point in Catan, I wasn't able to make any moves at all for the rest of the game. We only played it once, so I'll try it again and hopefully I'll like it better.

These are the stretching exercises I've been doing every day. I skip some of them and focus mainly on the ones where I have problem areas (neck, shoulders, hips, back, hamstrings--haha, pretty much everything anyway). I do feel a difference in my pain when I do the exercise. I don't feel as sore in general. It's motivating to keep it up!

Finally, I saw this somewhere (probably Facebook?) and I really liked it. Everybody matters.

Happy Friday, Friends! Have a great weekend :)


  1. I love the pictures! Do you like to play Yahtzee? My husband and I have been playing in the evening when we get a chance.

  2. Because if you I found Balega socks and just bought a pair of those Asics! Plus your posts make me laugh and some are inspiring.

  3. I have a love/hate relationship with Catan. Sometimes it's really fun, and some games you just have crappy luck with the dice and it sucks. We tried to play it with my in-laws a few years ago, and my MIL had a game like yours (couldn't do anything for a long time) and she got SO PISSED. By the end of the game she wouldn't talk to anyone! Ha, memories. ;)

  4. Catan is one of those games that you can tell if someone is going to lose way, way before the end of the game (not always, but often). I just don't find it fun when it is just like a long drawn out defeat like that, which is what I don't like about monopoly either. Pandemic is one of my favorites because it is a cooperative game, so you win or lose as a group (and though it says you can play with two people, I find it really plays best with 3-4 people). For a two person competitive game, Raptor is my favorite so far. Forbidden Island is another cooperative game that I enjoy.


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