December 12, 2020

Some Hats I've Made Through the Years

This is a very random post, I know! I had another fiasco with a project I'm attempting in the garage--I was so excited about it, and I spent several hours today cutting out all of the pieces of wood I needed. Then I started to piece them together, and realized the measurements weren't adding up.

(My mom measured things for me because the thing I'm trying to copy is at her house. Instead of asking her for certain specs on things I was unsure of, I just did my best guesstimate, which was a bad idea. So, if I decide to try again, I'll have to go measure the things I wasn't clear on.)

So, once again, I'm feeling pretty down about not being able to work on something that makes me feel creative and confident in my DIY skills. I was looking through some pictures of things I've made in the past, and I realized I've made a LOT of hats through the years--both crochet and knit. (I even sewed a couple of soft ones for Mark when he was going through chemo.)

Anyway, here are a few of my favorite hats I've made. I donated most of them, but there are a couple that I saved and I still use!

This is an aviator hat that I made for Luke before he was even born! My brother is a pilot and he and Becky wanted an aviator hat for a photo shoot.

And here it is with Luke wearing it for a newborn photo shoot. How cute is this?!

A baby earflap hat that I designed (I posted the pattern on my blog, which you can find here)

I LOVE this beret and it was so fun to make--trying out new stitches in the round. I was still a fairly new knitter at the time. I wish I could pull off wearing a beret, but it looked terrible on me ;)

This is a black cat hat that I made for a friend's baby. She adores cats and has several, so I thought it would be appropriate for a newborn photo.

A friend of mine showed me a picture in a magazine of a baby hat and asked if I could recreate it, including the ribbon butterfly. I made this one, and it looks identical! I was pretty proud of how it turned out. 

A friend of mine was pregnant with a girl, so I knitted this little kimono top and a cute hat for her.

This is just an ear warmer that I made with a super bulky yarn, and I love how it turned out! I don't have it anymore, unfortunately. I don't know what happened to it! 

When I saw this bearded hat on Ravelry, I just had to make one for Jerry! It's perfect for keeping your face warm and fun for a laugh!

As you know, I LOVE my messy bun. It's my go-to for pretty much every single day. I made this hat to accommodate the messy bun and keep my head warm. Again, I don't know why I got rid of it--I want it back right now when I go for my walks!

This is several views of the same hat. It's reversible (notice that the background on the far left is gray and the buildings are black; and it's the opposite on the right side. It's the cityscape of NYC. This was a new technique to me--called double-knitting--that makes it reversible. I never wore this because I really have no connection to NYC, but it was a fun hat to make.

This was a super cozy ponytail hat that I knitted with a very nice wool blend yarn. The ribbing wraps around and buttons under the ponytail. I thought it was cute, but I didn't wear it much (it was hard to match with anything) so I donated it.

This is an awesome headwrap that I loved making so much I ended up making three of them! It's a technique called entrelac, which was new to me, and I found it fun to work on. It looks best with variegated yarn. My favorite is the one on the top right--I still have it and wear it.

I think this hat is ugly because of my yarn choice, but I really really loved making it because it used a new-to-me-at-the-time technique called short rows. You really have to pay attention to what you're doing when short row knitting because you have to keep count of stitches. I'd love to make this again with a different yarn--something that looks better with this pattern.

Quite possibly my favorite hat ever! I made one of these Shrek hats for both Noah and Eli. Isn't it adorable?!

Finally, my skull hat. I learned that I HATE knitting with a technique called "fair isle"--you knit with multiple colors and carry the yarns along the whole time (hard to describe). I didn't do a great job on this--it was my first try at fair isle--but I love skulls and I did this with a very warm wool. However, I donated it! 

I have lots of other hats I've knitted or crocheted, but a most of them are "live and learn"--hats that just didn't turn out well! The ones I've posted here are my favorites. Since I can't seem to get my groove back with the wood working right now, maybe I'll try knitting one of my favorite hats again. I really want the messy bun hat for my walks!

A few of these patterns were my own designs (or inspired by others) but most of the patterns can be found on Ravelry. It would be hard to link to each one, so here is my project page on Ravelry and you can find the links to the patterns there.


  1. You are so talented!!! I love all the hats you've made. Once I get my Christmas tree up, I think I'll pull my stash of yarn out and do some crocheting. I love your little squirrel picnic table. I would buy one if you were to sell them ;) It seemed like you enjoyed making those. We have a few squirrels that we enjoy watching. A black one and a grey one. They fight over ears of indian corn. There is plenty to go around too. Thanks for the inspiration.

  2. WOW ! You’re a talented crocheter/knitter. I have always wanted to learn to knit. I would have never gotten rid of some of those hats/head wraps. So cool 😎

  3. Gosh you are so talented! I love that Shrek hat as well! So adorable!!

  4. You have some talent girl! Those are so creative and adorable! And most you said you just created on the fly. I can crochet and knit but nothing to your level. I don't imagine they would be fun if you made them to sell but I'm betting you could do it. Then again it's never cost effective for how much time and energy goes into them lol.


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