January 15, 2021

Friday Night Photos #5

My favorite post of the week... Friday Night Photos! Just some random pictures from my camera roll that I'd taken throughout the week. This week has been very uneventful, unfortunately. But here are a few photos...

Hunting season is over, so I was able to take Joey on the access road through the marsh across the street from our house again. He was SO happy to be back out there now that hunting season is done!

Toward the end of the road, I noticed a tiny clearing in the trees that looked like it could be a path, so I turned and explored a little. 

Being a huge true crime fan, I was imagining all sorts of of terrible things--being attacked, finding a body, etc. But I had Joey with me (not sure how protective he'd be, though!) and I was very curious. I ended up seeing a couple of cool things. I wasn't sure what these orange discs were, but I guessed that they were probably clay pigeons. There were several broken ones but also about 25 whole ones.

The end of the hidden trail took me here...

I thought this was unusual... I'm guessing it was a blind that a hunter put together, but I don't know. The inside was hollowed out. I didn't want to get closer to investigate, because I was afraid of being the subject of a future true crime podcast.

I took Eli to a big empty parking lot to try driving for the first time. He's going to start driver's training soon and I wanted him to get a feel for the car. He did great!

This was his first parking job. He did better than I do! ;) 

Joey spent the night at my parents' house and my mom sent me this text in the morning. Hahaha!

Speaking of my mom's, she finished putting together this "family tree" on her wall. I LOVE it! The tree is some sort of sticky transfer that you stick to the wall and then she printed and hung photos of the kids/grandkids.

Remember forever ago when I bought this pattern on eBay so that I could make an identical costume to the one I wore when I was little? My mom made me the costume for Halloween in the 80's from this pattern.

Well, I never got around to making it. So, I decided that it's time! I'm going to sew the pattern and hope it fits me in October for Halloween. (The dress is listed as "medium" which is size 14-16; but this was before vanity sizing, so I'm guessing it'll fit more like a size 8-10 now. Meaning I need to drop some pounds for sure.)

I went to JoAnn Fabrics to buy the materials. I even brought my old dress with me to try to match everything. I got it pretty close. I'm excited to get to work on sewing it!

Here is a photo of me when I wore the dress as a kid:

My mom handed it down to my little cousins who used it to play dress up for years. And then my cousin got it back to me a few years ago and it made me feel super nostalgic. I thought it would be fun to make the adult-sized costume to wear for Halloween, so I found the original pattern on eBay. I cut out all of the pieces yesterday and today. I'll start sewing it tomorrow.

While I was at JoAnn's, I saw this fabric on clearance and I fell in love it with it. I know it's a "loud" pattern, but it's definitely "me"--I couldn't help myself. It was 70% off, so I got four yards of it for $20. I have no idea what to make with it, but I'm going to find something! Maybe a maxi dress--it's a jersey knit fabric.

I have been craving mushrooms like crazy lately, and when I realized I had some Swiss cheese that was close to its expiration date in the fridge, I decided to make scalloped mushrooms (this was actually a recipe in the heritage cookbook). They were DELICIOUS. I will share the recipe soon!

Finally, here is a totally random and ODD photo of Chick (and Duck). Jerry and I thought the kittens looked adorable all cuddled up on the bed, so I took a picture. When we looked at it, we both said, "What's wrong with Chick's eye?!" because it looks, well, really messed up and in the wrong spot. When we zoomed in, however, we discovered that it was actually his EAR that we were looking at! I'll show a zoomed in photo after the first.

Cats have little patches between their eyes and ears that are kind of bald-looking. Here is a photo of Estelle, where you can clearly see what I'm talking about.

Complete with a photobomb by Duck! Hahaha.

Anyway, I just thought the picture of Chick's "eye" was hilarious once I realized what it actually was! He has a little tuft of hair behind each ear that sticks out (I call them his "wings") and in the first photo, I thought the wing was his ear and that his ear was his eye. Hahaha!

Have a great weekend--I'm hopefully going to be spending my time sewing the Snow White costume :)


  1. I saw your “loud” fabric and assumed it would become accent cushions for your orange furniture! It’s a fun print!

    1. Oooh, I love that idea! It would match my furniture really well. I bought way too much of the fabric (4 yards, hahaha!) but I couldn't help it.

  2. You can walk your dog in the woods during hunting season, we aren't a bunch of yahoos that fire at anything that moves. Just wear something red or orange and you'll be all set.

    1. Considering my house has been hit with bullets a couple of times, I'd rather play it safe. Although, my house wasn't wearing red or orange, so probably my fault! ;)

  3. I can't wait to see you in your Halloween costume! Awesome that you found the original pattern.

    1. I'm just praying that it fits! Either I will lose the weight and it'll be too big or I won't lose the weight and it'll be too small. But the pattern was just the one size, so it's a gamble ;)

  4. Bless, Joey looks like he had great fun.


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