December 14, 2020

My Psych Appointment (and a micro project)

One of the the things this year that has been the hardest for me to get used to is the virtual doctors' appointments--"telehealth". Chatting with the doctor via a computer screen instead of face-to-face just feels so impersonal and I feel uncomfortable with it.

Today, I had an appointment with my psychiatrist--via video chat--and it was definitely not ideal. My kids are home because the school is still closed and Jerry was sleeping (after working all night); I didn't want to have a conversation with my psychiatrist where my kids could hear nor did I want to talk loudly enough to wake Jerry. So, I went out to the garage with my computer to do my appointment out there.

It was freezing!! The heater that we installed just isn't big or strong enough to heat the garage, which really sucks. I've used a propane heater a few times--turning it on for about 10 minutes to get the chill out, and then turning it off to save on propane. But it's still cold enough in there that I have to wear two layers of clothes, a hat, and gloves.

Anyway, I explained to my psychiatrist how my depression has been pretty bad lately. He ordered some bloodwork to see the levels of my medication in my blood, and if it's not too high, he may increase my dosage a little to see if that helps. He's also checking a couple of other things--B12, Vitamin D, and something else. 

He also told me that he's closing his practice next month to retire. Ugh! It was SO HARD to find a psychiatrist taking on new patients and even for him, I was on a nine-month waiting list. I have no idea how to go about finding a new one. I'm have another appointment with my psychiatrist in a couple of weeks and I'm hoping he can help me get in to see someone without having to be on a waiting list.

Anyway, I spent the entire day in the garage. After my walk with Joey and my telehealth appointment, I worked on a wood project that my mom had given me the idea for. I'm almost finished with it, so when it's done, I'll post about it. It's pretty creative, and I'm excited to share! 

If you can guess what it is based on this photo of all the wood I had to cut, then I will be seriously impressed ;)

Then, I started making some little blankets for Riley's teeny tiny animal creature things called Lil Woodzeez.

She has a set of them and Becky said that she likes to tuck them in every night but she doesn't have enough blankets for them. I was cracking up when Becky sent me the dimensions--the pillows are 1 inch by 1.25 inches! There are "adult" dolls and "baby" dolls, so I am making blankets, sleeping bags, and pillows for the different sizes.

I hoped I'd get all sorts of them done, and have some good practice with my serger, but after three hours, I only made two simple blankets! It's the damn serger--I don't think I'll ever understand it! I finally gave up and I'm going to use the sewing machine tomorrow morning to make some. I'd at least like to get some sleeping bags done.

Three hours, and THIS is what I accomplished... how sad looking is that?! For what it's worth, I have about a thousand others that wound up in the trash. Tomorrow I'm just going to keep it super simple, like the two (haha!) I actually completed today.

Luke and Riley are coming over tomorrow to spend the night. I'm so excited! I bought a couple of kids' games to play; some shrinky dinks plastic sheets so that the kids can make their handprint ornaments as gifts for their mom and dad for Christmas; and the kids' Christmas presents. Since we're not having a family get together for Christmas this year, I figured I'd just give them their presents early.

I got Luke a popcorn maker like the one I recently posted about--Becky suggested it--and I got Riley one of the sets that goes with her dolls--a treehouse or something. 

True to my word yesterday, I did start a book and I'm about a quarter of the way through it. I'm enjoying it so far!


  1. Those teeny lil blankets and pillows are SOOO cuuuute, I can't even handle it! Great job!

  2. I have been focusing on action as one of the antidotes to depression ("Just Do It December") after a discussion with my therapist the end of November. But what I find the most annoying and frustrating is that when I am trying and trying to get some forward progress on something...and usually something I think "should" be simple...and I hit roadblock after roadblock (like with you and your serger) is SOOO frustrating and makes me so sad. Like is stuff like damn hard for everyone? Or just me!?

  3. Okay I was going to say this earlier when you said you were struggling to find a project, but then vetoed it as just my own weirdo hobby... but since you are making miniature blankets - have you considered making a dollhouse for your niece and nephew? I'm making one for my kids and it is so fun. It's a great combination of woodworking and interior design. I've learned how to use a scroll saw and table saw, knitted, sewed, etc.. If you want a manageable version, search on Pinterest for "Flisat dollhouse makeover" or "ikea dollhouse hack." There are a lot of gender neutral ones out there that your nephew would probably like too. Anyway, I'm finding it super fun and if you were into it, I'd really like to see what you came up with!

    1. You used to be able to buy kits that you could build from and then you could add your special touches to it along the way too. I built one with my dad when I was young and it was quite a bit of work as I remember. And intricate!

  4. I'm sure Riley will love whatever her Aunt Katie makes for her. ❤️ Your fabrics are adorable!! My favorite Barbie clothes were handmade -- even though they weren't "factory perfect" -- because a family friend had made them just for me and no one else had the same clothes I did.

    And I totally get you about Telehealth and phone appointments! There are certain kinds of appointments that are especially difficult to do that way. After I injured my knee in April, all my initial PT appointments were via phone and it was...interesting.

    Have fun with the kids. I love that you guys are doing Shrinky Dinks! So much fun! I hope you'll show us one or two of them.

  5. The teeny tiny blankets are adorable. Karen

  6. For some reason I thought you were insulating the garage so you wouldn't be so chilly. Did that not happen?

  7. I hate digital appointments too, I did one recently while sitting in my bathtub (clothed) because it was the only place in the house without a person or animal in the way. I have to make lists of everything I want to share/ask, etc, or I get frazzled and forget something. More power to you for getting it done!


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