December 18, 2020

Friday Night Photos #3

I actually really look forward to my Friday night posts now that I started doing this Friday Night Photos theme. I literally just scroll through the photos on my phone from the past week and post pictures that I didn't have a reason to share before (or I just forgot about them).

So here goes...

At first, it was cute. But good grief, the kittens are REALLY taking a toll on the Christmas tree! Hahaha, here is Duck, determined to replace the star on the top (you can't even see it anymore!).

We have a chalkboard on the side of our cupboards in the kitchen, and usually I'll write things that we need from the store on it. I noticed a few days ago that Jerry had written me a love note ;) 

I couldn't believe how rough Lake Erie was when I took Joey for our daily walk the other day. I was trying to capture a selfie with the rough waves. (This was the day that Joey desperately wanted to go in the water.)

Just a selfie of Riley and me when we were watching Home Alone :) It's so funny--as soon as the kids see a camera (or cell phone held up, ready for a picture) they start saying "cheeeeeese". And then they want to see it! Totally different from when my kids were little.

I couldn't believe how much the kittens were in sync while sleeping on my bed yesterday! They looked so much alike with every movement. I wish I had a better picture, but I knew if I moved, they'd get up.

Noah's friend came over today because they had to work on a presentation for school, and when I started talking to her, she mentioned that she knits. Talking about it made me want to knit something! When I looked at my stash of yarn (which is next to NOTHING now, because I got rid of it all when I stopped knitting/crocheting very often) I decided to pick up this hat I've been working on... since 2014! Hahaha. It's super boring to knit, so I usually only do a few rows at a time when I'm on a flight or something. It's a slouch hat (which was probably popular in 2014?), and I think I'm almost at the point where I can start shaping the top to finish it off. Woo hoo! ;)

Jerry and I bought two more games that several of you recommended. We haven't played them yet--hopefully tonight!

This showed up on my Facebook memories a few days ago, and it made me laugh, so I took a screenshot of it. I thought it was so funny!

While I was out for my walk this morning, I saw that someone had made a pretty big snowman. I love seeing things like this! It's rare to see kids playing in the snow anymore, and this reminded me of making snowmen when I was a kid. It's a terrible picture, but I was trying not to get noticed while taking a photo. I always feel embarrassed taking pictures of random things like this.

This was one of the roads on my walk today. This one wasn't great (as far as how slippery it was), but wasn't terrible either. Trying to walk on the ice today was miserable! I'm going to check out the suggestions that some of you recommended on my post about my boots. I need SOMETHING because walking in my regular running shoes on the roads like this is really difficult. It was solid ice in some places and the only safe place to walk was where there was snow (it was the sticky type of snow that you can actually grip with your shoes).

This is the "before" photo of my back yard where the squirrels run from the tree to my back deck. I always feel bad that they have to run in the snow, so I use a snow shovel to clear a path for them--they are so spoiled! Hahaha. 

And here is the "after" photo. The squirrels will be very happy!

And speaking of squirrels... 

Earlier this week when I came in from working on a project in the garage, I told Jerry that I wanted to get a clock for the garage--the time just totally gets away from me when I'm out there. I'd forgotten about it until a couple of days later when I went out there to use my sewing machine. THIS was sitting next to it! BAHAHA, I love it! It's hideous and awesome at the same time ;)

When he told me the story behind it, it was even better...

By coincidence, shortly after I mentioned needing a clock in the garage, the first listing on Facebook Marketplace to pop up on Jerry's feed was for this squirrel clock. (SERIOUSLY.) So he messaged the seller to arrange to buy it.

When he went to pick it up, the seller told him that he checked to make sure it was working (it was) and Jerry said, "Thanks, my wife loves squirrels!" and the guy asked him if he wanted a lamp, too. Jerry got excited and said, "A squirrel lamp?!" and the seller said, "No, I got a lamp with fish on it." Jerry politely told him no, that the squirrel clock was good.

I am crying laughing while Jerry and I are discussing this story right now, hahaha. 

And that's all I've got for this Friday night! Have a great weekend :)



    I’m a city letter carrier and these are the type of grips I prefer.

  2. That love letter from Jerry is beyond sweet. Cherish him and his love for you. You have a gem there.

  3. I run in the winter (live in MN), and I use trail running shoes (most recent pair is the Saucony Peregrine Ice). That works for most of it, and you can get them with goretex for waterproofing (cons: more expensive, warmer ... so can't use them for summer trail running). This assumes you are going somewhere plowed/shoveled. I also have a pair of teva arrowwood's that I found on amazon that are like a hightop sneaker that are waterproof with some grip.

  4. Whats funny about one of your Photo's is my Noah refuses to wear jeans most days and lives in joggers!!! Maybe its in the name? LOL

  5. Jerry is so awesome. Sweet note. Sweet gift. Love it all! Couple goals for sure!


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