December 19, 2020

A Lazy Day and Winter Coat

Jerry and I had a verrrrrry lazy day today! (Other than my morning walk.) And it felt great.

He had last night off work, so we stayed up late (like, really late! 3:00 AM for me, 6:00 AM for him). I wish I was able to sleep in until noon like I could in college, but I was up at 7:30. While Jerry slept, I took Joey for his walk.

My joints were hurting quite a bit during my walk, especially my knees. I think it's because I've been walking so carefully on the ice and snow and it's been causing me to use different muscles. I still need to get some boots, but I managed to find a really good deal on warm pants at a local store. They had Polo brand fleece joggers and hoodies for 60% off--I bought two pairs of pants for $14 each! I thought about getting a couple of the hoodies, but I decided that I would rather find a good winter coat.

I desperately wish that I still had my favorite orange Columbia coat that I'd gotten at Salvation Army about a decade ago. It certainly wouldn't fit me now, unfortunately, but I loved it. This is a picture from 2011 (yes, the coat was old, but it was in great shape).

When we first adopted Joey, he chewed things up when he was home alone, and my coat was one of the things he chewed :(  Thankfully, once he realized that we would be coming back and we didn't leave him forever, he stopped the chewing habit and never chews things now. But I miss my coat!

A couple of nights ago, I was feeling nostalgic searched and searched online to see if I could find that same coat somewhere--I found a similar one on eBay, but it was a medium and I'm sure I need a large. Orange is my favorite color and that coat was so warm and comfy! I'd like to find some warm winter clothes for walking at the thrift stores, but the stores are so empty of clothing right now (I think because of COVID).

Anyway, enough about that. Basically, I'm just totally unprepared for walking in the winter (which officially begins on Monday). It's hard to believe that it's technically still fall right now, considering we have ice and snow on the ground.

My walk today was uneventful, and when I got home I put on some sweats and worked on knitting my hat. Since I started on it again yesterday, I feel determined to finish it before 2021. It's about damn time--I started it in 2014--so I need to finish it or just pitch it in the trash.

When Jerry woke up, we turned on Grey's Anatomy (a couple of months ago, we started rewatching it from Season One for God-only-knows why). I had intentions of playing our new board games, but once we sat and watched some Grey's, Jerry said sitting around doing nothing but binge-watching a tv show sounded perfect to him for today. Fine by me! ;) 

And that's exactly that we did. We are actually still watching it while I write this. The day went by so quickly. I also just got done ordering some items for the nursing home residents. I spoke with someone from the home today to let them know to expect some packages from Amazon for the residents and they sounded very grateful.

I'm so excited about the whole thing--what a great idea from the woman in my neighborhood. I'd like to do it again next year, regardless of the pandemic. Thank you to those of you that sent something! I am so excited for the residents to get their gifts--even though I won't be able to see their reactions, I can imagine they will love them :)


  1. Wow. I can't believe it's been nearly 6 years since you got Joey. It seems like yesterday I read about him. Gosh time flies.

  2. It's so nice seeing a blog that came up in search results for a specific question I had is still going strong! I was interested in what scars looked like after a lower body lift. I hope you're doing well and have a great holiday season!


    1. Ooooh, I like that one! It's not the same, but similar enough (it's the color that I loved most about previous coat anyway). And it looks like it's in good shape. I might buy it... thanks for sharing!

  4. You'd love what we're doing for our living room project since you love orange. My husband built our house from scratch 20 years ago and painted EVERY ROOM WHITE, WALLS AND CEILINGS. Now we're painting this room partially in "Hot Wings" We are excited about this rich color. I'm varnishing woodwork that's been untreated all these years. Not that we're lazy, just always doing other stuff.


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